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   Chapter 23 3 - meeting old acquaintance

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"What do you mean I can't see him? I told you to tell him that I'm here and-"

"Miss, as you do not have an appointment, I am not be able help you. If you are able to get an appointment, I would be more than happy to let you in. But I doubt so as Mr Reynolds is a very busy man." The receptionists' tone was so condescending that it made Elena's teeth clench.

Looking at her from under her lashes, she knew she wouldn't be able to get any help. Lisa had always been stuck up, reveling in her position as the reception and, thus, being the first thing people saw when they visited. She had regaled Gail and Elena with stories of powerful men who became enamored with her when they came. Truthfully, the both of them found the encounters sleazy and had tried to go to lunch without her. However, she always looking out for them and Elena had been too nice to discourage her.

Clearly she needed to work on that. Especially since Lisa didn't even return the favor. She couldn't even be bothered to give her the benefit of the doubt. Elena didn't know whether she should push the issue, her mood swinging definitely into the stubborn spectrum. She even contemplated stomping her feet. But when Lisa's eyes moved to the side and connected with Security's, Elena knew that wasn't the best idea. The best thing to do right not was retreat and figure out another way to get in touch with Harry.

Giving her a sharp nod, Elena headed for the door, ignoring the mirth and pity in the eyes of her former colleagues going out for lunch and the suspicion from Security. Not allowing herself to react, she straightened her shoulders and back the best she could and walked out. She refused to give them any other fodder for gossip. The fact that she had demanded to see Harry was bad enough; it had slipped her mind that he was the CEO and she had never had any contact with him. Not until she had left.

Sighing softly, her head jerked up when she heard her name. Her feet slowing to a stop, she was about to turn around when a snicker reached her ears. Figuring out that it was a trick and fuming that grown adults could be so juvenile, she tightened her lips and continued on her way out. She was above such childishness. Or that was what she was trying to convince herself.

Deciding it was best if she distanced herself, she began heading to her favourite diner in the area. It was a distance away and she debated upon taking her car. But by the time she came to a decision, she realised her feet had taken over and was carrying her body to the promise of good food. Stopping when she perceived what happened, she let out a short shriek of frustration. This was happening entirely too often.

Ignoring the people looking at her and her melodious stomach, she made an about-turn and almost collided with another woman. A pregnant woman. Their equally compromised centers of gravity almost dropped them to their ass but for some reason, they staye

nsuming the small accessories that came with the dolls. And while we checked on her, the boys took it as permission to run amok in the living area and wherever is the most dangerous and they can make the most mess."

"That sounds hectic. How did you guys get them? I'm sure it was difficult, with Dawn and your pregnancy." Honestly, Elena was quite distressed from April's account. How was she going to handle her own set of terrors? She had no experience with rowdy children, especially boys, having grown up around the company of adults and nannies. And, yet, she couldn't help but continue listenjng.

"We were lucky. Jason and Cameron came before it got too out of hand. They managed to corral the boys to their room and get them ready for bedtime."

"Wow. That sounds scary. Are all boys that scary?" She had to take a bite of the fried chicken to settle her nerves. What was she going to do with two boys? She only had one pair of hands and there would be two of them. Was it really a good idea not to move in with Harry? But what if he continued as he was? That would make the move pointless.

Before April could answer though, two male figures suddenly stopped at their table. Startled by the suddenness of their presence, the both of them turned to the end and shrank back into their seats slightly. Because the men were not just any men.

They were the very angry, practically vibrating with fury cousins: Harry and Jason.

AN: Hey guys. How you doing? And what do you think about April being here? I feel that it's so cute she can give Elena some advice.

Just to clear something up, I have a very strict updating schedule. As I'm also posting these chapters on Radish, there's a guideline to follow. So from now on, I'll let you know when I'm going to next upload at the end.

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