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   Chapter 49 49 - Proposal

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Feeling a heavy weight on her waist and blazing heat behind her, Elena, with her eyes resolutely closed, restlessly struggled and pushed to get away. She only stopped when she reached the cooler section. Her shirt was stuck to her back and everything was so sticky and uncomfortable that she had to wake up. Blinking her eyes, her brows drew together. This wasn't her room.

She was aware that she was in Vegas, unlike a couple of days back, having shocked herself so bad that she almost fell from the bed. From the furniture and decorations, she was still in the hotel. But the layout was different and the room was smaller.

And there was a furnace behind her, ruining her sleep.

Shifting around, using momentum to turn herself and the boys inside her, she was surprised to find Harry behind her. Was she in his room? And why was he shirtless? And pantless, she realised after lifting the cover. Fully awake now, her eyes shot everywhere, trying to find anything to do with him. Like clothes or shoes or his ties. She liked him with a tie on.

What she found wasn't as expected. When she had barged into his alcohol-soaked room previously, it had been a mess, shirts, pants, boxers strewn everywhere. Whiskey, scotch and beer bottles littered along with them. There had even been a broken bottle or two among them. Even though she had been shocked then, she had gotten the impression that was how he was without help.

But now, looking around, it must've been due to the loss of the company. Something big and life-changing. Something that would make him act out of character. From his immaculate room, she found herself charmed by this tidy side of him. Thinking back, there was another show of this.It was yesterday. Despite being mad at him for leaving her behind, she realised the common area had been pristine.

Sighing, she couldn't help but smile as she laid her head on her forearm. There was so many parts of him she didn't know about. Maybe if she didn't fight with him so much, they could have discovered and revealed sides of themselves much sooner. Slowly getting to know each other in the course of her pregnancy instead of barely getting under his surface just weeks from the twins' birth.

Now that she thought about it, apart from their chemistry, why did Harry want them to get married? They barely knew anything about each other. Well, reflecting again, she knew about him and Xavier, that he was going to be a doting father, he was a workaholic, he could cook and overall, had an overbearing personality. But that's all.

Despite it all, though, she could not think about a life without him. Before him, she had always been so scared about her family finding her, fearing people so much so that she didn't have many friends. But now, she didn't care about her family finding her. If they did anything to her, she was not going to take it lying down. She had even reconnected with her grandmother. And she had many people she could call for help. Well, if three could be counted as many.

There was also him being a man. Being around him made her stress just fly away. She could talk to him about anything, when they were not fighting, and it didn't feel awkward or like she was boring him. And when there was nothing to say, it was alright to be quiet.

Finally, she had the answer to his gauntlet. Her fierce insecurity, her desire to help, her need to be around with him stemmed from one reason and one reason only. It was because she loved him. While this didn't feel like a sudden realisation, everything had finally condensed into one concrete pillar within. Why she wanted the best for him, his happiness in life and work. Why she was here, wanting to be there for him in any capacity.

Then the next step would be marriage, she mused. He had brought it up before and she had always rejected it. But now, the idea was no longer abhorrent to her. In fact, she welcomed the idea.

Looking at Harry's sleeping face, she couldn't help but smile. He looked so cute laying there, his features all slack and relaxed. His lips really drew her, the soft bottom lip and hard upper lip were such a contrast that she was barely refraining from touching it.

Suddenly his eyes opened and his unfocused eyes made him even more adorable. Her hand unconsciously came up to run over his stubbled jaw, following the line down to his neck and stopping at his shoulder blades.

"Els? What are you doing here?"he asked, his voice still gravelly from sleep. For some reason, the shiver running down her back was more intense and hotter than usual. Feeling shy, she lowered her head, hoping he couldn't see the color spreading over h

not used to looking at raw data."

"I resent that."

"That's too far, Els."

"I'm not saying you're dumb but I can't afford to waste anymore time. I need to get stuff for the party, not spend time here trying to convince you that he does stupid shit on the magical date on twentieth March. I even spent half an hour arranging the data to highlight this. I don't know what to do anymore. I mean, I'm even thinking of ways to sneak out. Which, hold your horses, Harry, I know is a dumb thing to do. And near impossible with my big stomach."

"What exactly does the plan entail?"Harry asked skeptically.

"It involves Sharon and April distracting you guys. Like something big. Maybe April giving birth."

"That's ridiculous. It's far too early."

"It doesn't have to be true, "Elena said glumly. The men shared a look.

Harry's heart almost stopped when he heard of her half-baked plan. But from the steely look in her eyes, he had no illusions that she was joking. She was absolutely serious. But he still couldn't see what she saw. And he had yet to establish a task force to take care of her stalker issue. He needed more time.

Looking at Jason for help, his cousin nodded imperceptibly.

"I'll get Sharon in to take a look. She has an accounting background. Maybe she can shed more light on this, "Jason said, getting up from the bed. Since this had involved sensitive information, the three of them were in Harry's room while the others were gathered in the living room. Elena just hmph-ed and folded her arms around the blanket over her stomach.

Not wanting to be around irate Elena more than necessary, Harry followed Jason to the door.

"Did you really see nothing? Elena's pretty insistent on this, "Harry probed. He could have blamed it on being out of the job for the past month and half but Jason's mind was still sharp, still in the helm of his company and, now, his father's. It was practically inconceivable that he hadn't spotted anything.

"It's not that I didn't see anything, "Jason finally responded when they were at the door. Looking as if he was searching for words, Harry waited. "It's just that… I mean this information that you have. You have the entire accounts of all the previous companies Xavier had worked with. What is that? Five? Of some of the biggest companies in the world? I mean, how?"

"Elena's grandmother got it for her. Don't ask, "Harry hurriedly explained. "But was there any merits to her claims?"

"I won't discount it at all. I did something suspicious but this kind of thing needs time. If you had shared them with me yesterday, everything would be much clearer." Frowning at his cousin's sly words, Harry didn't take the bait. He glanced briefly back and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Well, in any case, let's get Sharon to take a look at it. I don't think Elena is going to give me anymore time to setup the protection detail, "Harry said, pushing Jason out of the room. Sticking his head in before closing the door, he said a perfunctory excuse to his sleepy fiancee. She didn't even say anything, having fallen back asleep.

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