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   Chapter 32 2 - deeper into the rabbit's hole

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Updated: 2018-03-22 18:00

"Hello, beautiful, "someone said from beside Elena, making her jump.

She had been so focused on Xavier, as he moved from guest to guest, that she hadn't noticed the approach of the man sharing the loveseat with her. Shifting her focus, she was unnerved when she realised how close he was. Leaning back, she couldn't help but return his friendly smile. A rather attractive smile, if she admitted to herself.

And the man attached to the smile was more than attractive. He was Hot. With a capital H. With his messy burnished hair brushing his collar, his dark blue eyes looking her over and his rather regal features, he could rival any of the models on the runway. She didn't know how but heat practically exuded from him.

However a bad feeling began to replace her initial assessment of him. Keeping the smile on her face, she began to inch away. As hot as he was, his wide shoulders were beginning to crowd her in. Or so she felt. Uncomfortable, she began inching away. Her eyes widened when he mirrored her movement, moving ever so close to her.

Hoping to distract him and hold him back, she asked, "H-hi. My name is Elena. I've just arrived and I don't really know anyone. So, if it's not so rude, can you introduce yourself?"

"Well, I know most everyone but I am intrigued as to why such a beautiful, mysterious woman such as you is alone." Did he think that was much of a compliment? And did he not see that she was pregnant? Her belly was as big as one of those balancing balls. She looked even bigger sitting. Was he blind? Finding it hard to keep the wide-eyed look on her face, she simply smiled. Maybe her dress hid that fact. He was oblivious to her suspicion, creeping ever so slightly closer. "Shy are we? Well, lets start it off with an introduction then. My name's Caleb, Caleb Worthington, "he answered sultrily.

Elena was sure would be very sexy to other women. But to her, he just sounded breathless, like he had difficulty breathing and talking at the same time. And his breath, she almost gagged. He was so close that his breath wafted into her nose and while she was sure his breath would be perfectly acceptable normally, being pregnant had powered up her sense of smell and it smelled rank.

"H-hi. Nice to meet you, Caleb. How do you know the Reynolds? A-are you a friend of Harry's?"she asked, still moving. Or she was trying to move but there was something blocking her. Looking at the back, she realised that she was at the end of the loveseat. Closing her eyes and cursing internally, she opened her eyes immediately after. This was not good. Bile was starting to climb her throat and sweat was starting to form at her hairline and her palms. Indications she was about to throw up.

Oh no, what was she going to do? It was bad enough that she was going to have problem getting off the seat with her bulk but this guy- Caleb?- wasn't helping. His proximity made it awkward for her to move while his breath just exacerbated the feelings. Jumping when she felt an arm around her shoulders, she returned to the present and saw the annoyed look in Caleb's face. Or, more accurately, a petulant look. God help her, not a whiny rich kid. Or, in this case, whiny rich man who clearly grew up with money and status.

"You're not listening to me, "he said crankily. Realising no one was going to help her out of this precarious situation nor was anyone paying attention,

fringe seemed to be falling over his eyes. That made it difficult for Harry to make out the color of his eyes but he knew they were doing the same thing his were. Assessing the stranger and planning the next move.

Dressed in a simple white shirt with a leather jacket over it, and jeans, he was clearly not a guest of his parents. He looked like a common labourer. And, yet, he seemed unimpressed by his surrounding. It was like he was impervious to such trappings. However Harry could tell he was determined to find his sister. He looked like he wasn't going to move unless he got his answer.

"You know, my sister. Elena. The maid I spoke to told me she was with you." That stunned him. This guy was looking for Elena? Elena was his sister? How? But as he looked at the man further, he could tell the resemblance, especially their hair. It was the exact same color. Even so, he had to be certain.

"Elena? She's your sister? Then that means that you're Stephan? But how- What-"

"None of your business, dude. I'm just here to get her away from this hell that we escaped from-"

Harry froze. The mere mention of Elena leaving him caused panic to almost overwhelm him. He wanted to shout to this man, Elena's brother, that he was not taking her away. Shout to the world that Elena belonged to him. Taking a step forward, he got ready to blister this man but a cry from within the restroom stopped him.

"Harry. Harry, help!"

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