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   Chapter 19 9- anger spews forth

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"Harry? What are you doing here?"Elena asked drowsily, rubbing her eyes. Harry could see that she was more than half asleep. She looked like she could sleep on her feet. Had she been waiting up for him? That made him feel even worse, like a piece of gum on the sole of someone's shoe.

He was about to answer when he heard the elevator stopping on this level. Alarmed, he pushed his way into the apartment. Granted, he didn't have to push too hard since Elena was so tired she was as pliable as pure iron. He still felt bad, as if this was just compounding onto his offences. Chief of which was standing her up.

"Elena? Els, where are you?"he called out when he couldn't find Elena nearby. Delving further into the apartment, he wasn't surprised to see her conked out in her bed. Sighing, he went to her kitchen. As much as he wanted to wake her up and explain himself, although he, himself, couldn't find a good explanation, he couldn't in good conscience, disturb her. Plus he was starving and he knew her fridge was stocked.

Taking out the frozen chicken. rice noodles and some vegetables and sauce, he prepared to cook a simple noodle stirfry. It was also good for pregnant women as he was going to put in as much vegetables as possible. He didn't even question the need to cook extra even though he knew she was out for the night.

As he chopped up the different components, happy that Elena's kitchen was well-organized and easy to navigate though small, he couldn't believe how the tension was just leaving his body. He hadn't cooked much since taking over the company, his work taking over his entire life. Even when he did cook often, it had always been on the sideline, just something to do to nourish him. But now that he was cooking for Elena, he found it quite therapeutic.

He was also hoping that it would earn him some brownie points. He knew he had messed up big time. The calls with his cousins was indicative enough. He had wanted some advice, seeing as they had successful relationships. Cameron had been married for almost a decade. But they had taken the opportunity to rag him. Jason had even asked why he wanted to make amends. "Isn't this something beneath you?" To which, Harry had hung up on him. Now he knew how Jason felt when Harry questioned his life choices.

Shaking his head in a bid to forget the past half an hour, he concentrated on cooking. Tossing the vegetables about in the pan, he went back to how he could make it up to Elena. Being stood up was a big mistake in any relationship and this was something he had never done to a woman. Not even women he couldn't stand.

"What are you cooking?"

The sudden question almost made him burn himself. Putting down the pan before he truly hurt hi

ell. This was truly the worse night she had ever gone through.

Bringing her knees up as much as she could, she blew her nose on a piece of tissue paper and sniffed for the umpteenth time. Why couldn't she stop crying? This was something else, something more than just hormones.

Well, duh. It obviously has something to do with Harry.

Trying her best to muffle her inner dialogue, her mind unwillingly returned to the man that made her emotions feel like they were on a roller coaster. She couldn't believe the highs and lows she had experienced when with him. Just thinking about him brought those emotions back.

She had been so mad when she was awake enough to remember why she was angry. When she had heard him in the kitchen, she had thought that he had been checking up on her. Rifling in the trash to see what she had eaten. Indignation joined her anger and it was a pretty caustic mix. She had been ready to spew it all out on him when the most delicious aroma began wafting from the kitchen.

Realising that he had been cooking and his ready agreement to feed her, the mixture of emotions seemed to drain out of her. She would readily admit what a food whore she was, especially since she became pregnant.

But his questions brought back the anger, indignation and agonising hurt. She was embarrassed that she had cried in front of him. Even now, the tears weren't stopping.

All of a sudden, a hand curved around her hip.

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