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   Chapter 57 NO.57

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 6876

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"There's no need to push yourself so hard! We are already surrounded, Dan!"

Paul's voice was ringing in my ear but my sanity was somewhere else. It hadn't even been a day since we promised to live our life to its max. Here I was now, trapped between the people of the Yoshi and not to mention, Yoshi himself. While his men were dancing around me, the kitten herself was present there. I shouldn't have taken this woman lightly.

Yoshi was riding on his insanity, I bet he couldn't have been happier than that in his life. The mafia boss that he couldn't even meet if he wanted, was on his knees. His nerve wrecking loud laughter was the only thing that was keeping me together. I definitely didn't want to lose myself, especially not in such place.

It was hard to balance myself between those sweet memories and tough realities. If only I had been cautious, I didn't have to get stuck with in such dilemma. When I received a call from my underling, I didn't evaluate the situation. I should have realized it through his calm voice, which would have been louder in other times. This wasn't the first time for me to make such mistake. Definitely, I had become a lot careless.

"You ain't going home tonight, bro, " Yoshi shouted at my face.

"Look what have you done to half of my men. Man, you are a killing machine, " he was still laughing like a maniac.

My body was swinging back and forth while I try to keep myself away from the ground. I was exhausted to the point where I couldn't stand still. Of course, I would be. Fighting all those insects like a human was more annoying than fighting a wrestler. How much I wished that a gun had more bullets so that I would blow everyone's head. I would have no further trouble.

Paul was restrained at the other side. I was wondering how a man like Paul could be subdued by the likes of those insects. Of course, the look on his face was saying the same thing.

Yoshi, that man moved his leg toward me. That ear touching grin was still patched on his face. He bent on his knees while he forwarded his filthy hands on me.

"My, My. The world is cruel, right? How could you still have no single scar after beating the crap out of my men, " He grabbed my face, his nails were digging onto my skin.

"Ne, let's make it fair, " he punched me right after those words.

I fell into the floor but didn't take long to stood up. That hurts, but not much. I thought and spat the blood.

"So weak, " I choked, keeping up with his creepy eyes.

I knew I shouldn't be doing this when I was trapped. Especially Paul was gaping the hole on my back and reminding me of this thing. But, who cares? Either I live or die, it definitely wasn't in this man's hand. It depended on me. It depended on how strongly I could fight back.

"Fucker, " he screamed while he hit my head with the back of his gun.

That definitely hurt a lot. Then, he showered an enormous number of kicks and punches. I was holding back myself, after all, it wasn't the matter of my life. Paul was there too and I know he definitely would figure a way out of it.

"You retard, you thought you could kill me. I mean you could have but you wife is way too dumb, " Judy chuckled from the corner of the room.

I held my desire within me to kill this woman. I knew for sure, this woman would be the first one to die after I got out of that mess. I smirked as I plotted her brutal murder in

my head.

"You sure can smile, " Yoshi placed his filthy grin close to my face and spat on my face. The limit of the humiliation was boundless. This man was about to get ripped by my own hand.

"Do you know your wife's case? I am the one who killed them all. People are like chicken to me, " He laughed and rejoiced, without realizing how much work had already been done within that moment. I wasn't that stupid, you know. I did take my men everywhere I go. The problem was, I had asked only five of them to accompany me and there were packs of dogs in that room.

"Hey, want to bet? I want to see your limit. I won't use the gun, my men won't either. Kill as much as you can, in exchange we will come after you with the same motive." He was still smiling.

"I would have called you a laughing buddha but too bad, you are a sinner, " I choked, looking at his face.

"C'mon, we both are the same. It will be a fair fight, what do you say?"

Still grinning.

"Paul, " I nodded my head and he knew what to do. Though he hesitated at first, he started to collect the gun soon after.

At the mean time, I looked around and counted the men.

Twenty. I thought as I pulled up my sleeves.

"Now, now.., " he said and sat on the chair. It wasn't surprising, though. In this crime world, the weak and powerless one are sacrificed first.

It wasn't even sudden when his men poured on me. Four of them, I looked around.

The weakest one, I looked his side and blew a kick at his chest. It wasn't enough to kill him but at least he wouldn't move for a while. But someone else replaced him. I got kicked on my back instead. I didn't bother to turn back. Rather I tried not to strike on the floor. While I tried to balance myself, I got punched from my right side. It took me some moment but I pulled back where I was.

I wiped my blood. My lips had a lot of cuts. The blood, yeah I am craving for blood. It has been so long since I got to beat a man. I thought to myself and loosen my stiffen self. Somehow, I felt like relieving my stress on this warm opportunity.

I smirked as I looked at those scared eyes of that guy. He knew what was coming after. I ran my foot on his face and changed his geography. Well, the baseball bat was in his hand.

"Too unlucky, " I mumbled as I quickly slipped the bat out of his hand before he fell to the floor.

I spun around and at the same moment, swinged the bat right on the other guy's head. And then, came another one whose right cheek almost blew.

"Four down, " I mumbled and ran into the another guy while those men were trying to get hold of me.

"Five, " I said, as I hit another head.

"Six, " I spoke louder, "Seven, " I screamed as I start to have fun.

I stepped on the eighth one's foot and smacked underneath his jaw.

That was the last one. After the eighth one, I was blown down with the same bat.

While I lied on the floor, I could see my own blood. Strangely, there was no pain. Rather, it felt so good that I was slowly losing my mind.

"Oi, oi! Now, this definitely isn't a fair fight, " I could hear Paul as he stepped in.

Soon, I heard some noise. The place became so loud. My mind and soul started to seek for silence, no to be more intact, it was seeking for peace. I could only hear those loud gushes and they were grinding a hole in my head. At that fragment of time, I thought to myself, I want to go home. I want to be with Anna.

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