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"No, I want to stay here and recover for a while."

"Yeah, I think you should do that too."

The last thing we spoke before he left me in the hospital. It had been two days since I had been admitted. The pain was engraved so deep, what could measly two days do?

That day, he left my side for the first time. It was more like I forced him to go to change his clothes. I wanted him to rest well. Also, I didn't felt quite easy around him. The atmosphere around us would be always gloomy. We both knew the reason yet kept quiet. I just wanted to breathe some free air and wanted to let him do the same.

"fifty sheep, fifty-one sheep..." I counted on as I tried to fall asleep. It was two o' clock and my eyes were still wide open. It had been a daily routine ever since we stopped sharing a room. It was no odd in getting lost in deep thoughts and then tearing up in the misery in the middle of night.

I tried to wipe my tearing eyes. This pain wasn't in the loss of the child. I know it's shameless, but I adore him more than this child that I bore for few months. Either I should have told about this matter earlier or let it go without a hush. As those many times, I wondered why my action always had to end up in the wrong flow. I was thinking of those happy days as I bore the child yet the end was cruel.

I put those pair of palms on my eyes as there was no stopping to those flowing tears. Gosh, life was so hard or were we making it hard?

"Ahh, I shouldn't make a hell out of dust, " I cussed and tried to calm down myself. Just then, the phone that had been silent for the entire day rang.

"Ahh! Ahh!" I cleared my throat, trying not to sound as if I had cried. It was Jane. But no matter who it was, it was freaking weird. There were people aside of me that were wide awake in the middle of night. I realized it.

"Hello, Jane, " I picked up the phone.

"Listen, girl, I am coming to pick you up. We are fleeing to Ishigaki. Take it as a vacation, coming to pick you up right now, " she spoke in a hurry and hung up on me.

Let the chance to ask a question stay alone, I didn't even have a chance to say a word "why". Of course, I wasn't that dumb. I already had my doubts on her immediate action. No matter what, I didn't want anybody to take a decision on the behalf of me. So, I pressed the emergency bell without doubting myself a bit.


"Boss, that motherfucker is siding with that Yoshi group and has already pulled the stunt." It was the first thing that I had to hear as soon as I reached home.

"What did you just say?" I reached to the collar of my man out of anger. Why had it to happen at that moment?

"Where is Paul?" I shouted at him on Paul's behalf.

"Mr. Paul had called you so many times but you were unreachable. I heard the matter was worst in the east wings. He is there to handle things."

"What did they do? Fuck!" I cussed as I let him go and kicked the wall.

"They are raiding through our clubs and bars to search you."

"And why would they ever think, I would be there? They are just seeking a feud with me but can't strike by themselves. Cowards!" I sighed as I laid my ass down on the couch.

I looked at my phone and it indeed had many miscalls from Paul. I had stayed two entire days in the hospital and had no chance to go through the official paper works. Let those small matter be alone. I threw my head back on the couch and tried to get some sleep, too lazy to climb upstair.

"Boss, I have more to say. Mr. Paul, .."

"What?" I lashed out of tiredness or maybe it was because I was too stress to deal with any matter.

I shuffled my hair and took a long breath.

"Speak, " I said to my man.

"He said, Ms. Judy is trying to file a case against Lady Anna for plotting mass murder. He said she also had some evidence regarding the club incidents that involve Lady Anna." He rushly replied and took his leave.

I looked at him as he left the room, trying to make sense out of his words. What is the bitch trying to accomplish? Is she calling for blood?

"Bitch, you better get ready to dance, " I grinned as I got off the couch and walked into the room.

Around 3 A.m.

"It takes one bullet to blow her head. But I will fill six. She has troubled me way too much. First the leg and then hand. Where should shoot next?" I mumbled to myself, polishing my gun.

"Where is the next?"

I heard a vo

ice, her voice. I turned around to my back and saw her roll into the room. It was an unutterable moment. It was almost 3 of the morning and I was seeing Anna in front of my door. I blinked twice and again looked at the door. She was still there.

"Why are you here?" I asked her, pushing the gun on my back.

"Where are you planning to shoot?" She ignored my words and repeated her questioned.

"That bitch head, why?" I replied straightforward, got too tired to play this lying game.

"What has she ever done to you?" She asked me, advancing more into the room.

"You won't understand, " I sighed and moved toward my glass.

"Then explain it to me so I can understand. Aren't you trying to shed more blood to hide those mistakes?" She asked me a fearful question.

I was always scared to ask this question to myself and there she came to make it sound scarier. Her eyes were glaring at me and they were big & red like tomatoes. She was gritting her teeth while trying to hold back herself. It scared me. Believe me, it did.

"It's because she is trying to threaten you, " I replied, avoiding her intense gaze.

"Yeah, absolutely. It is because she is after me that I don't want you to anything. I don't care what you did in past or what you will do in future. Just please, don't shed blood on my name. I am already much more sinful than I could be in this life, " she breathed through her mouth as she blurted her words without a pause.

I looked at her red face. I placed my hands on my chest and realized, it still ached when I saw her. She was so near yet I missed her every second.

"Then, let's together go to hell, " I smiled, still gazing at her face.

"You liar, you say together and then, try to send me off."

I choked the wine as I heard her words. I was trying to calm her down without realizing what I had told to do to jane. But I didn't expect Jane to open her mouth this soon neither I had expected Anna at this hour. I placed the glass on the table and coughed.

"See, liar, " She said rolling her wheels toward me. I looked her still coughing and trying to make an excuse. She was getting closer and closer yet my head had no excuse to appease her. I feared to make eye contacts so I turn around toward the wine selves.

"We, .." She spoke, so calmly.

Just then, wrapped her hands around my waist and rested her head on it.

"Why is it so hard for us? We either lie to each either or keep quiet. Why are we like this? Should we break up?" She whispered her words that engraved through my skin and made me shuddered.

It was the moment that I realized, she needs me was only an excuse. It was me that would forget to breathe without her.

"Shall we?" I replied, shutting down my heavy heart.

"I see." She replied softly. I could bearly realize it if her lips weren't so close to my body. Each vibration of her sound was making me go nuts.

"Are you angry because I troubled you so much." She clenched on my shirt and her nails almost dug into my skin.

"Are you falling out of love? Am I getting slightly? Will you give up on me if I don't get on my feet? I have been asking these questions to myself every other day, every other moment. If you say 'yes' so easily, what should I do with this insecure little heart? " Her hands wrapped me more tightly as her tears flowed and wet my shirt.

I could barely move. Her words have me shook up to my toe. Good thing that she had held me from my back. I held back my tears and moved my fingers into a circle around the glass.

"I, ..Not I! We both are fools. We love each other so much yet we are trying so hard." I replied, gazing on those ceilings.

"Then, let's not try hard. Let's just live. Let's go through every problem together and deal it as if it isn't big. Let's just live." She loosened her grip and cried.

I stopped my moving finger and paused for a moment. She had me wonder the life she talked about and I couldn't help but smile. I held her hands and moved them as I turned around to her. Her eyes were following my eyes, seeking for an answer.

"Shall we?" I smiled at her. She shooked her head eagerly. Then she pulled my hands and placed a sweet kiss on them. Sweetly she responded, "Let's just live a long life together."


Just about time to finish this thing because I am super busy (maybe lazy) and can't keep you all waiting. I will update pretty soon. (: Bless the awaiters!!

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