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   Chapter 25 5 - Family Reveal

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Elena was quiet for so long that Harry thought she'd fallen asleep again. The way she snuggled closer when he ran his thumb over her cheek further supported the theory. But just as he was going to lift her into his arms and carry her to a room and bed, she looked up at him and smiled apologetically.

"Sorry. I just don't know where to start. This is the first time I'm going to talk about them in close to ten years. Well, I did tell Gail but she doesn't count. Does she?"

Harry didn't know what was going on but he had a feeling that she was nervous. He could see her wringing her hands as well. Her nervousness worried him but he could tell she needed to let this out. This was a very important topic to her. Something that had an obvious impact on her if her constant worries of him being an absentee father were to be taken into account.

Hoping to ease her nerves, his free hand took a hold of one of her hands and squeezed it. "No, it doesn't sweetheart, "he said in response to her question. "Let's start off easy. Why don't you tell me what your parents work as?" He figured he should guide her along, ease the stress that she was putting onto herself. And the way her eyes focused told him that it was working.

"My father is a banker. He heads the largest bank in Massachusetts. And my mother doesn't work. She is a social butterfly, organising parties and events that would further my father's career. Between them, there isn't much affection but the opinion of the community matters. Especially the old money community."

His brows drew together. Biggest bank? That would mean that he knew him. In the world of business, everyone knew everyone. He kept rejecting the person who came to mind but he noticed Elena's green eyes that were cold and reptilian in another man's face and it clicked.

"Your family is the Boston Harringtons?"he asked incredulously when she paused. He barely heard her response, his mind was churning out all that he knew about her family.

The patriarch was a ruthless man who ever only cared about furthering his business dealings and fattening his pockets. Apart from the bank, he had other business interest, being on the board of directors of many organisations. The two of them had crossed paths, Harry having opened a branch in Boston to compete for some projects. And, more often than not, he had locked horns with her father. Whether it came to fighting for the same projects or investors, they had never seen eye to eye.

His two sons were cut from the same cloth. Elena's brothers. One was a real estate developer and the other was a director in a pharmaceutical company. One of the biggest in the country. Both didn't care what law they broke to increase their profit. Whatever they couldn't get around, they would just bribe whoever they could to look the other way.

On the other hand, the youngest female sibling wasn't involved in the business world at all. Instead, she took advantage of the wealth and power accumulated by the male in the family. Her partying exploits were well-covered by the paparazzis, especially as she was always in the company of celebrities and other jetsetting, partying offsprings of similarly successful businesses.

He, who respected hard work, didn't really have much interaction with her during his times there. But compared to her mother, he would


"It doesn't concern you." Her eyes widened.

Did he just say that? Did he just dismiss her like that? Was this the man she had trusted about her family? Her worries? Was this a one-way street? Did he not trust her as well?

Her rage growing with every question that ran through her mind, she pushed him away. Luckily, he didn't expect that and she was able to get out of his arms. "What do you mean it doesn't concern me?"she demanded. "Anything that happens to you concerns me. What if you get hurt by the fallout of whatever's happening with your family? How am I going to care for the boys?"

"Whatever happens, you and the boys will be taken care of. And what, exactly, can you do? Talking about it won't magically solve it." That hurt her. She knew she didn't bring anything to their relationship. Or whatever between them was called. But did he have to term it that harshly? And what did he know about talking? It was the solver of all problems, dammit. But if he didn't think she could help, she was more than happy to relieve him of her presence.

"Since I am just a useless ornament, I think I'll just head to the kitchen while you come up with another solution. Where you don't have to marry a damned MANNEQUIN. Don't touch me. Move aside."

Fuelled by rage, she pushed Jason aside when he entered the office. Walking mindlessly in the hallway, she ignored Harry's shout and refused to give in to the tears that threatened to fall. He was not worth it!

She continued walking before she admitted defeat. She was lost, she admitted begrudgingly to herself when she realised she had passed the same painting thrice. Refusing to go back to Harry, and not even sure she knew the way back, she forced herself to shelve her anger and think. She was still hungry and Harry had said that his housekeeper would be more than happy to whip something up. So where was the kitchen-

What was that smell?

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