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   Chapter 40 0 - things heat up

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A sudden, hard tug on her arm and her back crashing into the banister and Elena realised she was able to stop her fall. Her shoulder was throbbing and her back ached but she was not tumbling down. A sigh of relief escaped her. The boys were ok.


Looking at the top of the stairs, where she heard the shout, she was surprised at how pale Harry was. Only dressed in sweatpants, he made his way down the stairs. From his strides, she had a feeling he was about to explode on her.

"Miss Halloway, is everything alright?"Mrs Grant asked from the bottom of the stairs.

"Uh, yeah. Everything's peachy, "she responded nervously, never taking her eyes off the bigger threat.

"What were you thinking? Why didn't you wait for me?"Harry demanded once he reached her, her hands coming up to grip her shoulders. "You know it's not safe for you and the boys-"

"Harry, I'm fine. Everything worked out in the end-"

"No, no. I'm going to have Oliver come over. He needs to check you out, "he said, not hearing what she said, and lifting her into his arms. Having not expected that, she let out a short shriek. "Don't move. We're just going to my office to wait for Oliver."

She resigned herself to his highhandedness and prayed he truly wouldn't develop a hernia. Carrying her twice a day wasn't too much, right?


"Harry, I'm fine, "Elena said as she watched the irate man pace in front of her while barking orders at the woman, Aksa. Elena realised that she was Harry's assistant when she calmly took his orders and addressed his respectfully, with a professional air around her. Her facade didn't even crack when Harry spouted the most ridiculous orders.

"Of course, Mr Reynolds. I will get on the phone directly. May I know where I can find his number?"

Like now, when Harry was telling her to call Oliver to bring his ultrasound machine to check on her. To Elena, that was absurd. Even during that one time at her old apartment. She still couldn't believe that had happened but the joy of seeing her boys for the first time had overshadowed everything else. But it was still ridiculous.

On the other hand, Aksa acted like it was perfectly reasonable. What exactly had she had to do in her line of work that she wouldn't bat an eye?

Narrowing her eyes speculatively on her, Elena was surprised at the frown in the other woman's eyes when their eyes met before she left to make the calls. Her brows furrowing together, Mrs Grant's words came back to her.

"Just because he didn't tap your ass doesn't mean he's immune to every women."

Did she mean what Elena was thinking? Did Aksa have a feelings for her boss? For Harry?

For some reason, that made the hair on her back rise. Her mood souring considerably, she turned baleful eyes on Harry. He had finally stopped pacing and was taking a seat at the adjacent loveseat. Stubbornly waiting for him to speak, she tried to examine the feeling that was afflicting her. It was a mixtu

is just an excuse? Was he no longer attracted to her? He was just letting her down easy. Her eyes began filling up. Pushing his hand away, she began to fold her arms and turn away when his hands came up to grip her shoulders. Tightly.

"No, no. Damn it. Elena, I'm trying to be sensitive here. I'm trying to take your feelings into consideration, "he said, shaking her slightly. He sounded quite harried. She was sure there was a frown on his face but couldn't be certain because she refused to look at him. "Look at me, Els. Was I wrong? Do you want more?"

"Well, not if you don't want to, "she pouted. She could see the ridiculousness of what she was doing but she couldn't stop. It was like a monster had taken over her body. An emotional wreck of a monster. A monster who loved acting contrary and difficult.

"Look at me when you're speaking to me, "Harry hissed. He was clearly at the end of his patience. Deciding to beat the monster into submission, she relented.

"Harry, to be honest, my hormones are out of whack and my body really, really, really wants to get it on. It's ready to strip you and just ride the hell out of you, "she admitted, smiling slightly when Harry's eyes glazed over.

"Witch, "he muttered goodnaturedly when he caught the smile.

"But I'm not ready for anything more. I want to actually have good relationship with you before we do anything more. I want to know what we expect from each other, what we want to build, between us, for the boys, before we get physical again, "she said, baring her heart to him. For a moment, she saw a hint of panic in his eyes and was braced for the worse. But he surprised her.

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