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   Chapter 38 8 - Decisions, decisions

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Her fingers tightening around the flashdrive in her hand, Elena took a deep breath and made up her mind. She had been wrestling for a week with the conundrum of whether to share the contents with Harry. She was still stunned that her grandmother had gone through the trouble of digging for these information, much less giving it to her. A part of her wanted to rush to Harry's side and allow this to help him. But another part was hesitant. After much thinking and deliberating, her hesitation had been worn down by her desire to help and she was heading to his place. Even so, her hesitation was still there even as she opened the gate that would lead to the back of the house- having called Mrs Grant about her visit today.

A feeling of anxiety almost engulfed her as she slowly made her way on the path through the garden. The last words Harry had ever spoken to her came to mind and echoed relentlessly in her head. Her illusions of him ever having any soft feelings for her were destroyed that night and she still hadn't gotten over it. And yet, this information was going to help him get back all his hard work. The part of her that still liked him couldn't stop herself from hiding this from him. There was an increased urgency when a search on the web highlighted the damage of Xavier's leadership. She still couldn't believe all that she had read.

A sudden kick brought her back to the present. Her hand coming to rub the spot the kick had come from, her lips curved up in a reluctant smile. The boys were so active today. They must know they're seeing Daddy today. Patting her stomach fondly, she finally reached the kitchen and after pausing slightly, her hand was raised to knock when the door was pulled open. Taken aback at the suddenness, she took a step back at Mrs Grant's haggard face. She didn't offer any resistance when the woman took a hold of her arm and practically dragged her in.

Blinking at the sudden change in lighting, Elena was surprised to see a stranger, the woman she had met on the day she was bereaved of a job. The beautiful, mocha-skinned woman had looked cool and competent then but was now looking as haggard as Mrs Grant. Her skin was so pale it was almost ashy and it looked like she had chewed off most of the skin off her lips. Alarmed, Elena didn't show any resistance when Mrs Grant pulled her to the staircase leading up.

"Mrs Grant, what is going on? Did something happen to Harry?"Elena asked as she tried to match the other woman's speed but her increased bulk had slowed her down considerably. So much so that the housekeeper had to slow down as well.

"Mrs Grant, who is this woman?"the strange woman demanded as she grabbed Elena's other arm, making her stop. This, in turn, made Mrs Grant stop as well. Welcoming the reprieve, Elena had to stop herself from panting as she tried to catch her breath. How had such a short distance have tired her so easily?she wondered incredulously, her hand coming up to fan her flushed face. From the corner of her eyes, she caught the flash of desperation on Mrs Grant's face before she hid it

"This is her, the person I told you about. She can get through to Mr Reynolds, make him listen, "Mrs Grant said in hushed tones. Surprised by the air of secrecy that had descended upon th

want to be here. I'm just wanted to give you this. That's it. So here. Do whatever you want with it." He felt a hard, rectangular piece of plastic being shoved against his chest. She pushed against him even harder when he didn't move. "Take it so that I can leave."

"Leave? When I just got them back? I don't think so, "he responded silkily, suddenly aware of the panic under his skin. He couldn't let her go. Not again. He had barely gotten over her abandonment. The carnage around him was instantaneously visible to him, he wasn't even sure he had gotten over it.

Stunned at the amount of bottles around his room, it felt like the bottom has dropped out of his stomach. Having always drank in moderation, how could he have done this? The very thing that fuelled his mother, even though she was a high functioning alcoholic. He'd tried hard to never drink in excess all his adult life. To find that he would find solace in liquor when his life was spiralling out of control made him sick.

"Them? Harry, you know you can see them anytime. I mean, I've begun to draft out an agreement that would benefit both of us. I even got a lawyer. But, I'm sure, he's not as good as yours but he's within my budget. Hasn't he gotten in touch with you?"

"No, "he rejected, shaking her slightly. Stopping only when her hands came up to his biceps, he took a deep breath. "No. No lawyers. No visitation agreement. None of that crap. I want to see them anytime I want. I want to be in all aspects of their lives."

"Wait. All aspects? What are you saying exactly?" He couldn't help but relish the dawning apprehension in her eyes. He, who had been reacting to her all this time, was ready to act like the ruthless bastard that made his competitors think twice about messing with him.

"We're getting married."

AN: Hey guys. Hope you're well.

So how do you think Elena is going to react? I'm trying to think of a way where they don't fight. Not too much cos I think they are working to move pass that. Still trying to figure things out there *fingers crossed*

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