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   Chapter 60 NO.60

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Anna's P.o.v.

"Hi dad."

I knelt down in front of that white stone. The tombs wer covered with dried petals and leaves. I had visited the place only once since the incident. I couldn't stand the place because it was the proof that I had lost them for real.

"It's been four years, " I wheezed, trying not to cry.

Effort was fruitless. The place alone was enough to put full-stop to my memories with my family. I could no longer add anything to these memories. Neither I could recall them without being hurt. It was more painful to look at their carved names on these stone.

Pain was expected. I tried my best to withstand it but it stung more than my heart could sustain. Those daisies refused to be in my weak hands. I watch them fall in the ground as I tried to maintain my composure.

It had been so long and I really wanted to see them. Not like this! I wanted to see them alive, breathing with me. I laid my hands on the cement, trying to convince myself that they were soundly sleeping beneath it.

"How are you? .. please take care of that annoying lady lying next to you, " I squealed.

I really wanted to show how much I have grown. I wanted them to know I was a strong girl now. But my plan went wrong. Emotion tricked me. I was again acting like daddy's little girl.

"I'm sorry, daddy. I couldn't come and see you. I am sorry, " I pressed my palms on my face.

"But you guys were always with me. Everything reminded me of you."


" I still cannot make the sunny side eggs. I am trying, but.. ughhhh. I can't." I wiped my running nose.

" I wish you were here, so I could have them everyday.."

My body had gave up on me. My head was bowed down, touching the dried leaves. My eyes were on monsoon season. They couldn't stop pouring down.

"I really miss you, " I mumbled under my breathe.



"Anna, " Danish called, making me aware that it was time to go back.

He had been waiting there, watching me break apart. He did nothing. He didn't try to comfort neither he tried to wipe my tears. He knew I should face my fear and feel this pain. It was the only way to let go and move on.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Smith. How have you been?" He took a long breathe and stayed quiet for a minute.

Then, he knelt next to me. He placed his hands on mine and said, "I know if you were alive, you would never allow me to have your daughter. I know it very well and yet I wish I could have met you in person. I promise I would win your daughter from you."

I chuckled through my tears, hearing his words. I felt his arms wrapping around me. He slowly pull me up from the

ground and make me lean on him.

"Your daughter is very precious to me and I can't imagine my life without her, " he turned his head to me and looked at my teary eyes. He continued, "Trust me, this fool can't go without me either."

"I will take today's visit as your permission to marry your daughter, though you might be cursing me from somewhere out there, " He said, placing the flowers on the tomb.

He ran his hands on the cement and start to remove those leaves. I followed his action and start to clean the tombs with him. When we finished working on it, he held my cold hand.

"Time to say goodbye, " He smiled.

He pecked me while I snuggled in his arms. He picked me up from the ground and we were now heading home.

Danish's P.o.v.

It was a garden filled with white hibiscus, her favorite flower. A trees awaited us far away, about ten minutes walk. That tree was our destination; the place we chose to take oath. We walked through the fuzzy ground filled with untended grasses. But our heart was content; we felt blessed to be there.

I won't say I was in my best attire. I was wearing my sweat pant and white loose T-shirt. However, I was in my best shape; happy and content. I took a step and looked at my girl standing next to me.

Her beautiful white dress came up to her knees and she had a pair of slippers. Her long black hair was flowing up to her hips. Her face was enlighten like the moon and she was wearing a beautiful smile on it.

We walked through the land; not letting go of each other's hand. I was in love with every moment of it.

We stopped at the big tree. It's shade sheltered us and we were ready to take a further step without taking a rest. Her eyes were reflecting me perfectly and I couldn't ask for more. We were breathing and we had each other. I was blessed for my life.

I glided my hands under her cheek and caressed the lock of hair behind her hair. She loved it when I did it. As I was on it, she closed her eyes; her lips were still smiling.

I ran my fingers from her cheek to her shoulders and smiled, "I have something for you."

She opened her eyes and nodded her head, giving me the permission. I took the moment and placed the flower crown on her head.

"Thank you, my love."

She melt down. I did too. I loved what she could do to me. Making my heart flutter like we were on our first date, she really had her way to make me feel nervous. Looking pretty in that white dress and flower crown, she had my heart locked within hers.

I will always remember that sunny day. Under the blue sky, and in the cool shade, where I heard her plead, "Yes, I do."

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