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   Chapter 10 0 - ultrasound fears

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"What just happened?"Harry asked into the room. He was still looking at Elena's bedroom door. He didn't know how a simple introduction had devolved into an argument between the women. He could tell that it was a longstanding argument but he had not been paying attention. He'd stopped the moment Gail had brought up the possibility of more than one fetus. That had not even been something he had considered even though his cousin, Jason, had had twins. It had not occurred to him that twins might be in the picture; apart from Jason, there had not been any instances of twins in his family, especially not the maternal side. He was thinking about the maternal side since his mother and Jason's were sisters but maybe he had to also look into his paternal side.

"Woah, are you alright?"

Gail's question brought him out of his mind and he shook his head slightly to reorient himself with the world. It was disconcerting to find himself at the edge of a meltdown or that was going to witness it. This made him withdraw into himself and he found himself nodding coolly to Gail.

"I'm perfectly fine, Miss Sheridan. I was merely worried about Elena. Do you know how she is doing?"he asked, unable to keep the worry out of his voice even though he wanted to keep a distance from her. He had navigated life without any entanglements apart from his cousins and his aunt. Even though he had grown increasingly remote over the years, he had always cared about them. However, with Elena, she had consumed his thoughts after their bizarre meeting. He didn't know whether it was her outright disdain of him or her clumsiness but she had charmed him. She had stayed in his mind days after leaving her and he didn't like that she was upset.

"Yeah, she's fine. She's just hiding her head in the sand, "Gail said, frustration evident in her voice.

"Hiding her head?"

"She is clearly having more than one kid. She's been subconsciously talking to them since the time we knew she was pregnant but she doesn't even want to admit it."

"Has she gone for an ultrasound?" He was curious about Gail's vehemence. There had to have been more evidence to support her conviction. So he was surprised when she shook her head.

"Elena doesn't want to go. She had a hard time as it was to even go to the doctors, because of her nausea you know. The smell in the doctor's office made it worse and the doctor was an ass. He wouldn't even give her anti-nausea medicine until last month's visit. Fucking asshole, "she muttered as she kicked a stray plastic bag. Harry was stunned. He had never been treated that way before and his face must have revealed his shock since she turned to him with a sneer. "You're a guy. You don't know how hard it is for a woman."

"That's appalling, "he said, angry at the treatment towards Elena. He had a feeling that it was not only Elena who had received such abysmal service and he wanted to know more about what happened but his current concern for Elena overwhelmed his curiosity. Eyeing the door, he wanted to just go in and talk to her. Make her talk to him. He had a feeling, though, that he would be talking to a wall. So against his better judgement, he turned to Gail. "What can I do to help her?"

"Make her get an ultrasound. She needs to see undeniable proof that she has two buns in her oven. Preferably a doctor that has better bedside manners and doesn't piss me off. Tall order, I know, but you're the CEO-"

"I know just the person."


Drifting awake, Elena rubbed her gritty eyes. She had fallen asleep, she was surprised to note before throwing off her blanket. She felt like she was in an oven even though the cover was perfectly fine when she had drifted off. This must be the change in body temperature she kept reading about

lming fear consumes me. Just thinking about the possibility and the attendant preparation makes me so scared about the future."

"Like what?"he asked into the silence. She must have looked lost because he went on to explain. "What are the attendant preparations?"

"Like cribs. Like babysitting. Like diapers. And the poop. Two babies mean twice the poop and babies poop a lot." She paused, having to compose herself when she saw Harry's face when poop came up. But he still couldn't get over the idea which made her burst out laughing. "W-what did you think? They'd take care of all that stuff themselves?"

"It's just not something I've spent time thinking about. Jason didn't bring this up when I asked him about taking care of babies, "he grumbled which set her off again.

"H-he must have s-someone else do the changing. From what I know, guys don't really like to be involved in that side of things."

"But they're the ones who helped to make the kids. Why won't they help as well?"he asked, making her smile indulgently up at him. She didn't know what he really thought but from what she'd seen and heard, most guys don't really like the business side of taking care of the kids they help create. The women in the office were always complaining about their lazy boyfriends or husbands. She didn't carry any illusions that Harry was going to be any different. But she couldn't help tease him.

"So you're going to be first one changing the diapers?"

"Of course." She was surprised at the conviction and firmness in his voice. His face also echoed his seriousness and she didn't know how to respond. Then he smiled. "I mean, how are you going to handle two crying kids at the same time?"

"Ah, ha. Right. But isn't this a bit soon to make such promises when we don't even know whether I'm even carrying twins or not?"she asked, hoping to get away from the uncomfortable question. She was surprised when he lit up, his smile growing until she could see his dimples again. But, as charmed as she was by his adorable dimples, she was becoming concerned and wary about his constant smiling. "What?"

"I have just the solution."

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