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   Chapter 24 4 - Family reveal

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The next few minutes were a blur to Elena. She had been bracing for a lecture Harry looked ready to deliver when they were suddenly surrounded by people. People who didn't look like they were there for the food, judging from their focus on their table. The sheer number was too much for her to process.

When she was next aware of her surroundings, she found herself inside an opulent car, wondering how she got there. She only had impressions of being guided, Harry's arms around her with a coat over her face, bright lights and loud voices. Blinking owlishly at Harry as he barked orders into his cellphone, she was startled into the present when her stomach growled loudly into the otherwise silent interior.

Her face flushing, she turned away from Harry and towards the window, hunching over her offending stomach. Apparently, the brief lunch she had not been enough to satisfy the ravening beasts that were her sons. This was a fine time to want food, she scolded them in her mind. The last few months they had rejected any food she'd consumed. She hoped that Harry hadn't heard her.

"I'll call you back, Jase." Her luck was working against her today as she felt Harry's presence at her back. "Are you hungry?"

"Y-yeah, "she responded softly, refusing to look at him. Her eyes were fixed on the window, looking unseeingly at the passing scenery. She couldn't believe how famished she was. It felt like her stomach acid was trying to get out and devour anything and everything in sight. It had been so happy at the diner, she thought with a morose sigh. Why did she have to leave?

"Elena, I'll get you something to eat when we get back, "Harry said, his arms coming around her, pulling her to his side. She went willingly, missing his heat, but she was still wondering why she had to be parted with her beloved food. "I don't know how I feel about losing to food-" Apparently, she had said those words out loud- " but to answer your question, the paparazzis were ready to hound you. It was for your safety that we had to leave. April's whining to Jason now so they are going to get something to eat and we'll meet up later."

"Huh?" Elena heard what he was saying but her mind was not comprehending anything. It was still filled with the plethora of food that had filled her sight before she left. Irritation inched in when Harry just looked at her in amusement and his words finally penetrated her mind. "Why would the paparazzis care about me? I was just there to accompany April." The guilt in Harry's face made her straighten up and lean away from him so that she had a clearer look of his face. "Harry? What aren't you telling me?"

"Well, they weren't when we came in. They were wondering about Jase and April's presence in the city which is why they followed the both of you to the diner. But they had more interesting fishes to catch and were, in fact, leaving but stayed when they saw us. Then when some of them were overzealous in their questions, we left and I might have punched one of the paparazzis, "he said, making it sound like a big admission.

"Might have?"she asked archly. "Harry!" She still didn't get it. When he seemed even more reluctant to continue, she punched his side. A rush of remorse filled her but she held it back, wanting to get the entire story out of him. Not even his slight pout moved her. Not much at least. Although she had to admit that he looked very adorable. Finally, he gave in.

"He was pushing you aside to get a better picture of Jason and April. What was I supposed to do? Let him think it's fine

cking silence, he instructed his cook to whip something up and hoped it would entice her. But when he re-entered his office, he found her asleep, her head propped on the arm of the sofa. Letting out a sigh, he set down the omelet on the side table. He was at a quandary. Should he wake her up? She did look tired. There were shadows under her eyes that weren't there even a week ago. And her skin was paler than usual. He should let her rest.

But just as he was about to leave, her eyes suddenly shot open and she sat up. Or she tried to. She was having trouble with her midriff. Coming to her side immediately, he helped her up. But she didn't acknowledge him. Her attention was on the omelet and she devoured it in the next minute.

Harry was taken aback. She had been asleep just moments ago and now she was looking sad as she prodded the last tiny piece of egg on the plate. He wasn't even sure she was even awake. He didn't know whether this was just another facet of sleepwalking or she was in the process of waking up. The loud growl from her stomach spurred him to action though.

"Is there anything else you'd like to eat?"he asked, taking a seat beside her as he grabbed the empty plate and placed it on the side table again. He was surprised when she tucked herself against his side. But he had to admit that he liked having her so close to him. He'd missed her presence during their fights of the past few days. Looking down at her and how she fit so perfectly against him, he couldn't help but run his hand down her hair.

"Yes. But I have to talk to you about something. About my family." He was surprised. She had been so reticent in the car that he hadn't wanted to push her. For some reason, he trusted her. As much as she intrigued him, she had a core of integrity that made him reluctant to investigate further. He had hoped that there wouldn't be any need for him to do so. But from the way she was opening up to him so fast, he had a feeling that things were not as simple as they seem.

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