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   Chapter 8 - things get hot

Accidental Pregnancy By Saiyidah Rahman Characters: 11598

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The movement in her womb made it very difficult to sleep. Elena stroked her belly up and down in hopes of calming them down but they just became more active. Honestly, it was not even a firm movement since she's barely into her fourth month but it was all so ticklish that she just couldn't stay asleep.

"Alright, alright. I'm up, "she groggily told her babies and the activities slowed down. Pushing herself to a sitting position, she managed to get off the bed. Yawning while heading to the kitchen, she continued her daily practice of talking to her children. "You know, Mommy loves her sleep. So the two of you shouldn't be so rowdy. How are you even getting the energy? Aren't you just the size of avocados? Ooo, avocados. I've not eaten that in a while. Remind me to get some the next time we go shopping. I'll let you know when kay."

Patting her baby bump with a smile, she lethargically grabbed the cornflakes and decided on eating it as is. She didn't have the mental capacity to make her body bend down and get the milk. With her luck, she fall head first into her fridge and be stuck there. Giggling at the image, she was startled when she heard her door opening. It didn't occur to her, though, to investigate it.

Fortunately, it was just Harry with sacks of food in his arms. She could practically feel her body light up from his presence even though her mind felt like there was a cotton wall separating it from her body. Abandoning his box of cereal, she went into him the moment he dropped the bags on the counter. Everything in her melted against him the moment his arms came around her. All was right in the world.

"You're awake, "he said with a laugh.

"Yeah. The babies were acting up, "she said absently as she buried her face in his chest. He's so tall. She barely hit the top of his chest and it was delectably hard. Suddenly, he tensed.

"Babies? Like more than one."

"No. I'm only having one baby. Why would you think I'm having two?"she said. She had heard so much about multiple births and not all good. So she refused to have more than one. Looking down at her belly, she reiterated. "Only one."

"Ah, ok. Did you have a good nap? Mrs Goodman didn't wake you up right?"

"Who's Mrs Goodman?" And why was he talking so much? She just wanted to rest for a moment and allow her mind to fully wake up. He was so noisy. But to comfortable too. Yawning, she snuggled closer to him, nodding slightly when his arms came around her.

"My housekeeper. She came by to clean up the place."

Clean up? The place? As in her apartment? Why would anyone but her, Elena, clean up her apartment-

Her eyes widening when she finally saw her living room, she roughly pushed Harry away and gaped. Her place was clean. Nothing out of place. Feeling as if she was waking up, as her mind finally caught up with her body, she gasped when she looked at Harry.

Harry who was the father of her baby.

Harry who had walked on her that night.

Harry who was the CEO of her former company.

She finally remembered about his unexpected arrival before she'd passed out.

"What- why- how-"

"Els, you alright?" He tried to come closer but she was not having it. He held out a hand, making him stop.

"Wait. I-I can't think- deal. Just- just give me a second." Ignoring his concerned gaze, her eyes wildly went everywhere. Her sofa, which was looking better than when she had first bought it. Her television, which had a new doily on it. Her

s. He released her and tried to help her wipe her tears as well but was more of a hindrance. She batted his hands away but he was determined. "Let me help-"

"Harry, I can do this myself. Stop it, "she said crossly even though she found his desire to assist cute.

"No. I was the reason so I have to erase these tears." She knew he was playing with her from his tone, light and lively. Giggling, she put down her hands and allowed him to rub the tear tracks although she had to grab one of his hands when she found his fingers becoming too close to her eye. Savouring his touch, she found his fingers were slightly callused which was surprising. This was the first time she could truly focus on his touch, Before, there had been an overload of sensations, from his lips to his hands to his body. She had not been able to feel the rough texture. She had thought that he stayed mainly in the office. But they were a welcome sensation.

"Elena." She opened her eyes, not even realising when she had closed them, and looked up at him from under her lashes. The huskiness of his voice was an added sensation and she was becoming aroused. "Don't look at me like that, baby. I'm not here for that and I don't want our meetings to be only about sex-"

"Harry, I want it, "she whispered and a wildness entered his eyes. But he still didn't move. She was becoming frustrated. He was preparing to speak again and she was not having it. Flinging her arms around his neck, she pulled herself to her toes and pressed her lips against his. And, finally, he began to move.

His arms came around her and he pulled her into his arms. He deepened the kiss and she rejoiced. The part of her that had been irritating her, like she was missing something, could finally relax. It was like finding a position in bed where her entire body was relaxed. Only, in her case, she had been missing Harry.

"Oh my God! Elena Harrington, did you pick up a man?"

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