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   Chapter 12 2 - ex-family

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"I'm having twins, "Elena said softly, unable to take her eyes off the ultrasound picture. She still couldn't believe it. To see them with her own eyes. To confirm that there were two of them. To finally stop fighting with Gail about them. She ran her fingers over the picture again and couldn't stop her smile from widening.

"Yes, we know. I have been telling you from the start. You have been telling yourself from the start. You can stop announcing it to the world now, "Gail said as she dropped onto the couch beside her. Elena briefly scowled at her before her eyes returned to her babies. Her heart melted. Suddenly, they were snatched from her hand.

"Give it back, "she demanded as she tried to reach for them. She knew who had taken it and was trying to retrieve it. Unfortunately, Gail had longer limbs and was able to hold it out of her reach. It didn't help that Gail worked out and had more strength in one arm than Elena had in her whole body. Finally, Elena gave up and dropped onto her seat, pouting at her friend. "Gail!"

"Hey, let me have some time with my nieces or nephews. I'm already so mad that they turned their backs to us. Cheeky monkeys, showing us their butts, "Gail growled even as she tenderly ran her fingers over said butts. Elena had to agree. Her children were not even born yet and they were already causing her trouble. On the other hand, Harry had laughed at being mooned by the both of them. She had been irritated at his amusement but hadn't been able to keep her lips from smiling. His laughter was so contagious.

"Where's Harry?"she asked, finally noticing his absence. And, looking around, she was surprised to find herself in the living room. "When did I get here?"

"Finally noticed, huh?"Gail said with a smirk. "You were so into the picture that you didn't even say goodbye to Oliver and Jeremy."

"They left?" She was shocked. The last thing she remembered was nodding enthusiastically when Oliver asked whether they wanted a picture. Once shed gotten the picture, they were all she thought about. And she had been in her room then. So how did she get there? Did someone carry her out?

"You wish. Ain't nobody going to carry your fat ass around, "Gail snorted, making her frown. Then she realised what her friend had said and groaned.

"I didn't mean to say that out loud, "she said, leaning back into the couch, "I was just wondering how I got here."

"With your own two feet. Harry was seeing them off and i went along with him to make sure they actually leave. When we returned to the apartment, you were already here. No carrying involved." That made sense. Although she was nonplussed that she'd been so engrossed that she'd moved out of her own volition. That had never happened before. She wondered whether this was the pregnancy brain she'd read about. "Anyway, what's with the cold act, ice queen? You sounded like some of the bitches from the fundraiser."

Elena shifted uncomfortably at that question, reminded of the external skin she had put on when Oliver was there. She had not used that persona in years. There had been no need since she had been cut off from her family senior year of high school. And yet, it had been so easy to put up that mask. She hadn't even known it was up until she had spoken her first words.

But how to explain it to Gail? Her friend knew also a

ought he'd left. A bit melancholy when she realised he hadn't even said goodbye to her. But now that she knew he was returning, she almost couldn't stop her lips from curving up. And from the way her babies were moving, she knew they were happy to see their daddy again.

"That's the only thing you heard? Unbelievable. I go on so much and she only cares about him coming back-"

"I heard you the first time, Gail. What has any of that got anything to do with him wanting more? He's considerate, supportive and sweet. I think that's more that what most pregnant ladies get from their baby daddies. So I don't want to hope for more." Elena slowly lowered herself to the couch; standing really took a toll on her. Ignoring Gail's eyes, she rested her arms on her tummy and smiled when she felt a strong flutter under her arm.

"You're not listening to me. It's not about you wanting more. It's him. He wants more."

"Well, of course he does. He wants to be involved in the pregnancy." She knew she was deliberately misunderstanding her. But she didn't want to see something that wasn't there, read more into a simple gestures.

"You're so irritating."

"Right back at you, sister." Hoping her smile wasn't showing, she tried to explain herself. Although from the way Gail was pacing, she wasn't sure whether she'd get her point across. "Look, you know my track record with men-"

"Two men is not enough to constitute the word track record, "Gail muttered. Elena ignored her.

"I've had bad experience with them and all the men I've went on dates with. I don't want to get into them but we both know I have my reasons for being wary." Elena could see that Gail agreed with her when she slowed down but she was proven wrong when she stopped in front of her and propped her hands on her hips.

"This isn't the same. Ellie, he told me to pack up your things. He wants you to move in with him."

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