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"Yeah, that's the last one and you are done, " Paul placed the last file in front of me.

"Yeah, yeah! You don't need to do my share of work. Just leave it to me, " I sighed, turning the last page of the file.

He had a smug face. It had been a hell of days and I was finally paying attention to my work. Guess, he was glad. I could sense it. I just ignored his expression and continued my work.

"I am done with interview. Your new security will be here by tomorrow, " he pulled the chair as he spoke.

"I am still against the idea, " I responded quickly.

My eyes were still running in the files. I could see the outcome of my carelessness. We had loss so many contracts. I didn't want to lose any of these. Back to the Paul, he had been insisting to have a personal security. He wanted a regular looking person so that we would gain less attention.

I doubt if he had lost his mind. We were mafia and the world knew about it. Our money and political power had kept everyone hush. Why would he care to look like a normal people? I let him do what he want since he was going insane after Judy filed case on us. Well, of course the case was withdrawn since her crime was non less than mine. A single assistant wouldn't cost us much anyway.


"Where's she?" I asked, taking off my coat.

"She is on the backyard, still with the doctor Jane."

I undid my tie as I walked toward the backdoor.

I stood in the withering rays of sun and peeked through the window. There she was, my little angel. Her unsteady legs looked like of newly born fawn. I had faith in this newly born fawn. One day, she would be jumping around.

Still, my heart would jump with every step she walk. She could barely move but at least she was trying. Unlike before, she had a hope. The rays started to fade before they reached the window's glass. The night was taking over and my moon was shining in that yard. Every step she took, I would encourage her within myself. I would get just as nervous as she would.

"Danish, " She finally realized me and start to wave toward me. I could see that beautiful smile that I dreamed to see. I could die for that melting smile.

"You had a good day?" I asked as I got out in the yard.

"Yeah, it's so much fun when Jane is around, " She giggled.

I looked at Jane, wondering what she spouted this time. The other time she talked about my first fiancee and Anna was dying out of jealousy. I hoped she hadn't done such thing this time.

"What is so funny?" I said as I placed her on my lap. I wrapped my hands around her waist. She had slightly gained some weight.

"She told me about the time when we first start to date." She was still giggling.

I rolled my eyes on Jane and I knew she felt guilty. She just gave me the awkward smile. I didn't know what to do with this old hag.

"Did you really talked about me all the time?" She asked with curious expression.

"Having fun, eh? You little monster. Why don't we talk about you? Remember, the stalking?" I laughed as I pressed my lips on her cheeks.

She hit me on my chest and growled, "I never did that."

"You sure did, he showed us your picture." Jane couldn't stop rattling.

I looked at her and laughed, "Thank god, you remember that."

"Arghhh, " Anna curled up in my chest. She was getting embarrassed. Guess, everyone does stupid thing when they are in love.

"You aren't less to talk about. You secretly used to take picture of her and brag in front of us." Jane could never get tired of pulling my legs.

I just eyed Jane and rubbed my neck out of embarrassment. Looking back to our teenage, we really were fools.

Anna's P.o.v.

I called back as soon as I saw all those miscalls. He had started

to get super busy. But he would call me often in a day. I would eagerly wait for his call.

"Hello, " said the other side.

I couldn't respond a thing. I just bring forth the phone and checked the screen. It was definitely Danish's number. So, I got back to call and spoke, "Who, you?"

"Ah, Mr. Danish is busy now. He can't pick up the phone. Do you need an appointment?" She asked.

"Ah, No!" I hung up. My heart almost exploded. I was so quick to judge. I hated myself for thinking rashly.

She was just a worker. I thought looking at the phone. I rolled into the bed still looking at the phone. I didn't knew there was a woman in his office.

I sighed at my own thoughts. After all, I am a woman.

At Home..

"I was waiting for your call, " I said as he sat next to me.

"Oh I did call you. Why didn't you pick up?" he said, rolling on the bed.

I looked at his tired self and lay next to him. He mildly held me and as always, I sniffed him.

"You smell funny, " I said, realizing it wasn't his scent.

"I do?" He asked. He smelled himself and gritted his teeth.

"That woman."

I wanted to say, I don't like the smell. But I kept it to myself.

I just distanced myself a little and rolled around. Seriously, why am I getting pissed? I was amazed at myself. I didn't want him to see my bitter expression.

"let me take a shower, " he got off the bed.

Arghhhhhh....stop overthinking! But really, what if that girl is pretty? I mean I trust Danish. Still, pretty is pretty!

I sucked! I did.

I stuffed myself into the comforter and forced myself to sleep. Why can't I sleep when I want? I continuously rolled around until Danish slipped into the bed. He wrapped me around and pecked.


I stared at his calm amused face. He had his eyes shut but I knew he wasn't asleep. So, I just poked his cheek. He didn't wake up which meant he was pretending.

"Danish, I can't fall asleep, " I poked again. But this time, it was his nose.

He didn't say anything, just crashed my face on his chest. It made me mad.

"Danish?" I screamed at his chest.

"Oww, that tickles." He chuckled.

"Who is that woman?" I finally cracked out.

He just kept quiet and hugged me more tightly. It pissed me so much, I pinched him and again asked, "Who is she?"

"Just a new worker, " he finally responded.

I wondered what kind of new worker she was. He even gave her his phone. Really, it had me shook.

"Is she pretty?" I mumbled as I dipped my head on the comforter.

"Yeah, totally pretty." He laughed.

Pretty? Is that what you say in front of your girl? At least, you should say I am prettier.

I thought and changed my side. I didn't say anything anymore. I had already confirmed what I wanted to know. The Danish who wouldn't acknowledge any woman, the mighty self was saying "she is pretty."

"Pretty, my ass." I muttered and shut my eyes.

At the same moment, Danish kissed my neck and circled his finger on my back. I ignored him and acted asleep. There really was nothing to talk about. I was pissed.

"She is fifty-eight years old pretty woman, " he said.

"Really?" I couldn't help but freak out.

"Since your darling is super good looking, it tough being around woman." He start to ramble nonsense.

"Yeah, whatever." I said and turned toward him.

He intense eyes were on me and they were piercing through me, making me feel striped. I couldn't withstand that gaze. I looked down to his lips and I knew they were sweet. I smiled at myself and caresses my fingers on his lips.

"Can there be anything sweeter?" I stared back to those intense eyes.

"Yes, there is you, " he chuckled and gently placed a kiss. The deeper it would get, the sweeter it would taste.

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