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   Chapter 45 45 - Sharon & Cameron

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"Oh my god, this is so cute, "Sharon squealed, picking up a onesie with a bear face on it. "Look at this. This is perfect for you, Elena." Elena, who was looking at cribs and almost losing consciousness every time she saw the price, looked up and smiled. That is definitely adorable. "There's even different colors and bears. You have to get this."

"Slow down, Share, "April said with a laugh. "She's just started looking at this stuff. Let her slowly make her way to the clothes."

"Fine, "Sharon responded with a pout. Putting down the onesies, she slowly walked over to April and Elena. They were both looking at the furnitures and fixtures needed for their new nurseries. From what April was saying, it was clear she was leaps and bounds ahead in her nursery setup. Elena was still far from where she was. So much so that it had just hit her she had just realised that she needed to get the nursery ready fast.

"Why have you not looked at this stuff before?"Sharon asked as the three of them walked around the cribs area. Elena didn't really have much of an answer. Even she was struggling to find a reason. After gushing over a particularly cute display, she looked intently at Elena. It was clear she wasn't going to drop the question. "Let me tell you, I didn't even have to leave the house to look. Cameron was the one who began buying the stuff with Derrick. Like the very next day after we went for the ultrascan. He was lucky I was still suffering from morning sickness or everything would've gone in the bonfire I was planning."

"Don't lie. You loved it, "April said drily while Elena went, "Sharon."

Elena and April's polar reactions caused Sharon to burst out laughing. Looking at each other, the two of them joined her.

"Jason wasn't that bad, "April shared as they moved to the toys section. "He was more concerned by my health, since this was right after the shooting, you know. So he was on my case about eating the medicines and supplements. Then there was the move. And the renovations. Then the trial. It was such a hectic time. But, now that things have settled considerably, I can see him acting like Cameron. Every time he comes back, there's always something new with him. Either for the twins or me or this little one." Watching April patting her small bump, Elena's hand reflexively went to her own bigger bump.

She was glad that April was able to speak about that time in her life with ease. From what Harry had told her, Jason's money-hungry mother had been infiltrating Jason's company in the hopes of gaining profitable information. But everything began to unravel when Jason received custody of the twins, whom he had never known about. Then April came into his life, making his mother lose contr

eason. But this time, like his night with Elena, his every move was dictated by some unknown, never-before-felt emotion and drive. Instinct and intuition. Something he had never relied on before.

There was no reason to even believe this hunch was true. It was a baseless feeling, with no data, empirical or otherwise. He should be looking at the data with clinical eyes but there was shaking off this feeling. It was clinging onto him worse than some of his ex-girlfriends. Even now, while they were all having dinner, he was antsy to head back and go over the information again.

Holding in a sigh, he shook his head and began eating. Luckily, the women were there to distract Elena. Otherwise, she would know that something was eating at him. He had a close call earlier but her hunger had gotten the better of her and she'd tried to steal something on April's plate.

Smiling at the rate the two pregnant women were downing their huge order, a sense of contentedness filled him. It even calmed the crawling feeling in his blood, allowing him to enjoy this rare time they got together. He was glad that Elena was getting along with his cousins and their women. They were the closest family he had and it would have made it difficult if there was any friction.

Movement from his peripheral made him look at Cameron and his wife. That was when he noticed the tension between them. Cameron wasn't hiding it with his sullen expression but Sharon was trying to laugh it off. It wasn't working because they could all see the dull look in her eyes.

Had their fight been serious?

Harry was shocked. The two of them was the most stable couple among them. What happened to make them look on the verge of breaking?

Suddenly, Cameron shot to his feet and stormed out. Silence reigned only to be broken by Sharon's sobs.

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