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Danish's p.o.v.

Have you ever fallen in love so insanely that you lose the sight of wrong and right? You fell so deep that you no longer think rationally?

It happened to me. I was losing sight of everything. My world used to begin with the name Anna and perish along with it. It was as if I had no right to live if she wasn't by my side. Of course, I wanted her safe. I also wanted her by my side. Well, if people are curious why I wasn't giving her up? Then, here is my answer. We live once and we don't know what's waiting us in our afterlife. I may rot in hell but who has seen that place? If I had to make something happen, I had to right here while I was still breathing. I had no such motive of regretting things.

While she was within my arms, even that small bed of hospital felt so right. It felt as if I was heading in the right direction. So, there was no way I would doubt my plan. But..

"Dann..iish, " she murmured. I could feel the vibration in my chest where she had her head laid. I looked at her face that wasn't clearly visible due to her ruffled hair. My fingers made its way to her face and stroke the hair out of her face. I nodded my head, asking her to continue.

"I-I wanted to ask that..." She continued as I had asked her and suddenly got paused.

"Ahh, no. Let it be, " she added and lazed her head again on my chest.

"You can say, you know." I said, still playing with her hair.

She heaved a long breath. At the moment, an uneasy feeling nestled in my heart. As if my sunshine wasn't living right. It felt as if she was suffocating within this small world that I had created for us. It wasn't the first time I felt this. But I was greedy to set her free. I wasn't ready to live a life without her. Not now, since I had learned how it felt like to hold her in my arms.

So, I stayed quiet, just quiet.

"Hey, " she again spoke. This time, picking herself up from my chest. Her eyes were piercing right through mine. Somehow, I felt ashamed and I find it tough to look into her innocent eyes. I couldn't help it.

"Look at me." She said. I did the same as she asked.

" Say, can't we go somewhere? Only two of us?" She spoke the fear of mine.

Where would we go? It wasn't as easy as she thought. Even if I were to throw away this life, I would never be able to get rid of it. It would chase me to the end of the world. In fact, it would mean that I would no longer hold the power. And the outcome was only one. My father, who would again take over the mafia, would use any means to separate us.

Sometimes I wondered why didn't I think of these things before falling in love? Then, realization would hit me. I knew all along about this outcome and I was preventing myself from catching those feelings. But... love just happened. I didn't force it, neither did I realize it at that time. It just happened.

"Anna, do you hate it that I am a mafia?" I asked the obvious question. Of course, any woman would hate it unless they are filled with hunger of power. Even my mom hated this world. I sighed as I finished my question and closed my eyes out of tiredness. Funny thing was, after getting with her I was happy yet more stressed and tired.

"Haah?... It depends, " she said, motioning her fingers on my chest. Her gaze rolled along with her fingers.

"I would hate it if you have ever ended innocents souls. I wouldn't if you haven't."

She replied like of a grade kid. I chuckled as I let my hands wrap around her waist. I pulled her closer though we were already so close in that small hospital's bed. I kissed on her eyes and replied, "There is a chance that you may hate me because you have no idea what these hands have done."

"It's okay. I know you have a kind heart, " she replied, making me stunned.

"And even if you are a mafia or a businessman or a normal being, you know it can't be helped. I am already in love. Even if my mind would know it's wrong, baby you know my heart will never agree, " she added, tracing her index finger on my cheeks.

"My heart, it will always find you beautiful, " she whispered, in her sleepy voice. I slowly took her hand and placed a kiss on it.

"Goodnight baby, " I whispered too, smiling up to my ears. I couldn't believe what I just heard. My Anna, she was stronger that I had expected. She was strong enough to pull herself up and love this selfish man.

Where should I hide you, Anna? So that, only I can see you. So that, only I can feel you. I wondered as my smiling lips shrunk.

August 21, 20xx

Anna's p.o.v.

"Are you sure?"

