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   Chapter 47 47 - Sharon lets it out

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Trudging around the mall after April and Sharon, Elena cast a dull gaze on all the windows and turning away. Nothing caught her eyes. Everything had a grayish tinge to them. From the dresses to the jewelry. Even one of the biggest diamonds she had ever seen wasn't able to penetrate the gloom that surrounded her.

After Harry had thrown down the gauntlet, in the wee hours of the morning, she had walked away from him and to her room. Her ears continually ringing with his words, she had been dismayed to realise sleep had run even further as if in a race with Usain Bolt and became even more unachievable. Which was a contrast to that afternoon. That had been the most satisfying and deepest sleep she had had in a month.

Which had been the duration she had left Harry, a voice whispered.

Flinching, she pushed that revelation away. That was an unwelcome awareness. What made it worse was that she could have avoided everything if she had just stayed in bed. There would still have been an undercurrent of distrust and confusion. But that could've been hidden in the light of day. Unfortunately, in the depth of night, where uncomfortable truths were meant to be uncovered, she had to wake up from a deep, dreamless sleep by her almost bursting bladder. Curse God and the way pregnancy worked.

And, now, Harry wasn't even talking to her. This feeling had accompanied her when she'd drifted to sleep and was confirmed when she went out in the morning. After pushing and convincing herself that nothing was going to change. Clearly, that had been a lie because the suite had been empty when she stepped foot out. There was no sign of Harry, no sign of anyone having been there at all. The tables and surfaces were wiped clean and chairs pushed in. There hadn't even been a watermark.

It was only after she had walked around the suite three times that she noticed the note. It was conveniently located at her blindspot, which was the low slung coffee table. And by blindspot she meant areas covered by her gargantuan stomach. Annoyed at his lack of consideration, the feeling grew when she had a workout to retrieve it; she was convinced that if she hadn't been pregnant, she would have lost a pound or two. And all that work was rewarded with a note that said:

"I'll be in Cam's room."

Her rage and dejection erupted in equal proportions. She had been torn between destroying the room and crying. Trying to do both didn't help. It made her lose energy twice as fast and she didn't make it out of the living area before having to stop. Tears had still been streaming down her cheeks when the doorbell had rang.

And rang.

And rang.

It continued ringing until she had opened the door. And, lo and behold, April and Sharon had been on the other side.

Which brought her back to where she was now. With their bodyguards a few paces behind.

Looking dispiritedly at a small, pink-sequined dress.

"I don't think you can fit that. Unless you're planning for something to wear after giving birth, "April said from a rack across hers. Elena just shrugged her shoulders, ignoring her friend as she made her way to her. She didn't react even when she slung her arm around her shoulders. Which meant, with her being taller, her resting her weight on her. Looking up at her, Elena noticed that her eyes were on Sharon who was flitting from rack to rack, picking up something or another.

And the things she picked didn't make sense. There was a dress obviously too big for her, khakis too small, a shirt that didn't suit her. The list went on. Stunned, Elena observed her a while longer. Maybe there was a reason for her choices. But there wasn't. Elena was sure she wasn't even looking at what she picked.

"What's going on?"she asked April who was also watching their friend. "Is she trying to punish Cameron by overspending?"

"I don't think so. I think the two of them still haven't made up."

"What? She was so hyper this morning. I'm sure there's no more trouble between them." But, looking at her closer, Elena could practically see the air of misery emanating from Sharon. The dejected slope of her shoulders, her head hanging slightly. Even her eyes had a shiny sheen to them, probably due to unshed tears. "This is serious."

"I know, "April half-wailed, half-whined. "I'm at my wits end with the two of you fighting with your guys. How am I supposed to act? Should we talk about it? Am I supposed to turn a blind eye? I know I want to make my friends, even with guys with working penises but this is too much."

"Working penises?"Elena couldn't help asking only for April to wave her question away.

"That's not important." Elena begged to differ, that sounded like a juicy nugget to bite into. But, from the panic in her friend's eyes, she decided to shelve it for another day. "What are we supposed to do about her?"

