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   Chapter 50 NO.50

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Anna's p.o.v.

"Lady Anna, you should at least eat something."

I could hear the worries of the old maid. Her words, however, didn't matter much to me. There were piles of worries devouring me internally. Mentally, I was good as dead. The horrible picturization of the blood feud had kept me awake for nights.

If I were to panic and go to Danish, then that would be so wrong. Even before, I had a glimpse of what was happening around. Some part of me knew about all those things besides the business that Danish was engaged to. His every moment was something that every newspaper would post on a regular basis. I had witnessed so many news in which he was related to the mafia. It was my wish to ignore it or believe it to be false. Now that Mr. Paul had admitted about it, I could ignore it no more.

One part of me was saying, Does it really matter that he is engaged in blood shedding business? You know, you love him no matter what he does. In fact, you somehow had a clue about his work, don't you?

Another part of me, however, was against the idea of forgiving him. He is a killer. Remember, he might have dragged many people at your position?

I could no more sense the right and the wrong. I didn't know if I should get along the mind that thought critically or with the heart that loved unconditionally. I definitely had enough of these melo-dramas in my life.

Running away wasn't the option. I wasn't running away from reality anymore. I couldn't give up on my life, either. I was a coward. All that left for me was to shut myself in and that's exactly what I did.

I shut myself in for few days in the Danish's room. I wonder why did I choose the room? Maybe his scent enticed me. Or, maybe because it was only the place where I could imagine his presence.

I didn't try to call Danish. I needed a time for myself. I needed to clear my head and make a right decision about either I should stay with him or leave him. I know I had no right to make the decision all alone. But even if I were to stay, I believed that I couldn't stand the blood that he would shed on my name. How could a person get happy over the relation bonded through other's blood and tears?

I cuddled into the comforter, trying to forget everything. It was funny how I was remaining quiet. If it were other women, they would be screaming and crying. They might be pleading to mend his personality. I did nosthing as such. Maybe it was because I knew I could do nothing. Maybe, it was because I knew how stubborn he was.

I stared at the same ceiling that I once had got surprised at. It was the first night that I had spend at that room. I must be still on the hangover of that night. Things were falling at me one after another. I had started to doubt the reality.

It felt like it was just yesterday. But it had been such a long time and I had come such a long way in my life. Still, the unsolved case of my family and the irrational behavior of Danish were everything that my head could think of.

After a slight knock, I heard a soft whisper of the old maid coming into the room.

"Lady Anna, there was a call. Young master is in the hospital."

It was the first thing that startled me out of my long solitude. The "me" who was laying at the bed lifelessy, sat up.

Hospital? At first, I wonder what I just heard. Then again, I realized that it wasn't the time for me to sit idlelessy. As I fully grabbed the situation, I panicked out from my bed and had my way out of the room. It felt like my appearance shocked the maid more than the news. The ruffled hair, swollen eyes and the unkempt clothes. At the moment, my appearnace had nothing to do with me though. I just grabbed around the old maid's arms and rushed my frightened eyes on her face, questioning the thing that I just heard.

"Miss, Mr.Paul only said that Young master was in O'lando Hospital, "the maid said, without a pause.

Was it an accident? Or did someone try to harm him? My head started to roll around and I could think no much more than of his safety. I let go of the maid and forced my way in. My legs staggered as I walked. But I needed to move myself anyway. I didn't want to be late for him like I got for my family. I wished for no more regrets. So, my trembling hands grabbed the coat and had myself out of the mansion. One of the men helped me to drive the car and within thirty minutes, I was the hospital. The thrity minute ride gave me the most terrorizing agony that I had ever felt. At this moment, I realized that no matter of his deeds, I loved him.

Room 215 The nurse provided me the information of Danish's location. Mr.Paul had already convinced to

guide the girl named Anna who would come for Danish. So, it was no matter of time when I reached the second floor and stood infront of the door.

I placed my "still" trembling hand on the door knob and pressed it slightly. I slowly proplled myself into the room until a vase with floor came to the sight. I realized, it was a private room and it was the one that I would have never visited even if I were in my critical moment. My gliding eyes rushed from the small passage to the big bright room.

There he was, grinning up to his ears in the sight of me.

What? You are okay?

I don't know but his unwounded body pissed me even more. He was freaking okay and I went there, almost getting shooked up to my toe. I almost lost my half life with the worries. It made so mad that I ended up flinging him the paper towel that was lying in the table.

"Oops. Don't do that. I am a patient, " he snuggled a little bit ahead of the bed.

"I can see how much of patient have you become." I cussed, trying to calm down myself.

God, I was so scared that I ended up crying. He had my heart out of my place with his jokes. I stood there as I wiped my tears with my wrist. His silly grin slowly faded along with his gaze that was getting serious with the passing moment.

"Come here, " he gave me a call. His hand patted softly on the spot next to him. I, howevr, silently stood there with my running tears.

"Listen, I didn't mean to scare you. It was such a minor accident." He buzzed as he scratche his hair.

"I knew, this would happen. That Paul, he just won't listen." He mumbled to himself, as he turned his head to other side.

"So, if Mr. Paul wouldn't tell me, I would never know? Am I only supposed to be your god damn puppet that would function on the little information you fed?" I squealed.

I couldn't believe how unworthy I was in his eyes. He wasn't even taking me enough important to completely open himself to me.

"Anna, please not now." He threw his legs on the bed and tried to get into the blanket. It was so damn aggravating that I couldn't control myself anymore. I rushed myself next to the bed and yanked away the blanket from him.

I spent numerous days with only him on my mind. I spent those time encaged at his mansion as he wanted me to. I had myself opened up to me. And..? He was still acting as if his action had no thing to do with me. It made me doubt if we were even in relationship?

"It's my f**cking business. If you don't want me to know, then I f**cking quit. I don't need your half hurted effort." I screamed till my throat hurted.

He was still lying at the bed when he stared at my huffing self. Then, he forced himself to get up and sat at the bed, looking straight at my eyes. We exchanged a moment of glare until he opened his mouth.

"What is wrong with you?"

He was asking me the most hilarious question of my life. Still playing the culprit, eh? I had enough though. Be it a fucking mafia boss or not, I had the right to know every single affair of his. He claimed, I was his girl.

"Why don't you tell me?" I replied, still trying to dry my tears.

"How would I know?" He respond, making me feel more terribly.

"You had me stay at the house and go around with cheeks. How the hell you don't know? Are you trying to check my patience?" I scoffed.

He stared and only stared. It made me laugh.

"Well, I got no patience boy. I'm out of here." I said, wiping my eyes perfectly clean.

I was dying inside. I wanted to yell, cry and get angry. I was controlling myself. With his selfish action, my scorching slef had to erupt someday. I didn't think it would this soon. I wrapped my finger around the coat as I turned around from him, some part of me was still wishing he would stop him. He did. He grabbed my hand my pulled me into him as I threatened to make my way out.

"It's good to see you getting angry, " he whispered, placing a kiss at my temple.

"Don't touch me, " I scowled, resisting his arms. He, however, pulled me down along with him. He was in the bed and I was on him. It wasn't the time to get wrapped around in his arms and get mesmerized. I kept on reminding myself that I had to be strong so that I wouldn't end up hurting.

"I want you to scream. I want you to cry and tell me, what I did wrong. I want you to be honest with me. I have been waiting so long for this day, " he chuckled, tightening his arms around me.

"If you want me to be honest, why don't you tell me about your plan for your engagement party?" I muttered, without knowing where did the courage came from.

"That, we need a long chat, " he whispered, taking a long breathe.

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