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   Chapter 26 6 - Compounded problem

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"Mr Reynolds, dinner is ready."

Looking up from the discussion with Jason, Harry was surprised to see the sun setting. It couldn't be. His eyes had to be playing tricks on him. He had only intended to ask Jason a quick question before finding Elena and ironing things out. If he was to believe his eyes, that meant that he had forgotten about her for the past three hours. This was not going to make his case of prioritising her.

"I'll be there soon, "he told the maid, rising to his feet so fast that his chair almost toppled over. Ignoring Jason's amused looks, he called the maid back. "Ah, do you know where Elena is?"

"She's in the kitchen with April. They've been there the entire afternoon." A whisper of emotion passing over her face made Harry uneasy but it left so fast that he had no idea how to decipher it.

"Thank you. Let them know we'll be there soon."

"What's with the panic, cuz?"Jason asked as they made their way to the dining room. Harry didn't know what to say. He knew he had messed up. In fact, he was in a worse area than messed up. Much worse. Messing up was what caused her to storm out of his office in anger. This was a few levels lower than that. He'd forgotten about her. This was going to compound his standing with her and he was coming up with a blank on how to rectify the issue.

"Does this have something to do with the fact that you allowed Elena to stew for three hours?"Jason asked, keeping up with Harry's quick strides. Harry barely held back the urge to throttle his cousin. Jason had never learned to leave it all alone. One day, he was going to snap. "You know it's never a good idea to let a woman stew. It's only going to make your life all the more difficult."

"I know that, "Harry said through gritted teeth, wondering when his house had gotten so big. Why was it taking so long to reach the dining room?

"Anyway, you didn't tell me what she was so mad about. Did it have something to do about outing her to the world?"

"I didn't have the chance to get to that, "he revealed, breathing out a sigh of relief when the entry to the dining room came into sight. That was followed closely by a tenseness by his shoulders when he realised he still didn't have an acceptable excuse for his absence.

Knowing it wouldn't do any good to delay the inevitable, he took a deep breath and entered only to stop short. The room, with large bay windows overlooking the pool and garden, was overwashed with the orange and red hues of the setting sun. Every

at had happened, she couldn't help the tears that filled her eyes. It still hurt for her to realise that Harry was still putting his work above her, the boys. It was even more painful as she had opened up to him.

And yet, that didn't explain his actions this afternoon. April had been more to happy to regale her with the reason the paparazzis had been hot on their tail this afternoon. It seemed that the paps had gone crazy in the diner when the men had found them. She, Elena, had almost been overwhelmed by them and, having lost her footing, she had been on the way down. Not that she remembered. Of course, she hadn't actually made contact with the floor because Harry had been right behind her. However he had taken offense to her almost fall and had punched the nearest pap.

That had been when the paps had realised how important she was to him. Before this, he had never had a physical altercation with them, treating them like pesky flies. It helped that he hadn't done anything newsworthy. But now, with the punch, he had put her in the spotlight.

And although a part of her was mad, most of her, a close 98%, was melting over this public proclamation. Public acceptance. This was a big deal for her. Even when she had been in the familial fold, she had never been as accepted as her younger sister. She'd always felt that she was merely tolerated. And it had done something to her, that feeling that she had been something other even when surrounded by family.

So even as she tried to caution herself, she couldn't help but draw strength and hope his words in the office hadn't been his real feelings, real thoughts about her.

"Oh, you're awake."

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