"Let's go to an ice cream parlor, "Elena suggested. Sharon had a major weakness against ice cream so that was the best way she could think of to get her to talk.Their outing yesterday hadn't done anything but a full stomach and good, normal conversation. Now that she thought about it, the conversation hadn't even touched on their partners despite them being cousins. She was sure that wasn't a coincidence. "We'll ply her with so much ice cream that she's bound to talk."

"Good idea. Let me tell her."

Elena smiled, watching April waddle over to the moving mountain of clothes that was Sharon. Seriously, did that woman need all of that? It looked like she got half the store on her arm. And the sales people were turning avaricious eyes on her. Elena was sure they were going to be disappointed. And they would have the time of their lives putting all of that back on the racks.

Now, looking around inconspicuously, why did she get the feeling of being watched?


It was only after their fifth bowl of ice cream that Sharon's shell began to crack open. And the deluge washed over the two of them. Deluge of words and tears. Frankly, Elena was at a loss of what to say. And, looking over at April, she was sure the other woman wouldn't be of much help as well.

"All he talks about is about the kids. We're going out, let's bring the kids. We're eating, let's buy some for the kids. We're having sex, let's keep it down for the kids. Kids, kids, kids. And they all look like him. I mean, I carried them for nine months so why can't they look like me too? Well, I wanted to do something without the kids for once but does he understand? Nooooo. Apparently, I'm too selfish for deciding this last minute and dumping the kids on his parents. When they have been asking for some alone time with them. It's like a win-win situation but does he see that? Nooooo. We should've come to Vegas with the kids. They could have gone on that roller coaster despite being too short, the gondola despite not being able to sit still for five minutes, eaten the gigantic ice cream which would make them high on sugar for the next hour and cranky the next twelve. I just wanted a short trip together. So why is it my fault for wanting that?"

April and Elena looked at each other while their friend dissolved into incoherent sobs. They were so out of their depths that they didn't even know what was up or down. Panic was fast approaching but they couldn't all panic. One person panicking was hard enough-

Tears sprung onto April's eyes. Now, there were two people panicking. She thought April could keep it together. But now she had one per

son panicking and another on the verge of it. She, herself, was finding it difficult to not surrender to the panic lapping at her feet. Taking a deep breath, Elena gave it a shot.

"There, there, "she said, wrapping her arm around Sharon. Warmth replaced her annoyance and eased the tightness around her chest when she leaned into her embrace. "D-did you talk to him?"

"Of course. But he always says I'm being selfish. But I'm n-not. I'm more than happy to share my time and money on them. It's just we have no alone time. I just want alone time. Sometimes, "Sharon said softly, making the tightness return, "sometimes I wish they didn't exist. But I don't want that too. I love them so much. I don't want them to go away. What am I going to do?"

"Maybe you have to say it over and over again to make him understand, "April posited. "I guess you're feeling so guilty about thinking about it that you back off. If you stick to it, maybe he'll listen."

"Or go on trips alone. You don't need that lug to have fun. I mean, he's a great guy and all but he's not all that. Plus you need your alone time too. And, hey, if you're gone, maybe he'll miss you and go on those trips with you, "Elena added. Holding her breath, she was glad that Sharon was calming down slightly. She was even sitting on her own chair.

"I want to go out with him. I mean, we've always been together. I can't even think of a time without him."

"But your world doesn't revolve around him. You need your own time and he needs his, "April interjected. "It's something I'm finding out with Jason. You know I've not been with him long. It's been a bit more than six months since I got hired by him but we do need our alone time to unwind and recharge. Time away from fiances and babies. Since we understand that, I don't resent it when he leaves me alone with the twins when he's already home and I don't feel guilty either for dumping everything on him."

"That makes sense, "Sharon said, with a contemplative tone. Her expression cleared up, the uneasiness and misery slowly leaving her. With a decisive nod, she looked at the both of them, her eyes a bit brighter. "Thank you so much, you guys. I don't know what I would've done without you."

"Probably still crying, "April responded, making Sharon throw a spoon at her.

Elena could only smile.



