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"Is it the punishment for my sin?"

I wondered. I always wondered. No, I believed it was my punishment for being greedy to live. This long painful life was the curse for leaving my family behind.

"Nothing is right since that night! If this isn't punishment, then what is it?"

I laughed to myself. Maybe, while living all those moment I found my life quite funny.

"My life is like in those books but will it have the happy ending like in them?" I questioned myself as I ran my fingers to the last page of that book.

SUMMER LOVE, it must have been ny fiftieth book. While lying in the bed and doing nothing, I read many books day by day and sought for the happy ending which I couldn't get in my real life. With every plot twist and tragedy, I wondered will they be together?. I would cry with every sad lines because I would come to relate to my life. I wondered if it was because of my slowly healing yet useless legs or was it because of the pregnancy? But I was growing a habit of quick mood swing.

Food wouldn't taste good after I was discharged from the hospital. No, it started from the hospital. I would often get nauseous and was getting picky on food & smell. Everything was handled by Mr. Paul and I didnt have any idea of my report. But when I realized, Mr. Paul and Jane had planned to kill the baby that was growing within me.

I could easily figure out the medicine (which was poison to the baby) in my food. I wasn't a child. Even if I were a fool, I at least could figure out what was happening to my body.

It was right after that time, I only let the maid and Danish come into my room. The whole time, I tried to avoid Mr. Paul and Jane.

But this secret was killing me, both physically and mentally. I wasn't scared to die. I was scared I would leave him alone in that lonely scary world. Yet I couldn't bring myself to kill what was within me. Maybe I was scared to commit another sin in order to continue this sinful life.

"I have to open up today, " I cringed as I tried to convince myself. Just then, I realized the man stading next to my bed.

"Danish, " I whispered.

"Yes, my angel, " he replied with the same silence in his words.

I looked at those eyes of that calm man and couldn't bring a gut to say a word.

"I- I.., " I shuttered as I looked into those eyes. In the mean time, he walked to the bed and sat next to me.

"Tell me, " he said and pecked on my forehead.

"I- I, I think we should go for a movie. I am tired." I lied.

"Yeah, lets go for a movie." He smiled.

Please don't look at me with those pitiful eyes. I pleaded.

"Sit comfortably, " he said as he pulled the seat belt of my side. He did my sealbelt but he paused for a while. His eyes were on my belly which I had hidden quite well under my loose hoodie.

"What's wrong?" I asked pulling those hoodie.

"No, nothing." He gave me a awkward smile.

While we were on it, he played my favourite song and held my hand as if he was carving to do it. We rode through those silent road and passed through the many shedding trees. Indeed winter were cruel to everyone. I could still remember how I was wondering around the street like a beggor in those cold nights. Now I was taking a warm ride with my beloved one.

"Is there a new theatre around here?" I asked, looking through the window.

"Huh?" He paused.

"Oh, yeah, " There it was, the same awkward smile.

"Listen, " he said as he stopped the car in the parking lot. He undid my seat belt and got off the car.

He was talking out the wheel. It was right then, I clenched my hands into fist and did my best to hide those secret. Why is it acting up right now? I cursed myself, running my hands through my stomach. It wasn't the right time but I felt the pain on my lower stomach. It was as of someone was cutting my organ piece by piece with scissors. I tried to conceal it but the pain had my face all red.

"Why are you so red?" He asked, patting on my face.

"No-nothing, " I bite my lips, still trying to hide it.

"You are definitely hiding something. You are all red. Anyway, I need to talk to you. But its better if we talk after the movie." He smiled and put his hands under my knees.

It isn't right. I thought, jerking his hands away. I felt something running through my legs and I was sure, it was blood.

"Honey, I think I am on my period. Lets return home, " I gave him a weird smile and clenched around my belly.

He weirdly looked at my face for a while and shook his head.

As we rode through the street, my pain was getting worse. The only thibg I couldn't do was cry freely. But tears were already starting to stream down.

"Anna, you are okay?" He asked for like fourth time and this time, he parked his car on a side of the road.

"I think I am getting cramp, " I lied again. He however ran his hand on my belly and weird thing was, he wasn't even freaking out.

"Is it hurting too much?" He asked and I shook my head, trying not to speak another word. Else I would be crying out of pain.

"Lets go to hospital, " he said and started the car.

"No! Its just a period cramp!" I cried and breathed through my tears.

"How the hell a pregnant woman gets the period cramp?" He screamed.

I gasped at his words but I didn't have a time to ask him anything. The pain was killing me.

When we reached the hospital, the only thing I remembered was the drenched seat and my soaked clothes. I had lost too much blood and along with it, I was losing my consciousness. When I was strolled at that hospital bed, his voice kept on echoing on my ears.

" Anna! Anna! Please don't lose it, Anna!"

"Yeah, the patient should wake up for now." I heard someone say.

I wiped my eyes and tried to get adjusted with those bright light. I could remember getting into the hospital. But after that, I could remember nothing.

"Anna, " I heard him call my name. It's strange how I had gotten used to his voice.

"Umm, " I smiled, tried to smile.

He rubbed my belly at the time and returned me a sad smile.

"Let's try another time. First, you should heal." His sad smile faded and tears twinkled into his eyes.

"Hmm, " I wondered and wiped his tears.

"Doctor said it was because of the poor diet. Though I would loved to have a lovely daughter, I am glad that it turned this way. Nothing is more important than you, " he was sniffing while he mumbled.

I already understood what he was saying yet I act unknown. I slowly put his hands off me and changed my side.

"I think I need more sleep. I am tired." I lied again.

We both knew I was lying. But he gave me my space. Though I knew he was aware of the child, I acted as if he never knew about it. It was the best idea for both of us. It was better not to scratch more pain in our frail relationship.

That night I cried a lot. I tried to suppress my voice. But later I lost it all and ended up crying out loud. I believed the person that was waiting for me outside that door was also crying along with me.

Excuse my GRAMMAR! T.T

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