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   Chapter 16 6 - boys or girls

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Surprised, and slightly scared, by the sudden aggression and anger being directed at her, Elena took a step away from the door. Harry took it as an invitation to enter even as he kept his gaze on her. She was still processing his presence while closing the door when he folded his arms and his scowl became even fiercer. Looking up at him, a part of her wished that he was smiling as he had when she had gone down last night-

Wait, she had gone down last night! Did that then mean that they had talked and resolved the issue then? But why would his number be on her fridge? When he had first left, he had only given her his name card. Brows furrowing, she tried to bring the night back but it was fuzzy-

Suddenly, she remembered the way she practically plastered herself against like a drunkard last night. Feeling her cheeks heating up, she tried to push away the memory of the comforting heat that had overwhelmed her last night and attempted to recall what they had been speaking about. It was very difficult, near impossible, but she managed to recall some of their conversation.

"Oh, right, "she said, nodding her head, "I was supposed to call you." Laughing slightly at her forgetfulness, when she had always prided herself on her memory, she rubbed her belly fondly. "You boys are messing with more than just my body. Don't think I won't remember this."

"Wait. We're having boys?" Hearing the odd note in Harry's voice, she looked up in alarm. The way he was looking at her worried her. Placing a hand on his folded, and deliciously hard, forearm, she asked him whether he was alright. Shaking his head, his face relaxed even though his eyes were still the same. Surprised and delighted, she realised. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Everything is fine. It's wonderful even."

"Great. Then why do you look like that?"she asked, releasing his arm and propping her arms on her hips.

"What do you mean?" Then, his mouth stretched up into a smile. A wide smile. He tried to hide it behind his hand but she saw it and narrowed her eyes.

"Why are you smiling like The Joker? For your reference, it is not attractive, "she said, lying about his attractiveness.

"You just said that we're having boys. That took a load off me, "he revealed and she could hear the reluctance in his voice. She didn't understand his reluctance. And that was when what he said registered.

"When did I say we were having boys?"she asked incredulously, feeling her eyes widening. "They were quite shy when Oliver wanted to take a look. So how would I know their gender?"

"How did you know that there are two before the ultrasound?"

His arch tone irritated her, making her growl and stomp to the kitchen. She couldn't refute his words. S

eminiscent of the purple in the rainbow and stockings. From the shoes in the entranceway, he knew she had been wearing black pumps. From her understated makeup, it was clear that she hadn't just "gotten up".

"I mean, I woke up, like, three hours ago and just got back from my interview. Well, not so much an interview but just a talk-"

"Wait. An interview? A job interview? For a job?"

"Yes. And I got it!" She was so excited that she was almost jumping. But he could see that she was holding back and settled for bouncing on the balls of her feet. She had also grabbed a hold of his hands and clasped them between hers.

However, even as a part of him was becoming infected by her excitement, the rest of him was not able to accept this piece of news. He had just gotten her in his life. He had only started his campaign to get her to move in with him. One of the key points was her lack of employment. He knew that was underhanded but he wanted her to be in his life and house. He couldn't do that if she was getting her feet back under her.

"Harry, are you alright?"

Snapping back to the present, he realised that she had been talking but not one word had registered to him. The worry in her eyes were a jarring change from her excitement and a part of him, the one which had become infected by her excitement, didn't like that. Hoping to ignite that emotion again, he asked about her job. Just like that, she became animated again.

"It's not much but my hours aren't long. Lara is so understanding and I love her antique shop-"

"An antique shop? With all the dust and bugs?"

"What? No. She keeps a very clean shop. No dust or bug-"

"And you'll be standing on your feet the entire day?"

"No. I'm doing the books-"

"I can't let you do that. Not when you are carrying my children."

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