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Sitting in Jason's office, Harry swirled the whiskey in his glass. His eyes were drawn to the pictures in the room. They were mainly of Jason's twins, Tanner, being the older twin, and Daphne, being the bossier twin. He had to laugh when he recalled the fights the twin would get into. Daphne was quite fearless, crawling and walking into any situation without a care. Secure in the knowledge that her parents would make sure she would not be hurt. Tanner, on the other hand, was more of a follower. He would be two steps behind Daphne but he was no less adventurous. Having been to Jason's house often, Harry had been witness to their many escapades. And he had to laugh at the way Jason and April would be running helter skelter, looking for their missing children.

But now that he had one on the way, was he going to laughing?

Shaking his head at that sudden thought, he had to suppress the panic that was threatening to overwhelm him. The delight he had been feeling when he had arrived was gone as he waited for Jason to put his children to bed. Instead, as he had the time to stew in the room, he was remembering what Jason had had to go through before he had gotten this. April, the twins, the peace. He remembered the twins almost suffering from alcohol poisoning. He remembered the worry and hopelessness that Jason had felt when they were waiting for news about April when a bullet had grazed her during the confrontation with his mother. He knew his life was not going to be the same but was he prepared to go through all that?

Becoming agitated from his thoughts, he got to his feet and drained the snifter, turning to the door when he heard it being open. He was surprised when Jason walked in with both of his children in his arms, the cold CEO looking at home in jeans and a black T-shirt. Then he had to smile when Tanner began to reach out for him. Putting down the snifter, Harry went to take Tanner in his arms, pressing a kiss on his damp, creamy blonde hair.

"Hope you haven't been waiting long. The birthday kids aren't quite ready for bed yet, "Jason said as he raked his free fingers through the same shade of blonde hair as his son's. His olive, green eyes were filled with concern and Harry realised he did not want to talk about it quite yet. Which was weird since he had travelled all the way across the country to talk to him. Feeling Tanner becoming heavier, he busied himself with looking at his nephew's sleepy eyes. "April told me what you said when you came in."

"Yeah?" He'd forgotten about that. His mind was truly scattered like papers in the wind. Playing with Tanner's fingers, he didn't know what to say, his mind not even able to think of a response. Jason became impatient with his non-answer because he continued with the questions.

"Is it true then? Elena's pregnant?"


"Why didn't she tell you?" Harry was puzzled. Why would she tell him? She didn't even know who he was or how to contact him. Jason must have seen his confusion because he, then, asked, "Haven't you been seeing her?"

"No. The last I saw her was four months ago." He wanted to add, "When I left her asleep", but felt that it wa

. Knowing she should really get to cleaning but also knowing she wouldn't, she lumbered out of bed, cursing the way her mattress dipped slightly in the middle. That made it all the more difficult for her to get out with the weight that was focused in her middle.

Moaning and groaning, she kicked the stray bra from her feet and strolled to her door. She wondered who it could be. It couldn't be Gail. Seeing as she had the key, her friend would just barge in and make herself at home. And with her being the neat freak that she was, her first order of business would have been to wake Elena up and start cleaning.

Grimacing at the thought even as she wished her friend was there, Elena detoured to her kitchen, which was the cleanest part of her apartment, and hurriedly took her pregnancy medicine, particularly her nausea one. She had been having a good few days, a thankful side effect of being jobless, and she wanted to keep that streak as long as possible. Then, unable to ignore the pounding and her doorbell, she went to her door.

And she realised what a mistake it was to not check peephole.

Because the person right in front of her was the last person she had expected. It was the father of her baby.

"Hi Elena, "he said, his voice bringing her back to that hotel room all those months ago. Gaping up at him and meeting his ice blue eyes, eyes so cold that he made her shiver-with fear, she told herself-she couldn't say anything.

Until the sudden rise of bile and cramping of her stomach.

"Oh no, "she cried softly as she slammed the door shut and rushed to the bathroom. Aware that she hadn't heard the latch catch, she was not able to do anything about the 6'3" man who had stepped into her apartment. All she could hope for was to reach her toilet bowl in time.

Why did she have to end her streak today?

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