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   Chapter 49 NO.49

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Anna's p.o.v.

Hope, it is like a thread to happiness and sadness. It either ends up making you happy or sad. The sole reason why I hated to bloom this unruly thing in my heart. Especially, when it had to do with other person.

Things don't go as we assume. At least, it never did for me. The man who vowed to marry me was getting engaged yet another time. Why did he do this? What could be the reason? Instead of doubting him, these thoughts nestled in my head. I was the fool. In spite of all those visible proof of his cheating, I still trusted him. In spite of being ignored, I still waited for him.

"Love.." I murmured, looking up. It was a warm day with a beautiful blue sky. I would have found it more beautiful if only this ridiculous pain wouldn't leave my heart. Still, I couldn't resist laying on the grass to observe it.

Shall I disappear with no trace like the clouds? What could be the better option? Running away? Shutting myself at a place? Or suicide?

I rested my wrist on my forehead so that I wouldn't think much. I definitely didn't want to disappear without knowing the reason for his action. At least, not this time.

Patience wears out, though. I was wearing out of it, slowly and slowly.

"I want to see you, " I breathed these words as I rolled my wrist from forehead to eyes. I definitely didn't like the sight of my own tears. After all the way I came, I thought I would be happy. Yet, here I was crying as if my hands were cuffed. It's funny to realize that I was still as helpless as I was back then.

"Lady Anna, young master is home. He is looking for you." I could hear the old maid's timid voice.

"Umm.., " I responded, didn't want to get caught while crying. I lied there still at the same position while I hear her footsteps grazing through the grass.

He was finally home after almost two weeks. I had a lot to ask and a lot to hear. But when I was actually about to do it, I got scared. I feared if he was still the same person who vowed me many dreams. I feared he would spit the greatest misery of my life.

"Anna, " I heard him whisper my name. I couldn't dare to remove my hand and look at him, though. It was tough for me. For me, my words were only said but never done. When I sensed him closing toward me, my mind went blank and I could think of no such questions that I had to ask him.

Will he care if I ask? Such thoughts started to go around my head until I realized him laying next to me.

"Why are you here?" I heard him say. He was right next to me but I had no guts to look at his face. More like, I didn't want to show my weak self. So, I just rolled around.

"Hey, something wrong? How have you been?" He asked me as he leaned his head next to my ears.

The hell, he was asking something wrong? He had totally lit a fire in my life. I guessed the spoiled brat was used to such thing, a girl at a bed and a girl at another place. I wasn't used to it, though. Yet I couldn't leave him. I was the fucking retard.

"Sups?" He poked me another time.

"Can't you see? I am still breathing fine. I survived two or more weeks without you. Guess, I can do fine without you." I replied, my voice was hoarse out of all those tears I shed.

"What I see is just a lump of meat. That's not called living fine." He replied, wrapping his hands around me. I jolted his hands off me as soon as I felt them around me and flipped around. I couldn't help but scream when I saw his face.

"Fuck off. You made me this way."

I huffed as I pushed his hard chest. He looked at me with those pair of eyes that would always hypnotize me. How many girls did you catch with those eyes? I wondered. My tears streamed as the thought struck me.

"You are a jerk. I hate you." I screamed yet again. His face was so calm as if my tears didn't affect him at all. It made me angrier and more scared.

Can you please get upset? I begged him internally. Such a lousy person I was. I couldn't face him neither did I like the way I was acting. So, I got up in order to escape the situation and feel less suffocated. In the moment, I clumsily tried to wipe away my tears.

"I know you love me, " he said, pulling me next to him and again, I was on the grass. He had me caught around. His sweet scent was more than enough to clear my head.

I didn't talk much. He was right. I loved him more than one could presume. Tears started to run down my cheeks again and

I ended up clinging to him more that I thought I could.

The hell was I doing? Crying in the arms of the man that hurt me.

It funny how I found his arms so serene. I needed to get hold of myself. Instead, I let myself cry more and more.


He asked as my hiccups replaced my crying sound. I nuzzled my running nose in his shirt in response.

"Must have missed me so much, huh?"

He scoffed as he wiped my face which was, of course, a mess.

I looked at his smiling face. No matter the reason, I couldn't forgive him. But not that day. I couldn't bring the subject when I finally got to see him. So I just glued to his chest, trying to fill up my void heart.

"No matter the reason, you should trust me. I, even if I were to die, won't leave you, " he whispered like he was trying to calm down a child. I lift my head and looked at his face with skeptical eyes.

"Look what a mess you are." He twitched my cheeks and again pushed my head into his chest.

"Don't cry alone. It makes me sad." He mumbled.

"I am a fool, " I chuckled, thinking how pathetic I was.

"Yeah, we both are." He murmured.


I looked through the window as Danish's car took off the mansion and hit the road. Once again, I was left alone in that lonely castle.

It's like, I am a trapped Rapunzel. I guess, I can't be her since my prince was the one to lock me here. I thought as I watch his car disappear.

I heaved a long breath as I sat on the sofa. It had been days since I ate a proper meal. I knew I was getting weaker but I couldn't do a thing about it. I had completely lost my appetite. I could see the result of my carelessness. I would get tired easily. Danish almost fired all the maid when he saw me. It was funny how he was playing the blame game when he was the only culprit.

"Anna." I heard Mr. Paul's voice. I hadn't seen him after the bitter encountered. I turned back wondering what he might have needed to me.

"Anna, I have a few thing to discuss with you, " he sighed like an old man. He looked tired. The dark circle that was visible under his eyes were the proof of his sleepless night. I cleared my throat as I tried to response.

"umm, yes please, " I smiled, tried to smile.

The atmosphere between us had become quite awkward. I felt like he didn't like me anymore. Maybe, he felt the same. We came to share an unpleasant silence.

I licked my dry lips, trying to pull out a conversation but couldn't think of a thing. I folded my fingers to each other in the process as I saw Mr. Paul rubbing his neck out of awkwardness.

"um, I am sorry about last time."

"No, its fine, " I interrupted as he started to apologize. It was my fault after all. I should have known how busy he must have been.

"Anna, listen. What I am about to say, is very important. Please don't panic, " he said, still, hesitation could be seen on his face.

"Yeah, " I replied without frequently.

"Danish, he is planning a massacre. This whole engagement thing is just a show, " he stopped, looked at my shocked face and added, "I know it sounds weird, but you must have already had a hint about what we do."

I had no idea what he was babbling. My head was still on the word massacre. What are you saying? I wanted to ask him but couldn't.

"Our business is influenced by the underworld. This doesn't mean we go around killing people. But things are getting out of the hand. Danish, he is planning to reach the top of the hierarchy." He stopped, realizing I wasn't getting a hint of what he was saying.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Still l had no clue.

"He is plotting a massacre on the banquet so that he would rise in power, " he sighed.

"What the hell would he get from that?" I muttered, still dripping on the deep thought.

"It's his way of pursuing happiness. I know it's wrong, but.."

"Then, why aren't you stopping him?" I screamed at him, "You know it's wrong, then why? You clearly know blood will only give rise to blood. How will he be happy with that?"

"It's all because of you damn it. It's because he is afraid of losing you that he is even ready to behead his father if he has too." He raised his voice at the same tone, making me completely quiet.

That was the longest hiatus we ever had. Mr, Paul and I shared an unfathomable stare until he decided to leave. I, however, again sat on the sofa. This time my body was totally soulless.

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