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   Chapter 11 1 - baby or babies

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"You brought an ultrasound machine to my apartment?"Elena said as she stared wide-eyed at the machine. Harry was getting worried since she had been repeating that for the half an hour it had taken his doctor, and friend, and his technician to set up. Gail hadn't been a help as she kept giggling at the stunned look on Elena's face while his friend, Oliver Lombardi, kept rolling his eyes. If he was honest, it was amusing to watch Elena lose her mind over the machine but he was more concerned about her paleness.

"Sweetheart, are you alright?"he asked as he grabbed her hand and brought it up to his lips. He was sitting beside her on the bed while she watched the proceedings with wide eyes. It was the first place she had run to when she had seen the machine. She had attempted to lock her door but he had been fast on her heels and was able to keep the door from latching. Luckily, Gail was available to speak to Oliver and show him where to set up even if the bedroom was a bit small to accommodate the bulky machine as well as all Elena's things.

He had tried to talk to Elena but she had just looked at the machine and Oliver and the technician and, in a sudden about face, allowed them in. However, she had stopped short of hyperventilating when the machine had been wheeled into the room.

He had been puzzled about her capitulation but the moment he saw the screen light up, he had also been consumed with excitement. He was about to see his daughter or son for the first time and he could barely contain his excitement. There was a wide smile on his face and it felt like there were ants in his pants since he could hardly keep still.

"Harry, how did you manage this?"

The sudden question from Elena brought him out of the haze of eagerness. Looking down, he was surprised to find her so pale. The circles under her eyes were darker and quite stark against her skin. There was fear in her eyes and the faint glimmer of tears.

He wanted to ease her fears, dry her tears but whatever he said had fallen on deaf ears. She was stuck in her own world and any attempts to bring her out were met with silence. Frankly, he was beginning to get frustrated but, as he watched her rub her belly, he had to remember that she was pregnant. Her hormones were flying all over the place. However, from her question, he could see her curiosity peeking out and grasped the opportunity to help her, take her mind off what was about to happen.

"Initially, I called Oliver for a favour. I wanted to know how you were doing and asking him to drop by was the most expedient method. But when Gail told me about your trips to the doctor's, I thought that this would be the best way to get the best of both worlds. You'd be checked out by and there's no need to go to the clinic, "he told her, absently stroking her hand. He smiled when her hand tightened around his.

"But isn't that expensive?"she asked in whisper while her eyes darted to Oliver and his technician. She seemed to be more worried about the cost than anything else. Which puzzled him.

"Els, I'm a millionaire. Cost is immaterial, "he told her, hoping he hadn't sounded pompous. From Oliver's snort and Gail's smirk, he knew he had failed. "Anyway, what I am saying is that everything has been arranged and we are about to find out whether we're having a boy or girl."

"What if there's more than one?"

"Then we'll have more than one. Look, Elena, sweetheart, I don't care if we have one kid or two or three. All I care about is them being healthy- What have I done now?"he cried out when Elena started crying. He hugged her to his chest and

as he continued shifting the wand. He didn't hear the horrified gasp from Elena nor the tears suddenly filling her eyes. But Harry did and he tried his best to show her he was there for her. He wasn't too concerned about the size; he, himself, had been a small boy. He was just relieved that nothing else was wrong with his kid.

"Was it-was it something I did? Did I do something to stunt his growth?"she asked softly, as if afraid of the answer. Harry ran his hand over her hair but he was also waiting for the answer.

"It could be a multitude of reasons. Poor diet, poor sleep, alcohol, drugs-"

"What are you trying to say, doc? That Elena would endanger her kid like that? Well, let me tell you that she is one of the most responsible pregnant woman I know and-" Gail looked ready to punch him and Harry was going to let her. Luckily, Oliver interjected just in time but with an irritated scowl at Gail.

"As I was saying before being rudely interrupted, those are some of the reasons for stunted development. But in your case, Miss Harrington, I believe it is the presence of this little guy that's responsible."

When they all looked at the screen, silence fell. Harry wasn't even sure anyone breathed. He couldn't believe his eyes. There, on the screen, was another head. Another pair of arms. Another pair of legs. Right beside the first fetus they'd seen. The two of them were so intertwined he didn't know how they didn't see him in the first place.

Two. There were two fetuses.


They were having twins. He couldn't believe his eyes. He didn't even care that Elena was squeezing the blood out of his fingers.

He was having twins.

Suddenly, "I was right! You owe me, bitch."

AN: Hey guys. Did you see this coming? Did you? Didja? And what do you think about twins? I kind of like them in the story but I'd still like to know what you think.

I'd also like to admit that I almost forgot to upload today. Since its a public holiday in Singapore tomorrow, I kept thinking it's a Friday. Luckily I had an alarm to remind to post. Hehe.

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P.P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. It meant a lot to me. XOXO

P. P. P. S. Previously, I asked for the genders of the twins but I've already decided on them. However, I'd still like some help on April's baby. :)

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