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   Chapter 31 1 - steamy moment in the garden

Accidental Pregnancy By Saiyidah Rahman Characters: 11313

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"What did Jason mean?"

Harry looked down at Elena as they slowly made their way to his parent's house, their pace on the driveway indicating their hesitation to enter the building. His fingers entwined with hers, he couldn't help but tighten his hold. The tension that had been gripping him since the start of the evening was slowly ebbing away, the resultant headache receding, and he knew it had something to do with her presence.For some reason, despite their constant arguments, he found comfort being with her. With the clear sky above them, he wanted to continue walking, enjoying this rare moment of peace between them.

However, he knew they had to go in. Apart from the fact that the security at the gate would have informed the house of their presence, he needed to keep an eye on Xavier. The few guests inside, friends of the family and a few others, were acting like it was a done deal, that with his return, Xavier would take up the helm of the company. If Harry didn't nip this in the bud, he knew this would spell his doom.

Even so, they didn't have to go in right away.

"Let's go to the garden, "he suggested when they were almost to the porch. Elena looked quizzically up at him, her eyes probing for answers, but nodded nonetheless. Their feet crunching the gravel beneath, they traversed the cultivated paths that lined the garden. Silence reigned between them.

"You're lucky I won the fight tonight and wore flats, "she said wryly when she almost slipped on a particularly slippery section. He managed to flash her a smile, moving his hold from her hand to the crook of his arm. Leading the way, he knew there was a part of the garden that couldn't be seen from the house.

The trees lining the path, thankfully, hid their progress as well as the many statues and hedges. He wanted to enjoy this peace as much as possible and he had a feeling that Elena felt the same way. From his peripheral, he saw her taking in their surrounding with wide-eyed interest. He was glad that she had dropped the question but knew he had to warn her. But how?

As his mind ruminated over this, his leg grew a mind of his own and he was eating up the distance in an instance. Peace gone, his mind raced. How did he find a solution to this new issue? He didn't know Elena well enough to predict her reaction. Apart from her tears and rage, she was still a mystery to him. And this was an entirely new situation. His breath coming in short intervals, he saw more unknowns with too many ways this could go down-

Slowing down when he felt persistent tuggings on his arm, he looked back and was shocked to see Elena panting behind him, her free hand resting on top of her stomach. He realised that he had forgotten about her and had practically dragged her to the destination he had in mind.

"Your legs are too long, "she complained once she had caught her breath. Remorse filling him, he, nonetheless, found it amusing, his lips lifting slightly at the edges. Moving closer to her, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, hoping that would rein him in. Setting off at a slower speed, this time, he found that he could breathe again. "This evening isn't going as I expected. At this point of night, I thought I would have, at least, crossed the front door."

"It's not sunshine and roses at the other side. Trust me. I was there, "he retorted, his lips twisting bitterly

while watching everyone mingling. It was clear that they felt her grandmother was higher than them in the social ladder and by positioning themselves so, they were showing that they had her approval. Otherwise, knowing how this type of people were, Elena knew they would have ignored her. And, possibly, made snide remarks when she was near.

Her lips curling in disgust, she renewed her search for Harry. About to escape from the seat, she was dismayed when Xavier turned his attention on her. From the way his lips were lifting and the malice in his eyes, she knew he had something up his sleeves. Something more than the unexpected presence of her grandmother. She had been fortunate earlier; she was able to brush off her being there, her grandmother's hold having worn off over the years. But she had to admit to being thrown off the first few moments.

If this was what she had to look forward to at the start of the evening, she was apprehensive for the rest.

What else did he have planned? And where was Harry when she needed him?

AN: Hey guys. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I don't know what role her grandmother plays right now but I plan for her to be somewhat important. Hopefully it pans out.

I'd like your feedback on the chapter titles. This is something I've done for this book so I'd like to know whether you like it. Or is it misleading? Too misleading? Let me know, yeah.

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P. S. I'd like to do something new at the end of some chapters. Hard as it may seem, I do have difficulty writing out reactions for different ppl as I can only draw upon the experience of myself. Like how I react when angry or sad or embarrassed. But my characters are all different people.

So I would really appreciate it if you guys can let me know how you'd react upon a certain scenario or feeling. If you're willing, do participate. And for this chapter, lets start easy with a feeling:


*what is your physical reaction and what would you do?

For me, I'd feel my skin just become hotter while trying to keep a poker face and failing miserably

Looking forward to your response :)

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