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   Chapter 44 44 - Teasing Harry

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Hearing the doorbell, Harry let out a silent sigh and, making sure that Elena was still sleeping, went to answer it. It was now early evening on the day they arrived in Vegas. It was decided that they would stay in the night because Elena had not adjusted to the rush of planning and making it to Sin City. She was so tired that she refused to let him carry her to a room. She was still in the same spot on the sofa as this morning.

Even so, she had devised a great cover story for their presence, something he would never have thought of. Pre-baby holiday, he had never heard of that before. But, having looked it up while accompanying her, it was something many pregnant mothers did. There were many articles written about it. He was quite impressed.

However, he was quite pissed at her. And the couple greeting him when he opened the door was the reason why.

"Hey, Harry. Ready to get this party started?"Sharon shouted as she practically bounced into the room. Having not expected that, he managed to take a step back before her head could collide with his chin.

"Sharon, it's great to see you again, "he said drily as her husband, and his cousin, entered behind her. For some reason, Harry wanted to take a step back from him. Or, more precisely, from the couple who'd just come in. There was a palpable electric air around them. "Cameron."

"Don't look at me, "his cousin said, raising his hand out. Although he had a grin on his face, his eyes were shooting flames at his wife. Who, coincidentally, wasn't meeting his eyes. He had a feeling that this was going to be a difficult trip. "I was as reluctant to come as you are to have me here."

"Yeah, "his wife said, having stopped just pass the foyer. "I had to practically drag him away from the field. I mean, a few days away in Vegas with his wife, which man wouldn't want that?"

"A man who has a job and children, "Cameron snapped back, folding his arms and leaning against the door. When an obstinate look came over Sharon, he sighed and shook his head. "What about the kids, Share?"

"Your mom was happy enough to take them for a few days. At most until the new week starts. So you can't say that I'm being irresponsible, "she argued heatedly. Harry could see that Cameron wasn't satisfied and, knowing the both of them, a huge argument was going to take place. An explosion loud enough to wake Elena up. Something he didn't want.

Spreading his arms, he blocked their view of each other.

"Now, I'm glad to see the both of you again. And this is surely a very interesting discussion but this is best to be held in your own room. Alone. Without my pregnant partner in the next room. My sleeping partner."

"Partner? That sounds so impersonal. I was sure you were going to say wife, "Sharon said, looking speculatively up at him. Her eyes were lit up with a teasing glint.

"At least girlfriend would have sounded nicer than partner, "Cameron added, his voice as m

veryone is in perfect health, "Harry bit out. With her being so close to him, Elena felt his fervent anger. Her hand immediately came up to wrap around his arm that circled her from shoulder to waist.

"I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it. But I did receive the permission. We even got an ultrasound and it's been confirmed. We are having boys, "Elena announced, her hand continuing to pat his arm. The tension was leaving him slowly and her shoulders relaxed. A small breath even escaped her. That woman, although she had entertained her immensely, her mouth sometimes made Elena think twice.

"Y-yeah. I was joking, Harry. I know you'll always take care of them, "Sharon said from behind Cameron. In the moment Elena had been trying to calm Harry down, the coward had used her husband as protection. The husband who looked like his patience was getting the work-out.

"Share, if you are not going to take the consequence of your actions, please don't beard the lion in his den, "Cameron said on a sigh. His wife didn't say anything, ignoring him to converse with Elena.

"So how has the pregnancy been? I hadn't really had the chance to talk to you about it-"

"Hey, don't ignore me-"

As the couple began arguing, Elena looked up at Harry. He looked like he hadn't slept in a month. Being around Sharon was not going to be good for him. Tugging at his arm slightly, she waited until she got his attention.

"Why don't you and Cameron go out for a while? He looks like he needs it, "she told him softly, turning a deaf ear to the increasingly loud argument. For a moment, he looked worried. "It's alright. Sharon and I need to catch up anyway. It'd be easier if you guys aren't here."

"Fine, "he said after visibly deliberating about it. She was glad he had done that. The two of them were becoming obnoxiously loud that she was about to throw them out. Smiling brightly at him, she got to her toes and pressed a kiss on his cheek.


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