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   Chapter 46 46 - A moment out of time

Accidental Pregnancy By Saiyidah Rahman Characters: 9875

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"Why are you still up?"

Looking up and taking a sudden deep breath, Harry blinked blearily at Elena. She was at the small bar, holding a glass of water. With the lights off, apart from the bar and one of the rooms, he was disoriented by the dimness of the room. Her messy hair as well as her camisole and shorts ensemble that was obviously meant for sleepwear. His body reacting before his mind could catch up, he reflexively straightened in his seat when she sat beside him. Luckily, she was more interested in his laptop.

"What are you working on?"she asked, her voice slightly husky from sleep. That didn't help his hard situation. Her voice was like adding oil to a sputtering flame. And being the weak man he was, he couldn't help leaning into her and allowing her slightly floral smell fill his nose.

Sleep?he suddenly realised, brows furrowing. What time was it? Noticing the clock at the corner of the screen, he was shocked to realise that it was four in the morning. Four! How had the time passed? He only remembered returning to the suite and getting on the computer. His intention had only been to try another angle before delving to what happened with Cameron and Sharon with Elena. Because what had happened was shocking. He knew that every couples had their fights and disagreement. Hell, he had even witnessed some of their fights. But this felt different.

Even so, it hit him that he hadn't done so. Had he been so engrossed that time had escaped him? Acting like how Elena feared? Cold sweat forming down his back, he waited nervously for her reaction. His mind was frantically thinking of rebuttals to anything she threw at him.

A few seconds passed. More seconds passed. Seconds become one minute. Two minutes. Three. Still nothing from her. Instead, she was so engrossed by what she was reading that was sitting half on him and the sofa trying to get comfortably closer to the screen. His nerves screaming for relief, he, nonetheless, moved away. And, for some reason, his arm wrapped around her waist automatically, allowing her to snuggle against him.

If someone came across them, it would look like a cosy picture of a couple in repose. That was until he revealed the sweat collecting on his back and the increasing panic in his eyes. Why wasn't she saying anything? Was she keeping this in for a future fight? Or did she not care? But that was wishful thinking. The fights and arguments she had against him were all about his work. And this was a big ammunition for her.

"I-I'm sorry, "he squeaked out. The way she looked at him was as if she hadn't heard him. This confused him further. Didn't women rejoice at making a man crumble at their feet? So why wasn't she rejoicing? Thinking that he had been too quiet, he said it again. "I'm sorry."


"Ne-glec-ting you, "he responded, drawing each syllable out as if they were separate words. She cocked her head to the side, a cute movement in his opinion, a

t during dinner.

That had brought to home that they were not in a normal relationship. The other men had at least asked about their ladies. She knew that he was busy and stressing about Xavier. But still it had hurt. Being surrounded by love, she was acutely aware that theirs was not love.

That wasn't to say that there weren't any gentle emotions. If there weren't, she wouldn't have plucked the courage and thrown aside her pride to come to him with these information. She was also sure he felt the same with her as he was always taking care of her, health and body. But that wasn't love. Feeling discouraged, she couldn't help but flare up when he spoke.

"Then why did you throw a fit before? Why did you say I'll be a bad father because all I'll care about is work when this is the perfect ammunition for you?"he probed further, poking on an open wound.

"Because you asked me to marry you, "she shouted, glaring at his scowling countenance. "That's a different matter entirely. And not the reason why we're here. That reason is to confront Xavier and get your job back. It's not about the boys, not about us."

"Not about us? This has everything to do with us. How can I provide for you if I don't have the company? How can I protect you if he's still out there? How?"he demanded loudly, his hands coming up to grip her shoulders. "Didn't you come back for my money too? There's so many strings tying us together-"

"You take that back, "she said through gritted teeth."I have never cared about your money, about your job. All I wanted was for you to be happy. With your life, your job. I actually came back to pass you the flashdrive. I never expected or wanted to be caught up in this."

"Then why are you still here? You're saying one thing and doing another. I don't understand with such mixed signals. You know what I want, for us to be a family. But you keep pushing me away while running to catch up to me. So what exactly do you want, Els?"

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