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"Can you please pass the salt?"Cameron asked to the table at large. Since the salt was not near her, Elena didn't heed his words and returned to her meal. The atmosphere was awkward enough as it was. She didn't want to make any unnecessary movements. "Sharon, can you pass me the salt?"

"I don't know. Can I?"Sharon returned, calmly eating her meal while conveniently ignoring the salt right in front of her. Elena couldn't help but tense up. The two of them were at it again. It had happened the moment they'd set eyes on each other in the restaurant. Sniping endlessly at each other, even when they were ordering. It had created a strained air that greatly affected April, Elena and Jason. Apparently, Harry was indifferent, his face unchanging with every insult and jibe. She would know, she was seated right across him.

Scowling at him, she almost jumped out of her seat when Cameron shot to his feet so fast that his chair toppled. The expression on his face was so fierce that Elena found herself leaning into Jason. Luckily he didn't take offense. Instead his hand came up to pat her head slightly while April really cuddled into his side. For once in her life, she felt comforted, like a big brother taking care of his younger sister. A smile lifting her lips despite the situation playing out in front of her, she allowed herself to bask in the moment. Movement from her peripheral broke out of her momentary stab of envy but her eyes saw nothing when she tried to identify it. Just Harry's expressionless face.

He wasn't even looking at her, his eyes resolute on his food. Her envy turning into hurt, Elena's attention returned to the squabbling couple at their table. The center of attention in the entire restaurant. Cringing even further from the weight of the stares, Elena fixed her focus on Sharon and Cameron. Cameron was still glaring down on his seated wife, who was still eating.

"Why are you doing this?"Cameron demanded, taking no notice to the phones taking their picture. Elena had a feeling that the pictures were not going to be good news but it was taking all of her to not panic. There was no more energy to do anything about the intermittent flashes.

"I'm not doing anything. I'm just here, eating dinner. You're the one making a fool of yourself." Elena flinched. Sharon's words were like iron shards digging under her fingernails. And, if she, a bystander, felt all that, she was sure the one the words were thrown at would feel any times worse. From the way Cameron's face reddened, her hunch hit the mark.

"Well, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. I would be having a quiet dinner with my children, in the comforts of my own home, "he growled, leaning over the table to loom over Sharon. And was she intimidated? Noooooo. Instead, she snorted and rolled her eyes.

"With the children around? In what world would you have a quiet dinner? You'd have a better time getting out without any stains on a pristine white shirt." Her defiant eyes challenged him to refute her, the air between them becoming denser, pulling down the mood of everyone around.

"Why are you vilifying our kids?"

"Vilifying?"Sharon shouted, getting to her feet. "I am just stating the truth. They're kids, children. Our youngest is just barely into her fifth month. Have you ever seen a five-month old baby eat in a clean manner? Because I haven't."

"That's a ridiculous analogy. And not the point. The point is- the point is-"

"What is the point, Mr On-his-high-horse?"

Elena was sure that Sharon didn't mean to push him too far but from the sidelines, it looked as if something had snapped in him. She feared what he was going to say next.

"The point is that you don't love the kids as much-"

"Cameron, that's enough, "Jason shouted. Gently disengaging the two of them, he made his way to the married couple. "I know that your emotions are running high now but slinging mud at each other is not going to help. Neither is airing your dirty laundry in such a public area." From the way Cameron and Sharon were looking around, it was clear that they had just realised where they were.

But they had two very different reactions. While Sharon reddened and appeared to shrink into herself, Cameron's face hardened and his chest seemed to have puffed up twice its size, looking around as if to challenge everyone. And through it all, Harry was calmly ea

ou ask the bodyguards about it?"

"Of course not. It's just my mind playing tricks on me. Like I'm putting much more importance on myself. As if anyone would ever follow me. Right?" She looked up at him as if to share the joke but he wasn't feeling any amusement. The only thing on his mind was worry, the slight buzz of the beer fading away with this new information. "Harry, it's nothing to worry about, right?"

"Hold up, "he said, disengaging from her, his hands coming back to grasp her shoulder. He had not seen this coming. Even though he knew Xavier would be suspicious of their presence there, he'd expected the attention would be on him, his brother. Not on the woman he got pregnant. So now, he had to figure out whether the surveillance was from Xavier or another party. And if another party, who?

"If you're going to take a long time to think, can I sit first?" It was only then that he felt her shifting her weight on different feet. Suddenly reminded of the many discomforts that assailed pregnant women, he quickly helped her to the sofa, fluffing pillows to support her back and lifting her feet to his laps. Her squeal at his unexpected courtesy made him smile. "Harry, I didn't mean to do this. Give me back my legs."

"When did you begin getting these feelings?"he questioned, ignoring her indignant demand. When she realised he wasn't going to let her go, her indignance resulted in a sullen pout. Enjoying her show of childishness, his hands began to lightly massage her calves and ankles, her maternity dress allowing him easy access. Her cheeks flushed a bright red but she was composed enough to answer his question. The one question became one more and then one more.

The more she answered, the more alarmed he felt. To think that she had been enduring this kind of discomfort on her own, in her condition, it was a wonder she hadn't fallen sick. He knew how exhausting it was to feel eyes, especially if they didn't know whether it was benevolent or malicious. The shadows under her eyes had darkened considerably since they had arrived. It had only been two days. It was no surprise that she was falling asleep right in the middle of answering a question.

"Let's continue tomorrow, "he said softly. She was so out of it that he wasn't sure she even heard it. Smiling, he was about to lift her into his arm when she suddenly startled awake, jolting up before settling back down once her half-masted eyes settled on him.

"Wait, before I forget, I got the invitation, "she slurred, sounding very triumphant, which was very adorable. But he couldn't really understand her.

"What invitation?"he asked without expecting an answer. Successfully getting her into his arms, he slowly lifted her and headed to the room. Her head rolled into his chest and he heard her murmur, his ears barely catching her words. But when he did, he had to stop.

"To the party. The one Xavier is going to."

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