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   Chapter 22 2 - foot in mouth disease

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"You have to stop calling me like this. My girlfriend is starting to ask questions."

Harry scowled at the road upon Jason's dry response coming through the phone. He was still mad, Elena's words still ringing in his head. He was not a starchy workaholic and he had a sense of fun, whatever that was. And he wasn't trying to control her.

"Harry? You there? Did you butt-dial me-"

"I'm here, "he said, saying anything to stop him from talking. The car system was a bit too good as it projected his cousin's voice all over. Silence reigned for a few moments.

"So why'd you call? I take it that this isn't a social call and you did something wrong again? Or is this your new form of torture? Dead air."

"Why am I wrong? Why can't it be her fault?"Harry demanded as he overtook a slower car. He was driving from beaches to beaches, anything to get her words out of his head. So far, it hadn't done anything. In fact, as much as he didn't want to admit it, he agreed with her.

Having grown up with abysmal parents, with all their attention and energy equally split between the company and Xavier, he had keenly felt their absence. And when they had given him attention in his early twenties, he was ashamed to say that he had changed much to fit into their preferred image of him. Becoming cold, distant, arrogant.

It hadn't been until he's met April a few months ago that he'd been confronted with the changes within him. Jason had torn into him a new one when he had been his usual arrogant self. And, now that he thought about it, he didn't blame his cousin. It had, in fact, brought them closer.

Which was one of the reasons why he was going to Jason for advice about Elena even though their cousin, Cameron Ballard, had been married much longer with a lot of kids. If they didn't know any better, it looked like Cameron was aiming to get a whole football team. Another reason would be the fact that Jason was also running his own company so he had to have the same trials and tribulations.

With that in mind, Harry returned back to the conversation at hand while parking in an empty lot. As late as it was, he wasn't surprised at the emptiness. It suited his purpose. He needed to focus on this conversation and navigating the roads wasn't going to help. Even if he knew the roads like the back of his hand; this was the only activity that had helped him destress since he'd taken over.

"Cuz, we're guys. Unlike women, we don't call each other just to catch up. There's always a reason. Now, I know you're worried about Xavier but you wouldn't call me for that. The only other reason would be Elena. So what'd you do?"

"What's your opinion on women working?" Harry could tell he'd surprised Jason from the short silence but he truly didn't know how to broach the s

g would be to show her.

He couldn't help but agree.

But how?


Walking into the store, Elena gave Lara a wan smile. She hadn't had a good night's sleep, tossing and turning, vacillating between anger and crying. She was officially worn out.

It was taking all she had to not burst out into tears. From the way her had been leaking all night, she thought she was all out of tears. Her body was proving her wrong. And she didn't even know why she was crying. She shouldn't care so much about what that goat was trying to do-

Her mind stopped working when she entered her office. Her eyes flitting over the desk and shelves. The couch and the seats. The walls and the floor. Everything had changed.

The walls were now a bright pale yellow, a stark contrast from the mud brown it had been yesterday. And she could see the walls, which meant all the posters and hooks were gone. Both made the room seem bigger and brighter.

Although the bookshelves are the same, the shelves themselves were neatly arranged. Everything was still in its place but just less cluttered. All the papers placed in clearly labelled boxes.

Even the floor was cleared of all boxes and unnecessary items. The hardwood floor was gleaming, all so shiny that she could almost look at her reflection.

And her desk. It was clear. Nothing on it apart from her stationary, desktop and the file she had been working on when she'd left yesterday. Exactly as she wanted to achieve in the near future. All completed within a single night.

"Do you like it?"Lara asked.

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