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Danish's P.o.v.

Do you know the glory of selfishness? It's pain. It's torture. It's loss.

I thought I was doing good, all the way to the right direction. But I had missed a block. I had missed noticing Anna. I had forgotten- Anna was perceiving every action of mine and she wouldn't stay calm with all those sins I was to commit.

I was blind with my selfishness and I came to lose my other part.

Anna was lying inert in my arms, barely breathing. My white suits were painted with her blood- all I could do at the moment was scream and cry.

When I first lifted the veil, my heart got caught in the dilemma. She wasn't supposed to be there. She wasn't. But there she was. My head got confused at the moment, couldn't grab the situation. When I did, it was too late.

I used to boast like a king- always talking about how I would protect her. At the actual moment, I had lost my rationality. I had lost my sight. All I could see was Anna drenched in blood. All I could feel was her losing breathe. All I could hear was my own cry.

Anna, girl. Why did you do this to me?

Humans are so frail. It was the first time for me to realize the true value of one's life. I couldn't bear to lose a life and here I was plotting a massacre.

"It's all my fault, " I mumbled as I watched her getting strolled into the operation theater.

Of course, it was. It was stupid of me to think, she wouldn't notice.

I numbly watched her body getting inside. What else could I do? I had already done what I could- I had pursued Anna to her death bed.

"Relax Dan, she will be okay, " said the man who just witnessed the bullet getting through Anna. He patted my shoulder and placed his hands on my shoulder.

She isn't okay. She is soaked in her own blood. She might leave me. My mind was screaming while physically I was still. I had shut but shuddering lips. I had watching but confused eyes and I was breathing but a dead being.

Without a word, I just moved Paul's hand off my shoulder and tried to leave the place because I couldn't bear the silence. It felt like the silence after the storm.

I took every heavy step with my wobbling legs and with every bit of it, Anna's pale lifeless face flashed back. I was almost it the verge of losing my mind. I was trying to make sense of the situation though like a fucking psycho, I had no idea of my own action.

"Man, you have survived many bullets. One won't hurt her, " Jane said as she walked next to me. Honestly, I had no idea when did she get there. Her words, however, pissed me up. But, who was I to get mad at?

"Boy, listen.." she was in a mid of her talk.

"Jane, she is hurt. She's not me. One bullet can do a lot. Jane, how can I keep calm? She is dying. And.. and, it's .. it's, " I tried not to cry. But tears wouldn't do the same like I wanted.

"Shhh, it's not your fault."

"It is, Jane. It's my fault. I- I am no less than a p*ssy. I am fucking dying with her, " I mumbled under my breath.

"I don't know if the guilt is killing me or the pain of losing her, " I choked as I fall hard on the floor.

It's weird how your weak self surfaces in front of the people who pampers you. I was trying my best to stop my tears. Paul was helping me to stay strong. But as soon as I saw Jane, I couldn't stop thinking about all those situations. Maybe, I missed her bright smile when she was around Jane.

"Shut up., " she screamed as she pulled me up.

" Yeah, you are a freaking loser. But she won't die, alright. If you say another such word, for god sake, I will make you lay next to Anna's bed, " she added.

I tried ignoring her words and her pulling hands. But Fuck! She was damn strong. She kicked me right in my stomach and made me breathless out of pain.

"I was freaking trying to help you. But you are an asshole. Yeah, you did this all. You are a pain in the ass, not a right person for her. Did you hear me? You don't deserve her and if you hear me, you better change. You ass!"

She literally screamed the weight out of her, scaring all the people around the hospital. I could see another kick coming right at my face but did nothing. I deserved that. Actually, I deserved more than that- I deserved the same pain that Anna was going through.

"Freaking paranoid.." she mumbled under her breath.

A week later...

"Dan, you need to pull yourself up. Anna is alive alright. She is breathing, living and talking at t

he hospital. You better hurry up, " Paul hung up the call as soon as he finished his words.

Anna, she came out of danger on the very next day. But I hadn't dared to face her. When I first heard about her condition, I thought of many things. There were many things that I wanted to yell at. There were many things that I needed to get into her head. And lastly, there were many things I wanted her to know about- about how many times I died while seeing her in pain- about how much I wished to be the one in that bed. But realization hit me hard and made me lurk around a corner. I was a fucking criminal, ruining her innocent life. Like Jane said, I didn't deserve her.

"Mother-f##ker.. why?" I banged yet another glass, cussing at my damned fate. It wasn't the first time. But I never craved before to become a normal person like that time. I hated my life, my work, and my bloodline. I needed a relief from all of these things. I just wanted to live a life with Anna, just a normal happy life. I didn't want much. But the situation and the people around propelled me to do the undesiring. And boom!! I had my reward, my dying angel.

The very evening...

"Hey, Danish, "

A soft whisper of my angel got through my ears, luring me out of my sleep. I looked at the vivid face of Anna and then, rubbed my eyes. I again looked at the figure, trying to realize if it is another hallucination.

"Hey sweety.." she said, smiling brightly. It was her, sitting next to me.

"What the..?" I jerked off the sofa and stood up, trying to figure out who let her in.

"How did you get in?" I shouted at her. I wasn't supposed to. But I wanted her to stay away. I was the walking disaster and she was freaking fragile.

"Why?" she whimpered. That actually pinched my heart, yet again I failed to make her smile. I rubbed my forehead and tried to make a sensible reason so that I wouldn't hurt her.

"I-I, just got surprised. I wasn't expecting .." I shuttered.

"Expecting? Didn't you say it was our home?" She whimpered yet another time.

"No Anna, please try to understand, " I said as I placed my eyes on her. This time looking thoroughly at her, and wondering why wasn't she standing next to me.

"I, I.." She was trying to talk and trying to stop her tears. Why couldn't I notice everything? She was in the wheelchair.

"Do you not want me anymore?"

Those words of hers almost broke me down.

"Anna.." I kneeled next to her, wondering how to calm her down. I had no idea what was all this situation about. Why was she in the wheelchair? I wondered why didn't I heard a thing from Paul. All I remember him say was Anna is alright.

"You, I waited for you so long. It felt almost like a year and now that I could see you, you say you don't expect me, " she choked. Her tears were flowing like the falls and her hands were holding her soft screams.

"Anna, I-I am sorry, I.." I couldn't get a thing. I was a fucking retard, still trying to make a sense out of the situation while the whole truth was visible.

"Don't say that, " she screamed, pushing me away from her.

"Don't be sorry after leaving me all alone to fight at that fucking cold walls. I was fighting by myself, trying to hold on every piece of mine. I just needed you there, Danish. But.." she was out of her breathe as she added, "but you failed me.."

"Anna.., " I again got close to her and grabbed her hands, trying to calm her down. But, who would calm me down? I was watching the consequence of my action and I was out of my mind, wondering if I could mend the mess I had made. She pushed her head next to my chest as she sobbed her heart out. She was still mumbling, "He said, the bullet got through my spinal. I-I, may not walk for life..."

I wrapped her around my arms as I tried not to become weak. If I were to break down, I wondered what would happen to this girl. I held her tightly, trying not to fall apart. I just lent her my chest and hear her words that were painful than any sore wound.

"Danish, you better not leave me. Please, stay by my side even if I may not.."

These were the worst words I could ever bear to listen. They reflected the guilt in my eyes for trying to leave her and they words reflected the pain for making her plead. I was still an asshole.

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