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Danish's P.O.V.

I held her tight within my arms and vowed to never let her go. Life was such, it had kept me tripping over trouble. I had learned to bounce back and this time too, I stood up- but I was barely on my knees.

What was I? a monster? a lover? or a murderer? Maybe, I was all of it. I was a monster that shouldn't have loved. Yet I loved this girl and murdered her happiness.

What could I do more? If I left her then, I would be a betrayer too. She couldn't be happy with me. Yet, I knew she couldn't achieve true happiness without me. Her life was as messed up as mine.

"I told you, you leave that girl, " I heard him say, maintaining his coat as he sat on the chair. He slightly let go of his coat after he unbuttoned it and placed his hands on either side of the chair.

"You have become quite haughty, continuously neglecting my order, " he had a smug smile on his face that could creep out any of his underlings. That couldn't affect me, not even a pinch. So, I just kept on taking the sips of my whiskey.

"Answer me!!!" All of sudden, he snapped out. His voice echoed louder and louder in the four corners of that mansion. It had shaken all of my workers with fears. Why wouldn't it? After all, they had been serving him for years.

"You are unnecessarily loud. It is disturbing my people." I replied, calmly.

"Haah, disturb? You picked up that bitch from the trash. Now, you care for these low creatures, " he gave out a loud sarcastic laugh.

"First thing first, she is my woman. I let go this time but won't hold back next time. Another thing, my dear father. I am not giving up on her, " I glared at him, trying not to lose with him.

"Great. Then, how about giving up your place?" He hit another question on the row as if he was expecting the same reply from me.

"How about this, father? I get both, " I placed down the glass.

"I don't feel like giving up on both. Why should I?" I added.

He fisted his palm and tried not to snap. I could hear his gritting teeth. His red face could easily signify the level of his anger. Weird as it is, he let out a long sigh. He had his anger on control and tried to cool down his head.

"Why are you not getting it? She will die, just like your mom. Remember, how broke you were? I am your father, boy. Don't think, I don't know you." He took another long breath and rubbed his hand on his forehead.

"No, you don't know me. You never knew did. You don't know what I am capable of. Don't think, I would fall in your trap. You said to give up? But this place is the endless abyss. Moreover, you are her greatest enemy for the moment. I took a wrong step and I know, you won't let her live, " I choked. I was trying to stay as calm as I could, trying not to lose my head.

"Ha, " he chuckled as he picked himself up and moved his hand, ordering his chauffeur to get ready.

"Get in your sense. I still suggest you leave her, " he gave his final words of advice.

That Evening

"Why didn't you take the medicine? Girl, you ain't getting any better." I slid her hair away from her face. She purred like a kitten and laid her head on the bed to my lap.

"How cute, " I chuckled, pinching her face.

She pouted and tried to pull away from my hands. Her silky smooth hair slid through my hands as she again landed her head on the bed.

"No, you can't get away like that. You need to take your medicine."

I placed the pillow and slowly let her lie on it. It wasn't the first time I had seen her sick. This time, however, her face was much pale. Her lips were almost dry and gray as if she had been starving for days. She had lost her weight drastically, making her underweight.

I let her have the medicine and quickly left the room. I couldn't bear the sight. Every time I looked at her, it felt like I was lo

sing her. It was as if she was slowly dying within my hands. She wouldn't eat properly either would she take her medicine. She needed to visit her physical therapist yet she would confine herself to that room. I had nothing to say anymore because I was already tired of asking her. It was as simple as forcing her to do it. She was sick. I couldn't use harsh words on an emotionally unstable person. She would always neglect my sweet and soft words.

The Next Day

"How is she?" I asked the doctor though I know the answer.

"Not fine. Absolutely not fine. Did the hospital tell you that she is pregnant?" The doctor said, fixing his equipment into that small box. At the moment, I tried to extract the sense out of his words.

"I don't get you. How can she be pregnant? We haven't had sex for so long, " I gasped, grabbing his arms side by side.

"Well, Mr. Dawson. This the first time, I have come to examine her. You should talk with your previous doctor. I doubted it since she had unusually bumped belly in spite of her underweight physics. I am sure she is pregnant though I haven't had a proper test and if she is, it should be almost three-four months, " he replied, looking at me with pitiful eyes.

I couldn't understand his pity. Isn't it a beautiful news? I thought. I should be happy yet I couldn't smile. I can never forget that pitiful look on his eyes. Maybe they were the reason, I couldn't convey my happiness.

"Mr. Dawson, it is a good news but not on her condition. I can tell why she is underweight. As a pregnant woman, she becomes picky with food. I believe she also had nausea. You should have known about it since you sleep together, " he said. This time he posed a questionable face.

How would I know? It had been almost two months since we started to sleep separately ever since the incident. I definitely didn't want to be hard on her. I was afraid I would lose control on my sense.

"Mr. Dawson? " He gave me a quick call, making me wake from my muse.

"Another thing. Since I am a physical therapist, I don't in detail. But I can tell that pregnancy isn't good for her, especially right now. She is healing and slowly on her feet. The weight of a baby is going to stress her back. It means this pregnancy may make her legs useless for life."

He scribbled as he finished his words. I remain their gawking at his face. I was still trying to get in my sense. Trouble was popping up one by one, I had no idea where to start with.

"Though abortion isn't recommended in most cases, I think you should go for it. A child can be adopted but legs can't, " He said, handing me the small piece of paper.

I looked at the small paper. It mentioned the address of the hospital that would provide the service.

"It's the best place I recommend. I will see you tomorrow, Mr. Dawson, " he said and bid his farewell.

The paper on my hand was the proof that everything I heard right then was real. I wasn't dreaming.

"Young Master, " The old maid gave me a call.

"Lady Anna wants to see you, " she added.

"Yeah, I need to see her too, " I replied.

I picked up myself, getting the hold on my weak knees. I crumbled the paper out of anger. There was no reason to lie about it unless she wanted to have the baby and of course, she must have known the consequences. Yet she was getting foolish and hammering the nail on her own foot. Oh yeah, there was also guilt. I was afraid to feel guilty for my entire life because of her legs. Those legs would keep on reminding me of my mistakes.

In Her Room

"Danish, " she gave me a soft call as soon as I step inside the room. I was always incapacitated with that soft voice of her. I couldn't help but reply, "Yes, my angel."

These works are unedited. Please excuse my grammar and broken English. Have Fun!

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