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   Chapter 35 5 - Leaving the shackles of family

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"Mr Reynolds, it's time for the meeting- Mr Reynolds?"

Bringing up his arm and looking at his watch, Harry was surprised to see that it was time for the meeting. Time had flown so fast. He would have thought that his impending doom would make it seem like time was crawling at a snail's pace.

Getting up from the sofa, he made his way to his desk. Aksa went silent the moment he came into her line of sight. As much as he didn't want to see it, he saw the line of strains on her face and compassion welled up from a place that had not existed before. Another unexpected surprise of the day. But something he couldn't ignore.

Taking a deep breath, he stopped right in front of her after putting on his coat. His eyes ran all around his office. This room had seen him grow and learn the ropes of the industry ever since he had graduated university. It had seen the private, and not-so-private, beratings of his father when he had messed up and the purge of his father's presence when he had taken over. The many hours he had spent within, steering the company past one crisis after another. So many memories. And, yet, he felt no pull to stay. Nothing apart from not admitting defeat to his brother. What did that say about the years he had spent there?

"Mr Reynolds?" Returning his attention to his assistant, his lips lifted in a soft smile. The woman who had been with him during all his trials and tribulations. He, honestly, didn't know how he could have survived without her. And how did he reward her loyalty?

Once the day was done, he had an overwhelming certainty that he would be booted out of the company. There was no other reason for the board meeting today if they hadn't had come to a decision. Although he had his suspicions about the rush, a large part of him was apathetic about it. He had been forced into this role and now, he was given the opportunity to explore what he truly wanted. A kernel of excitement was waiting to pop at just the right moment. But, right now, facing Aksa, he wished that he could give her the assurance that she would still have a job.

"Before we leave, I would like to thank you for all your assistance. You are an integral part of my team and I am sorry to be leaving like this, "he said. Aksa, always so calm and collected, blinked in surprise and her mask cracked. She knew what he was talking about and tears began pooling in her dark eyes.

"Is-is there nothing that can be done?"she asked, her voice shaky with unshed tears.

"The writing's on the wall, "he responded after shaking his head. He wanted to leave it there but a part of him pushed him to continue. "Regardless of whatever happens later, I will try to help you where I can. Don't worry that you will be punished for your loyalty to me."

With a tremulous smile, she nodded. Gesturing towards the door, he allowed himself one last look and, as if shackles were being unlocked, he left without a backward glance.


Aimlessly wandering about the house after lunc


"Don't all men? My dad is the worst of the bunch. He'll just agree to anything when my lips start to wobble. That's why my mom is the one who usually talks to me." The both of them laughed at the imagery. It was nice to be with someone she'd known for years. Even though April was honest and nice, Elena hadn't built as strong a bond with her as she had with Gail. Her hand tightened around Gail's. Gail's eyes softened. "I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner. There so many changes at work I couldn't get away."

"Why? What happened?"Elena asked curiously. Her curiosity was further aroused when Gail speared her a look of disbelief.

"Don't you know?" Elena shook her head, irritation cutting into her intrigue. "We have a new CEO now."

"What? What do you mean by that? What happened to Harry?"

"I don't know. No one knows. It was just announced to us after lunch today. Did you know that there's another eligible man in the Reynolds' family?"

"What?" Perplexed by this sudden question, Elena's eyes widened when the reason why dawned on her. Gripping Gail's arm, she asked, practically shouted, "Xavier is the new CEO?"

AN: Hey guys. Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Did you see this coming? Did you? Didja? Huh? Huh?

And what do you think would happen to Harry? How would he feel? I am still in the midst of figuring that out - cos *cough* I haven't uploaded anything for on Radish for a while*cough*- but I have some idea and am waiting for it to mature and ferment. Like good wine. Not that I know much about wine. Or alcohol in general because Muslim. So yeah, I'll have a new chapter soon. I just need to kick my lazy butt and actually write.

OK, enough of me ranting and rambling. Just so you know, I really love reading your comments, even if I rarely respond. And I'd really love to know your thoughts.

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