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   Chapter 42 2 - What's next

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"Why are you sitting in the dark?"

Blinking when he heard Elena's voice, Harry was momentarily blinded when the lights in his office was suddenly switched on. Rubbing his eyes, he was surprised to find Elena taking a seat at his sofa. When he next blinked, he saw that she wasn't just sitting. Her hands were patting the area around the seams. It was like she was looking for something.

"What are you doing?"he asked from his desk, amused.

"Looking for my flashdrive. I can't find it anywhere and it's important, "she muttered, her focus still on her search. The unexpected reminder caused an unexpected onslaught of anger and confusion. Even after all this while, he still didn't know what to do with the information. A part of him wanted to lash out the information bearer but he knew that wasn't the best course of action. They had decided to work together and unloading the cauldron of mixed emotions wasn't going to help.

"It's with me, "he told her after taking a deep breath. Her sudden stillness gave away the fact that the gravity of the content.

"Did-did you get to take go through it?" Her voice was so soft that he had a hard time catching her words. His hands clenched under the table. Why was she asking this? Wasn't the answer obvious? She came here specifically to give him that.


"So what do you think?"she asked, finally looking at him, Her eyes were unfathomable deep, green pools. That wasn't helping him. He could feel the pressure building in him. The cauldron, the rapidly boiling cauldron, was going to boil over soon. "Do you think you'll use it?"

"Use it?"he said incredulously. "Els, these, these information- They're big, they're major. There's so much information that I can destroy his life if I want to. Why did you want to give it to me? Where did you even get them? I-I just- I don't know what to do-"

"Harry, it's alright, "she said. He suddenly found her beside him, found himself in her arms. Before he could register what happened, his arms came around her, pulling her tight into his body. The feel of her against him, her stomach pushing into him, as if his sons were also there, hugging, comforted him. The cauldron calmed down, from a rapid boil to a gentle simmer.

They stayed in each other's arms for a long time, finding comfort in each other, him more than her. Bending over her, he breathed in her scent, her just-woken up scent. It filled him, easing tense places within him that he hadn't known was tense. It was like he had been looking for her, her face, her scent, her body, from the moment he had left her.

He hadn't known what drove him to keep away from her. She had been so close; he was even

turning serious again. "But enough of my sad childhood. I know that you're stalling. And I know the stuff in there is alot to take in. But do you have any ideas?"

"I don't know, "he said on a sigh, leaning against the back of the sofa. As much as he didn't want to think about it and resented her push, a decision needed to be made fast. Or he would uncharacteristically put it off, delaying things until nothing could be done. "I thought about talking to Xavier, feel him out and confirm the information. I even tried to call him. But he wasn't picking up and his secretary refused to put me through."

"That's rough, "she responded. "How about asking others for help? I could ask Gail for you."

"No, I don't want to trouble her."

"And you don't want to hear about what she'd ask in return, right?"

"You know your friend." He ignored her frown. "And I tried asking those I have a cordial relationship with but they're no longer there. Apparently they've been asked to leave."

"Because they are on good terms with you? That's harsh." He was glad that her frown was directed at Xavier now, even though she was facing him. It was still surprising that he was concerned about her feelings, especially if they were about him.

"Yeah. So I've decided to go to Vegas."

AN: Hey guys. Hope you like the chapter. It's nice that Harry and Elena are getting closer together. Supporting each other and accepting that support.

So what do you think is going to happen in Vegas? Maybe a wedding? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? Next few updates will tell it all. Hehe

(also the next update will be in 1.5 months time. Cos I was on an unofficial hiatus. Don't kill me)

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