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   Chapter 50 50- Cousins alone time

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Watching the movement of people in the cafe, outside the cafe, Harry was barely able to suppress a yawn. It had been close to an hour since the women had left the men to do some shopping. He was bored out of his mind. And from Jason's and Cameron's faces, he was sure they felt the same. They shared a commiserating look before returning to their drinks

So why were they cooped up in the cafe instead of places they actually wanted to go to? Like a bar, the casino or even another cafe? It was entirely Elena's fault. She'd refused to listen to Harry and his concerns. She had to buy a dress by today, which he understood when he'd decided to trust her. But did she have to do it outside? He had tried to convince her to buy the dress online but she refused outright. Her reason, or more like excuse, was that the dresses might not fit her. Therefore, she had to try them in the shops. He had almost exploded with fury and worry.

Even the other women tried to convince her after they knew the reason for Harry's upset. But her stubbornness refused to give in. To sound reason. She had insisted to go to the shops, by hook or by crook. She had even tried to sneak out. Luckily Cameron had caught her dismal attempt and stopped her.

In the end, Harry had to give in and allow her to shop. However he was not comfortable with her going alone with the other women. But there had not been enough time to get more guards. Faced with no other option, he had decided to accompany her. Unfortunately, his cousins decided to come along as well.

Over the course of the day, the women had shopped to their heart's content while the men had gotten whinier. It had gotten to the point that the men had been banished to this cafe. While it had defeated the purpose of their presence, Harry was happy to not flit in and out of shops just because something caught their eyes. But they had been gone for a long time. Close to three hours. The men, Cameron in particular, was getting antsy To their relief, from the guard's report, the women were on their last stop and will be joining them soon.

"So why are we here again?"Cameron asked, stirring his iced coffee with a straw. He was the most restless out of the three of them. It was like he had all the energy stored in his body with no outlet. As the time had passed, Harry noticed he had become increasingly fidgety.

"Have you talked to Sharon about whatever is bothering you?"Jason asked with a sly grin. Cameron stopped all movements, his eyes narrowing on his two cousins suspiciously. Hiding a smile, Harry looked resolutely away, ignoring Cameron's laser-like glare

"Of course not, "he barked, brows drawn together while his cheeks colored red. Jason and Harry shared a gleeful look. "I can't just tell her I'm mad because of sex. I mean, I've even planned everything out-"

"Everything?"Harry asked archly. He knew his mind was in the gutter but he couldn't help picturing the kind of depraved seduction a desperate guy would think of.

"Yeah. Like maybe travel out of the country, like Paris or Rome. A nice dinner, a reasonable length of time for a walk and then straight back to the hotel for- Well you know what I'm talking about. There'll be some clothes torn but the end result justifies it." A rueful smile lifted Harry's lips. For a moment there, the initial sweet, romantic setting had thrown him off the loop but the inevitable sex ending reaffirmed his knowledge of Cameron.

"Uh, I have no idea what you are talking about, "Jason said, his voice unexpectedly stilted. His face was frozen with no expression but Harr

-I'm fine, "she said through heavy breaths. "I just ate too much and am too unfit. But I'm still fine, the boys are fine. I can still move so don't call the car over. I refuse to be-believe that a walk would defeat me-"

Relieved that she was sounding more like herself, albeit her more prideful self, Elena's grip on his arm suddenly tightened. Painfully so. Panic and surprise flaring into action again, his eyes shot to her, trying to look for whatever might be ailing her. Upon seeing the stricken look in her eyes, he was getting ready to swing her into his arms and get her to the nearest vehicle when she spoke.

"Don't make it obvious but look at the store, at one o'clock, "she said under her breath, her eyes downturned. Stumped and curious, he didn't say anything else. Instead, in accordance to her instructions, he slipped his arm around hers in a show of concern, shifting to stand beside her. Once in position, he nonchalantly glanced at the aforementioned store but couldn't see anything noteworthy. "The man beside it, do you see him?"

Man? There were many men there. Understandably so since it was a bar. People, especially men, littered the street and alleys, looking for a smoke or a quick breath of fresh air, away from the huge crowd of people cramped inside the small bar. It being a Friday night, it was quite crowded. He wasn't sure which one had caught her eyes. Was it someone good-looking? Anger flared in his chest. He hoped not. If it was true, there was no purpose to her telling him. Well, apart from him destroying the man. But knowing Elena, he was sure that wasn't it. Now if only his body, which was preparing for a brawl, would understand and relax.

A movement, one of the men straightening and preparing to leave. A familiar man. Even across the street and in relative darkness, Harry caught a sense that he had seen the man before. On more than one occasion. Frowning, he wracked his brain to squeeze out some information or memory. It was like his instincts were screaming at him but his brain wasn't able to keep up and nothing came out.

"Do you see him? The brunette."

"The one is the black t-shirt and jeans?"

"Yeah that's the one."

"I see him. I see him walk down the street. Why?"

"That's the man. The guy who's following me."


His cry of disbelief was so loud that he could hear the echo run down the street.

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