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   Chapter 9 - caught in the middle

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Harry suddenly found himself sitting on the couch with Elena's friend while Elena fussed about in the kitchen. What puzzled him was how he found himself on the couch. All he had remembered was a woman's voice, who he could now presume was the woman beside him, and Elena breaking the hottest kiss he'd had in four months. The next thing he knew, he was blinking at the television, feeling like he had been caught in a whirlwind.

"Alright, buddy, who the hell are you?"Elena's friend demanded, suddenly appearing in front of him. It was so sudden that he had leaned back in reflex.

"Gail, "he heard Elena cry out from the kitchen but he wasn't able to turn to her since her friend, Gail he believed, was right in his face.

"What? Cat got your tongue? You were happily shoving it down my friend's throat just now, "she taunted, moving even closer to him. He didn't know why she was so close; she had to even bend at her waist to be as close at she was. He was sure it was a power play since he was in a lower position than her. It was something he did in the office, making the seats across his desk slightly lower, making them feel vulnerable. And he didn't like it. Even if this was Elena's friend.

Abruptly getting to his feet, he ignored Gail's squawk of surprise and went to find Elena. He knew she was still in the kitchen since her apartment had an open plan thus only an island separated the living room from the kitchen. She had been keeping the stuff he'd bought and was currently washing a perfectly clean cup. Her eyes met his when she twisted her head to look at him. He had stopped at her back and turned off the tap, wanting to talk to her about Gail, but he became distracted when he saw her biting her lips. Lips that he had been so close to nibbling before they had been rudely interrupted.

Feeling something hit his back, he was brought back to the present. His brows got together in a scowl when he felt something hitting him again. He even knew who it was seeing as there was only one other occupant in the apartment. Turning around, he directed his scowl to Gail and she paused, her hand holding their position before she could hit him again. He didn't know why she paled but he was getting sick and tired of her constantly barging between him and Elena.

"What?"he snarled, his hands fisting against his side. He wasn't surprised when indignation filled her eyes again.

"What do you mean by "what"? The fact that you're manhandling my friend is not enough? How about the fact that she's pregnant and vulnerable? I mean she was pretty much inconsolable the first month, crying every night and throwing up every morning-"

"Gail, stop, "Elena said, trying to interject and going so far as to cover her mouth but her friend was not having it. Gail ignored her, pushing her arms away gently, and continued. If he wasn't feeling wretched, he would have smiled. But he felt like his stomach had dropped. She cried? He didn't know why just hearing about it made him feel like the worst man on earth.

"But she was happy when she knew about the babies-"

"Baby, "Elena corrected. He barely took note of that correction. He was still reeling from the fact that he had made her cry.

"Whatever and that scumbag was out of her head. She was focused in the pregnancy, going to her appointments. Apart from her throwing up, she was fine and I thought I could leave for a few days-"

"I'm perfectly fine on my own, "Elena cried wetly. That made him return to the present and his stomach dropped again when he saw her eyes which were bright with tears. He wanted to both

her fists on her hips and scowled at him.

"So, if some random person decides to find your address and just show up, what would you call him?"she demanded, partly serious and partly teasing him.

"Your premises is wrong since I'm not some random person. I'm the guy who you gave your virginity to and I'm the guy who is the father of that kid inside of you-"

"Technically, it's kids since I'm pretty sure Elena's having more than one, "Gail inserted. As this had been a point of contention between the both of them since she'd found out she was pregnant, it was the tipping point for Elena.

"How many times do I have to say this? I. Am. Only. Having. One. Baby. One. Uno. Whatever one is in every language known to mankind. One. So stop insinuating that I'm having two. Or three. Or, God forbid, four, "she shouted at Gail. She absently saw, from her peripheral, Harry taking a step back and a part of her was amused but for the most part, she was boiling mad.

"Then why are you so big?"

"I'm fat! I'm pregnant. I eat, I sleep and repeat."

"Then why do you keep talking as if you have more than one? You guys. Them. They."

Elena wanted to refute Gail's words but she knew she had, unconsciously, talked to her belly as if there was more than one baby growing in it. And she knew, subconsciously, that there was more than one but she was just so scared.

She had barely accepted that she was going to be the mother of one. And before Harry had reappeared, she had resigned to be a single mom. That had been daunting enough but the thought of two babies scared her to the bone. And, with Gail trying to force her to confront the truth, she did what she always did when she wanted to escape reality.

Hurrying to her room, she slammed the door shut and locked it to be sure. Then she crawled into her bed and drew the covers over her head.

In her mind, she kept repeating, I'm only having one. I'm only having one.

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