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   Chapter 53 NO.53

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 6853

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Anna's P.o.v.

Miracle? They do exist.

When I closed my eyes for the last time at that crowd, I had lost hope in life. I thought- this was the end of my journey. I regretted that I had doomed Danish's life.

After all this time, the thing that I learned of Danish was it wasn't his choice to walk through this path. He was born getting cuffed with this life. And I thought I added more misery in his already suffocating life.

It felt cold, very cold. I could feel someone's hands going through me and then, I could feel a small pinch like pain. The way that place smelt, I was sure I had been there before. But I wasn't sure. My memories were hazy. All I could think or feel- was Danish.

That night- I had a long dream. I lived a beautiful life in it. My father was walking me through the beautiful path covered with pink and white petals- just like in that church. I had worn the same gown and as I walked in, even the church was same- the same mass and the same father who blessed us. The only difference was that-all of them were smiling. Nobody had malice in their face. As I walked in, I had my big sister and two friends by my side. Jane was giggling as she sat in the very first row. Mr. Paul was at the side of Danish and both of them were looking at me because they knew, it was me. Unlike that time, they knew I was the bride. As I walked in, I had my hand on my father's and we slowly did a gorgeous walk of my life.Everyone was there. Not to mention, Danish was waiting for me and I could hear the giggles of my friends, Jane and the intense look of Mr. Paul.


I could hear the beautiful whisper of Jane. She was calling me. But I didn't want to leave yet. I wanted my father to watch my wedding. I wanted him to witness how fine gentleman was Danish. I wanted him to realize how happy I was with him and wished him to praise him more as we walked through that beautiful path.

"Anna!" But Jane was waiting for me. That impatience woman kept on calling me and kept on babbling about our stupid but precious memories. I couldn't help it. I had to wake up.

As I woke up, the very first person to get in front of me was her. Her gentle hands that kept my body and soul warm were still caressing my hair. Mr. Paul that looked nothing like the handsome face, came to visit me in short. I must have worried their heart out. Their creasing sad faces could tell all the story.

He, however, wasn't there. The only person, that I could sell my soul for, wasn't there. That cruel stupid being who cared only for self-comfort wasn't there. Even after more than a week, he kept me waiting. That cruel young man whom I wanted to brag with my father, never came. He left me in that place like an abandoned dog- I had to deal with the misery that awaited. Even with a fine pair of legs, I wasn't bound to walk. The ugly fate of mine that was about to cause more pain to that lost soul of Danish who was almost dead from the previous incident.

That night continuation...

"Anna, I'm sorry, " I could hear him murmuring right at my ears. I wanted to say, it wasn't his fault. I wanted to let him know, I was the guilty one- who almost failed to accompany him in this cruel life. But words wouldn't come out. All I could do was cry and cry more. I didn't regret my decision as much as I did that night. I should have let this man do what he wanted and should have let him pursue his own happin

ess. I should have waited for him- I thought.

But no! I had to make him suffer more. And with those defected legs, I was causing him more pain. Those legs were like salt on his sore wound.

"Anna, Don't cry my girl. You will be fine, " he said it low, caressing my hair as he held me tight in his arms. If I could, I would melt right into his arms. But that wasn't the right thing to do for then.

More than anything, I had my insecurities. I was scared he would leave me. There were many reasons for me to have such thoughts. I was afraid, his guilt would rise so high that he might blame himself for everything. I was sure, his solution would be to alienate me at a safe place. Again, there were this legs that were useless. He definitely didn't want to see them that would keep on reminding him his mistake.

As he ran his gentle fingers toward my cheeks and wiped my tears, I watched his scared sorrowful face. I knew he was tearing apart as he saw me cry. I couldn't be more selfish that this- making him look at the broken me.

"It will be fine, Anna. Why are you crying?" He said as he wore a sad smile. His eyes that were twinkling with almost dripping tears were running through my face.

"Don't leave me. You can't." I choked these words as I looked through his teary eyes.

"Yeah, " he said, again wiping my dropping tears.

"How can I leva you when I miss this face every day, " he added.

"Liar, " I whispered. I could feel his warm breath getting closer to my skin.

His fingers gently got through my lips, distracting me. Those fingers again slightly pressed on my lips- this time, making me leave behind my sorrowful thoughts.

"You- you belong to me, "He mumbled as he looked through me with those teary but possessive eyes.

"Either broken or in a piece, you will always remain with me. So my angel, don't cry." He snugggled his lips on mine as he confessed these words.

My hands that were on his chest tighten into fists as I felt his shivering lips. It felt different. It was as if he was trying to express how much he missed me through this kiss. He drove deep into me and I could taste & smell the cherry wine that he drank. His lips that clung to mine as if it never wanted to leave, felt so sweet that I almost forgot every sorrow.

His lips slowly maintained the distance. My eyes were closed tight. Still, I could feel his breathe getting further. I took long hard breaths as I glided my hands from his chest to around his neck. Then, I took another last breath before opening my eyes.

There, they were. His hypnotic oceanic blue eyes that would mesmerize me every time I looked at it.

"I need more of you, " I whispered as I slid my fingers from his unbuttoned chest to up his chins.

"Heh, " he smirked. This time, he had his eyes smiling. He caught my sliding hands and pecked at it.

"I would give you more. But you need to heal, " he said with a cheeky smile, making me avert my eyes out of embarrassment.

"My angel is shy, " He added, trying make fun of me.

I didn't look at him at all. I knew I had a red face with puffy eyes.

"Don't be shy. It's a given that you want more from the person you love, " he lifted my chin up, letting my brown eyes on his blues.

"I too want more, " he breathed, nearing his lips on mine.

"But I am afraid, I can't control myself. You make me horny as hell, " he snickered, making me redder than an apple.

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