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   Chapter 58 NO.58

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What does it take to love? I say everything. Love wears you off from every inch of your corner. Yet your heart will never be empty. It will always be full even though it pains a lot. It isn't a mistake to fall in love. It's the means of living life.

Even if you are dripping with an ocean of filth and guilt, one ounce of love can save your soul. I have seen it. I have been through it.

"I will be back, he said, " I mumbled as I looked out of the window. The yard was green, getting playful as the spring had started to kiss it. I planted those beautiful flowers on my memories since I couldn't approach it as I wanted to. Every blowing wind struck those armies of leaves and waved them in its flow. I glanced it for the last time, the sun was almost at its lowest. The red-orange horizon never looked this sad.

"He promised he would come home, " I repeated again.

I rolled my chair a little bit and prepared to depart from that saddening scene. My heart felt heavy out of disappointment. Though my body distanced from the window, my mind was still hovering there. It was waiting for his presence.

"Lady please, you need to take a bath?" My maid pushed me toward the bathroom.

I waited for her to make my bath ready. The steam has made the place quite warm. The smell, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It was such a sweet smell and very nostalgic one.

"It's a sweet smell, right? I bought it from an oji san. He said it is good for your health. It can especially cure ..."

"..cold, " I added.

"You knew?" She turned back and gave me a surprised look. I rolled toward her and stopped near the bathtub. I couldn't resist dipping my hand in the water.

"My father used to prepare me a bath with these herbs because I used to get wet in rain, " I smiled.

"Oh, I thought Lady wouldn't know since you must have lived an extravagant life, " she giggled.

I looked at those innocent smile and wonder if she really thought I was some rich lady. Again, I realized she knows nothing about me. I could have shared my memories with her. But I decided to keep those precious memories to myself.

"Is your father living well?" she asked as she helped me undress.

My hands that were unbuttoning my tops, stopped. I stared at her face for a while and then, licked my dry lips. I wondered what should I say. Should I begin from the start? Or, should I just say he died? I got trapped in a dilemma.

"Lady?" she gave me a push.

"Huh? .. Oh yeah, he might be worried, " I grinned "really worried at the way I am living."

She kept quiet. We both spoke no words and after a while, she helped me into the tub.

An hour later

"Lay, here."

"No, I want to see Anna."

"Anna is going nowhere. Stay here quietly."

I heard people speaking outside the door. I tried to stand up but couldn't

. Instead, I spilled water out of the tub.

"Ughhh, did I doze off?" I mumbled and tried to balance myself out of the tub. It was fruitless. An hour in the hot watered tub had made my mouth dry.

"Miss Katara, " I give a call to my maid as I struggle.

"Anna, she is still in the bathroom?" I heard Danish's loud voice. He sounded angry. I wondered why he sounded so ticked off.

"I thought she got out by herself, " I heard the maid speak.

"How can someone with those legs get out of the tub?" He screamed at her. Ahh, he is at it again. He always lashed out on maids though I was the one at fault. It would make me feel horrible.

"Danish, stop screaming as soon as you get here, " I shouted.

"Yes, yes. My princess, " he sighed and opened the door of the bathroom. I was relieved that it was Danish. If the maid had come in, I would feel bad by looking at her face.

"I am home, " he grinned as he picked up the bathing gown.

"Yeah, you are late, " I added.

He picked me out of the tub and helped me dry up. After wrapping the bathing gown in my body, he held me up.

"What is wrong with the face?" I ran my finger through his swollen eyes. He had cuts on his lips. He looked messed up. While I was at it, I ran my hands over his head and at the back, I could feel the bind.

"How did you get injured?" My voice was filled with worry.

"God, you found out. I didn't even wear the full bandage, " he laughed.

"This man, he should be at the hospital. And here, he is carrying you, " I heard Mr. Paul speak.

I turned my head around and looked at his face. He looked no good either. I wonder what these guys did to have such horrible faces.

"Give me, I will carry her. You should rest, " Mr. Paul said and moved toward us.

"As if I would give my girl in your hand, " Danish sniggered and help me into the bed.

"Yeah what so not, " Mr. Paul said as he got out of the room.

I looked at Danish and no matter how his face seemed as if it hurt a lot.

"Does it hurt?" I asked, looking closely at his wounds.

"Not as much as the way I missed you, " he replied so passionately, I came to meet his eyes. They still had those spark that I fell for. Those blue oceanic eyes that would take me to a different depth of fantasy, the fantasy I was living.

I knew even after that day, the problems were never going to end. But we had vowed to overcome them together.

We didn't have a perfect life neither we were trying to live one. We were just trying to live together. We just wanted to be where our heart belonged.

I knew this man was the one that I would never regret to be with even if he was to hammer a nail in my heart. He was my long lost soul. He was my salvation.

He was that long waited prince of my childhood with whom I wanted to build an empire. I was born to live as his queen.

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