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   Chapter 51 51 - Guilt and Worry

Accidental Pregnancy By Saiyidah Rahman Characters: 11044

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"Why didn't you tell me you know what the bloody stalker looks like? It could have saved me, and everyone else, a lot of time and effort, "Harry shouted the moment the door to their quite closed. Silence greeted his question. Elena refused to look at him as she made her way to her room. The progress was admittedly slow but anything was better than being battered by him. "Elena? Els?" But, she realised, too late, that he moved faster than her and could still block her way. Like now, spreading his legs and placing his arms on his hips to cover the hallway.

"Move, "she said through gritted teeth. Her feet were killing her, her back was throbbing in symphony and her mind was frayed beyond belief, fear pounding in from all corners. All of these she had told him, in one way or another throughout the evening. And he wanted to talk about it now? Glaring at him, she tried again. "Harry, move damn it. I don't want to talk about it now."

"Like when you were willing to talk about it this morning? Alright. Then tell me when. Tomorrow morning? Next week? Next year?"

"Not now." Fatigue and stress wearing down her nerves, she could feel the fear creeping in, the sticky, thick fog settling into her mind. Feeling as if there was a shadow looming over her, her eyes darted all over the room. Every shadow and dark corners made her pulse jump. She wanted to move, to run despite her exhaustion, to find a safe spot where no one could find her, safe from any and every eye.

"Els, are you alright?"he suddenly asked, his hand reaching to touch her. Who was he? Why did he want to grab her? Why couldn't he leave her alone? Alarms began blaring in her mind, she took step back. And another. And another. Until she couldn't move anymore. Her heart settled when she saw that he wasn't moving closer to her. But why were the walls undulating and looking like they were closing in on her?

Taking deep breaths, she calmed herself. In her heart, she knew that this was just a figment of her imagination, her mind playing tricks on her. But something in her wasn't listening. Whether it was her instinct or her nerves, she couldn't stop feeling threatened. Her skin itched, as if they were feeling hundreds of eyes, malicious eyes. So many eyes. Too many.

"Stop, "the man said, his eyes intent. Stop? Stop what? She wasn't doing anything. Why was he looking at her like that? His eyes were so cold. Why was he so angry with her? A sudden gust of air conditioned air hit them and her cheeks felt surprisingly cold. Cold? Her cheeks were wet? Her hand came up and she saw that her hands were trembling. Trembling? Was she scared? Angry? Why couldn't she know?

"Elena? Elena!"

Why was the man so close? When did he come? She had to move- Why couldn't she move?

"Breathe, Els. Breathe. Breathe, damn it."

The world was shaking so much. It was becoming darker too. But with the darkness came sweet relief. Relief from the pressure and fear.

Without a second's thought, she welcomed it with open arms.


Running his hand over his face, Harry couldn't believe how his evening was turning out. It was honestly the worst night of his life. Not evening being kicked out of the company he had nurtured for a decade came close. Pacing around the hallway, he ran over the course of

great. That's great."

"But, Harry, didn't you come here to confront Xavier with his shady dealings.?"April asked in a perplexed voice. "I mean, that's why we are all here. Right?"

Harry could understand her confusion. Indeed, that had been the reason he had come here. But he had done some soul searching while waiting. And one thing stood out. It was that Elena was number one in his life. Everything else was a distant second.

Why was he trying so hard to get something that had discarded him? The moment Xavier came back, everyone was clamoring to give him what he wanted. He wanted the company, his parents went out of their way to arrange it for him.Their younger son? The current CEO? Who cared? In a small corner of his heart, he felt a pinch but it was barely enough to sustain his attention. Just looking at Elena made it all go away.

Anyway, he didn't need to get the company back. He didn't even want the job in the first place. The role of helming the company had been thrust upon him. He, who had wanted to travel and explore the world, had been anchored down by this yoke called family and it hadn't occurred to him to discard it. Instead, he had been clinging onto it like barnacles to a ship. Now, with Elena's safety being threatened, her health being jeopardised, he had had to take another look at his life.

It could have been said that he didn't have to give up all he had built just for her. But this paranoia, this anger that was partly a byproduct of this incessant fear, needed to stop. He couldn't believe how easy it had been for him to question her, doubt her. He had wanted it to be like the first time. Where there was no status, just them.

And it wasn't like he needed the job. He had enough wealth to sustain the four of them. Everything he owned was in his name and paid for. If he needed anything, he could just start another company. In any field and at any size. And he could work as and when so there would be plenty of opportunities to spend time with his family. He knew it wasn't going to be easy if went down that road but the connections he'd built would come in handy. And, most importantly, his family would be his priority.

He had decided.

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