It was the tenth time Paul asked me this question. Of course, I was sure. As long as I could prevent Danish from this sin, I was ready to throw myself in th

e deep blue pacific with no escape. Paul again pulled me by arms and met my eyes. I could understand his worries. I knew he wasn't feigning it. Thank goodness that I had shut his mouth so that Jane and Danish would be unaware.

"Mr. Paul, you are ruining the dress." I said, trying to free myself.

"Fine, do whatever. Let me tell you if anything happens to you. You aren't the only one that's going to die. Danish will lose himself too, " he said, getting pissed on my action. Well, he was pissed from the day he learned about my plan.

"I know. But I will lose myself if his plan gets succeed. You know, I will be count as a cunt who made her lover kill, " I added.

"Please, don't overact. We were born to do this. I knew it. I should have never told you about Danish's affairs, " Paul lashed at me. I wondered how many times had he lashed at me. I lost the count.

"You know there are many innocents souls in there. How can I let him kill them?" I replied, remaining calm.

"You are stupid, " he sighed, getting away from my way.

We were at the church where Danish was supposed to take his marriage vow. Unfortunately, it was also the place where he was planning to wipe away all those powerful people so that he would be on the top of the hierarchy. The most stupid plan I had ever heard of. How can a person gain power by killing others?


I heard some a man's voice from inside and in no time the door opened. I took my first step into the church, eagerly. Though he had no idea, we were going to take our marriage vow in presence of so many people. I had my veil cover my face completely such that people could hardly see my face.

The small little kids spread the flowers petals as I took my steps. It would so unreal, so much like my dream. But it was happening. Though it wasn't meant for me, it was happening.

I took each step cautiously, and with every step, my heart beat raised its speed. I was such a moron, getting so nervous as if it were meant for me.

"So, Miss. Judy, in joy and prosper, in sickness and sorrow, will you be by your husband's side?" The father asked.

I nodded, answering "yes".

I replied internally, Be it sickness or sorrow, be it joy or prosper, my darling I will always try to be with you.

"So, Mr., will you?" The father asked Danish.

He chuckled, " I guess, I will."

Somehow, I could understand the evilness behind that small chuckle.

"If your husband made a mistake, you will deal it passionately. If he stumbles, you will be his guidance. If he falls into darkness, you will be his light. And if even he fails to be a good husband, you will always be a good wife to him. Will you, Miss Judy?" The father asked.

"Yes, " I replied in a small voice so that he wouldn't recognize me.

I will, I vowed internally.

"Will you, Mr. Danish?" The father asked again.

"I guess, I will, " He replied, with the same maliciousness in his voice.

"On the name of our holy lord, I now, allow you two to share a sacred kiss, " The father said, as he lifted his both hands and signaled us to kiss.

After the kiss, we would be husband and wife. But only if I could stop it all.

I could feel his presence getting closer and in a mean time, he touched my veil. He slowly folded the veil at the end and did it the same for a couple of time. I waited there, my hands trembling out of nervousness and my feet stuck at the same place out of numbness. I had no idea what was going to happen next. But I knew, Judy was supposed to die at this moment. I wonder what I feared more, dying at the moment or Danish, who was about to find out the truth?

"Anna, " I heard him say, but couldn't move an inch to see his face.

The other thing I felt was, a sharp pain piercing through my back. I knew at that point, I may not survive anymore. I knew, it was the bullet that ran through me. My blurred eyes could see the tinge of blood on Danish's white suit. My spinning head could hear him shout.


His trembling arms were all over me. I could feel his shaking fingers going from my cheeks to my fresh wound. I felt so sorry for this crying man at that moment that I hated myself with all my might. This lonely man that was crying and trembling next me was going to live his life forever alone.

I failed in my plan.

"Baby, I you" I whispered. At the least, I thought I whispered.

I saw my man whining like a lost soul and I saw my man breaking into pieces. My man I thought as I start to lose my short breaths.

"ANNNNA, you can't do this to me. Baby, I asked you to stay home. Baby, .. why are you doing this to me?" He cried. My silly love cried ocean at that day.

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