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   Chapter 33 3 - meet the family

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Knocking on the door, Harry told himself that everything was fine. There was nothing to worry about. Ever though Elena had sounded so weak and soft, he should not panic. He rapped on the door again when there was no response.

"Shouldn't we get in there?"

Almost jumping in his current state, he turned around and realised that it was just Stephan. He was standing right behind him, having to stand on his toes to listen at the door. Not used to a stranger being so close to him, Harry shoved him away, pushing the plate into his abdomen. Pausing when his eyes caught on the item in his hand.

The plate. The infernal plate. He had left her for ten minutes, ten measly minutes. Since dinner had been over, he was grabbing something for Elena to eat, knowing how irritable she was when hungry. And in that short amount of time, trouble seeked her. Caleb was definitely trouble. He was one of Xavier's closest associate, following his brother wherever he went. Something Harry had found out since Xavier's return. So him being around Elena was anything but a simple friendly interaction.

Holding back a growl, Harry began banging on the door. His irritation contributed to his increased anxiety and the silence at the other side made him want to just burst in, with or without her permission.

"I'm beginning to get worried, "Stephan said, his voice muffled as if he was speaking with a full mouth. Harry didn't turn even though his rage flared. The food was for Elena, not this man who may or may not be her brother. But he didn't have the luxury to focus on him. He had bigger fish to fry.

"Gee, I wonder why, "he said through gritted teeth while he turned the doorknob. Relieved when it turned easily, he pushed the door open, ignoring Stephan's protests. His eyes immediately went to the green cloth gathered on the floor by the toilet, around the woman who was barely moving.

His heart immediately jumped to his throat, his ears deaf to anything but the blood rushing through it. He was almost drowning under the wave of panic that crashed over him, almost overwhelmed with anxiety and worry. Frozen by the door, he was galvanized to action when he heard a whisper of a sound coming from her.

Rushing to her side, he paused momentarily, wondering whether moving her was the best idea. However when he heard his names on her lips, his arms moved of their own volition, pulling her gently into his lap, resting her head against his shoulder. Looking down at her, he was hardpressed to not pull her deeper into his arms. The only reason he didn't was the sound of her breathing. Sweet, even breaths. The constriction around his heart lightened slightly when he heard her breathing. As pale as she was, at least her breathing was normal.

"Elena, "he called softly. When she didn't respond, he called her name again. This time, he was

rms. He refused to listen to her, turning deaf ears on every word that came out of her mouth. It had been like talking to a wall. Stephan, who had followed them on his motorcycle, was of no help. He had taken one look of Harry's wilfull expression and just said, "You are on your own, sis" before heading to another part of the house. Most probably looking for an empty room

Glaring up at the ceiling, she absently rubbed her stomach, kneading the place she had felt a kick. They had become more active the moment they had returned. She didn't know whether they had felt her anxiety or were relieved to be away from the mansion but she was grateful to have a reminder of their presence. And on that note, she had some sage advice for them.

"Just a warning, the two of had better not have gotten your father's temperament. Or no women will ever put up with you, "she informed her unborn offsprings.

"Why not? You're with me."

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