Looking up reflexively when she heard her name, Elena was surprised to see an unfamiliar woman in front of her. A tall, busty woman. Even though her features were overblown, from the quality of her clothes, she was obviously rich. Elena could recognise a Louboutin from miles away. Not saying anything, thinking that she might have been calling another person whose name sounded like "Elena", she was surprised when the woman smiled and waved. At her.

"You're Elena, right? Elena Harrington?"the auburn-haired woman asked brightly. Elena was so astounded that she could only nod. How did she know her name? Despite Harry being targeted by paparazzis, no one had really looked into her. Not yet.

Jumping slightly when the woman took a seat beside her, her eyes frantically searched for April and Sharon. Why did they have to be in the restroom when a stranger was accosting her? Leaving her alone in the restaurant they had been having lunch at.

"C-can I help you?"she asked hesitantly. For some reason, now that she was seated, there was something familiar about her. Maybe from her posture, the way her back was so straight that it didn't touch the back of the chair, her elbows clearly off the table. It was reminiscent of her brief stint in charm school.

"You don't remember me? I'm shocked, "the woman said, her hands resting artfully on her ample bosom. Elena was sure that it was a gesture to bring attention to said bosom but, from the way she was looking at her, it seemed that the gesture was subconscious. Even though it did attain its objective; from the corners of her eyes, she saw men deliberately walking past her table to ogle the exposed cleavage.

"I'm sorry but I don't. Did we work together?"Elena asked, forced to return to the conversation when the woman looked expectantly at her.

"No, we went to highschool together. Remember? We had lab and AP Calc together. Mrs Jenson was a witch and we could never finish our homework, "the woman said, listing each event down slowly as if to job Elena's memory. None of them rang a bell. Her face darkened with every successive failure. Finally, obviously frustrated, she just introduced herself. "I'm Carolyn Bennett. How could you've forgotten me?"

"It could be the excessive plastic surgery, "Elena suggested, not thinking it through. But it was true. The Carolyn Bennett she remembered was a nasty girl, a slim girl with barely any curves. And she would never hold the lack of curves against her but she had had the worst temper and the strongest need for validation. She had always been the one following the trend and trying to get guys to go out or sleep with her.

Now, looking down at her, it was clear that she had work done. A lot of work. From her big, perky breasts, her hips, lips, nose, she didn't resemble that girl in her memories. But she did act like that girl when she threw a glass of plain water, thankfully, in Elena's face. It was the work of the woman who was now standing. Sputtering, she tried to stand as well but her girth made it close to impossible.

"I heard that you're pregnant but no one told me that you resembled a cow. How fitting for such a lowly woman, "Carolyn sneered. Her loud squawk when Elena threw her wet napkin was satisfying, especially when it hit her face with a loud, audible "Thwack!"

"What do you want, Carolyn?"Elena asked, her voice without any inflection. She was so mad but they've already made enough of a scene. Hopefully, with no other catty actions, the attention would decrease.

"My parents are throwing a party this weekend. They heard you were in the city and want to see you. I heard them talking about it but it was just my bad luck to see you while I'm out shopping, "Carolyn said, bored. It chafed her pride to stay seated while the woman was standing. Especially with her being so supercilious. But any attempts to stand would make it worse. Gritting her teeth, she told herself that she was a queen and Carolyn was just her servant attending to her.

"I haven't seen them in years. Why now?"

"I don't know. Your grandmother was talking about you recently so maybe they think you've reconciled. Whatever. You can just ask them about it. Here's their number. Now, I've been sullied enough by being in your presence. I need some new dresses to feel semi-normal. Bye."

Looking at her departing back, Elena found herself struggling. One was her grandmother. Did she know Elena was going to be in Vegas? Was that why she had smoothed the path for her? She couldn't help the warming up of her feelings for her grandmother.

And the other was Harry. She was fairly certain that this was the party Xavier was attending. Did she want to tell him about it? And if she did, what did it say about her? Did she want to stay with him? Drop all her objections and accept his proposal?

While she hesitated, in her deepest of heart, she knew what the answer was. Did she have the courage to look at the answer? Well, she had until that evening to figure things out.

And the last thing was Sharon and April. Where were they? Was the restrooms that crowded? Are they alright?

Did they get lost?

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