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   Chapter 43 3 - New Plan

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Las Vegas.

Sin City.

The city that never sleeps.

The city of lights.

The city where what happens here, stays here.

Where people went to get smashed and lose a lot of money.

So what was she doing here?

Elena thought to herself as she entered the elevator to get to the penthouse.

She needed sleep. Sleep had eluded her as Harry had arranged this trip and steamrolling her along. It was barely twelve hours since his pronouncement and they had already checked into a hotel and ordered breakfast. A late breakfast since he had forgotten something on the way to the airport and needed to head back. Thus, making them miss the breakfast buffet. Oh, the horror, she mocked internally, her eyes fixed on the closed doors as the elevator travelled all the way to the best penthouse.

Now that she thought about it, she hated lights, she never wanted to get drunk and lose her hard-earned money and she wanted some accountability.

Then how had Harry convinced her to take the two hours' flight here?

"I've just gotten confirmation that Xavier is here, "he suddenly said, his gaze fixed on his phone.

That's why.

While waiting for her to wake up, he had been hard at work, thinking about a way to speak to his brother without anyone from the company being involved and his parents catching wind of it. She hadn't been there but from what he had related, this was the best option.

With it being so difficult to his schedule, especially without anyone in the company knowing, he couldn't lie in wait at his next meeting. And his apartment was a definite no since he stayed in a building that was owned by the family. He had been on wits' end when he saw a news article about an upcoming party. It was by a family that the Reynolds couldn't snub so Xavier had to go.

It was pure happenstance but it was a sure sign from the heavens.

And she was sure to feel happy about it when the nausea and fatigue left her. Right at the moment, she couldn't stand the sight of his face and voice. Her rage, and something else, was at the edge of exploding and being in the same elevator was pure torture.

When were they going to reach their floor? Why did they even have to have the best room, at the top floor, in the first place? Grumbling under her breath, she shot him a glare when he shifted and bumped into her. Being aware of her mood, he raised his hands and backed away. Nodding once in satisfaction, she returned to watching her warped self in the elevator.

The elevator was still going and the air was getting too heavy with the continued silence, which was getting on her nerves.

"So what's the plan?"she asked to lighten the mood. "Do we ambush him? Like at his hotel? Or the event venue-"

"Nothing so obvious, "he said, wrapping his arm around her. For a moment, she thought about pushing him away but this was helping her anxiety so she l

iggered were angry or sad expressions. But with a few words, she was practically bouncing around the room.

"I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't, "he murmured, scratching his nape with a lack of anything to do.

"Alright, okay, alright, "she said, repeating that a few times. Absently heading to the couch, she sat down with her face looking like it was deep in thought. Bemused, he followed and waited for her to say something. Minutes ticked by and still nothing from her apart from a few murmurs too low for him to decipher. He was even dozing off, with the long night and rush, when he heard his name. "Harry, I've got it. This is going to be perfect. Even Sharon and April said that it's brilliant-"

"Wait. April? Sharon? You talked to them about it?"he asked, his hand coming up to hold his head. His brain was still waking up after that semi-comatose status.

"Well, yeah. I had to when I began falling asleep thinking about the perfect cover, "she responded brightly. He wasn't even going to comment on that. As much as he wanted to take care of her, she was riding on such a high that anything he said was going to sound harsh.

"Go on."

"So there's this thing where women go on a pre-baby holiday. And as you know, I'm pregnant and my due date is in just, like, three months. Therefore, this is going to be my pre-baby, or pre-babies, holiday. I'm going to be enjoying Vegas as much as possible before I have to lug these brats out. And we can go everywhere without stirring suspicion."

This "pre-baby holiday" was new. He hadn't heard of that before. Of course, it would have been suspect if he had. But this was quite a solution. Unlike his previous plan, this wouldn't cause any argument between them. With proper research, he could milk this to his advantage-

"The best thing is that both Sharon and April are able to join me as well."

Wait, what?


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