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   Chapter 48 NO.48

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Anna's P.O.V.

I looked at his face that was reflecting on the small rear-view mirror of the car. He looked so serious and so quiet. I couldn't understand the reason behind it. I could understand if he were angry with me since I lied him. But he wasn't angry either. I didn't dare to ask him. I definitely didn't want to slip my head into the snake's hole.

I exchanged few glance with Mr.Paul and his eyes looked absolutely amused. It had me more confused. I wondered if the problem was something funny or something scary. They were a pair of weirdos.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked Mr. Paul as he helped me to carry my luggage.

He nodded his head with the same amused face and moved ahead of me. I looked at his back and wiggled my shoulder out of wonder. Danish hadn't said a word since we met and there wasn't a cue that he wanted to talk with me. After he picked me up, he just held my hand and placed me on the back of his car. That was it. We didn't even share a glance with each other throughout the ride.

I walked inside the mansion and stood a little bit inside of the door. There he was, standing with the murderous look on his face. Is something getting him from inside? I wondered as I moved my legs slowly into the living room. He was so busy with himself that it had me worn out of patience.

"Hey, sup?" I asked, bending a little bit low so that I could meet his dropped gaze. He looked at me and I could tell, he had just snapped out of his thoughts. He smiled, his lips stretching abnormally wide and eyes glaring alienly cold. It was such an absurd way to fool me. At the same time, his face seemed miserable out of trying to smile.

I rushed my arms up and so did my feet. I met his face that was unreasonably at a far distance and caressed his cheeks. It was the only way I could give him my comfort. He eyes that were just then on mine, started to follow my hand that stretched from the small me to the tall him. At this moment, I saw his eyes soften. The look of his eyes so soft, I thought I would melt in them.

"I'm home, " I whispered. The only thing I could say to comfort him without feeling embarrassed. He slowly got immersed into my touch and his eyes shut slowly. He had his hand on mine as he breathes through his lungs, trying to find a relief.

"You are, " he said, giving me a genuine smile. Slowly and silently, he had his eyes opened and had his hand held mildly around my waist. In a moment, we shared a warm hug; a big bear hug.

"You aren't going anywhere for some time. Until I say, you stay home quietly, " he released his words when he had his head relaxed on my shoulder.

Here came his childish demand. I sighed and said nothing. That was the better option.

The next morning

I yawned as I got off the bed. I was up earlier than my alarm clock which was quite strange for some reason. The soft carpet that brushed through by bare feet was the first thing that would remind me where I was. Then, there was this annoyingly sweet scent of that place that wouldn't allow me to sleep. Seriously, I had a luxury-disorder. I couldn't get used to it no matter the time I spend there.

As always, I got into the closet mistaking it for the bathroom. I couldn't doubt my stupidity more than this. I used his shampoo like I used to do before when I stayed there for some time. Yeah, for a reason we started to smell the same. We shared the same shampoo, the same clothes and the same scent except the bed. Well, I used everything of his and I felt no guilty. Trust me, I was the ultimate name of laziness.

I rushed down on the bathing gown which was of Danish, of course. The morning was so quiet that it started to pain my ears. I guess, I had gotten used to his annoying demands. I was going through the house, seeking for him. I couldn't get a trace of him, though.

"Lady Augustin, where's

Danish?" I took a chance to ask lady Augustin when I saw her passing through the living room.

"Young master left early in the morning, " she replied and returned to the kitchen without a word.

Her action made me realize how scared she was of Danish. He truly was a monster, threatening whomever he got a chance to. I walked down the small two step stair and placed myself on the sofa.

The room felt empty and the time felt worthless. Without him, I had got nothing to think about. It was all about him or nothing else. The culprit had himself hide somewhere and had me wait for him, all day long and then, all night. I couldn't believe I had to fall asleep waiting for him.

Few days later

It repeated the same for days until Mr. Paul came to the mansion. My bleak self lightened up as soon as I saw his face. I couldn't suppress my curious self. How could I when we hadn't talked with Danish for days? I would have been satisfied if he had picked up his phone. But no. Is he testing my patience? At least, that's what I wanted to think. I didn't want to have any negative thoughts. Especially when we had come this far in our relation.

"Mr. Paul, where's Danish? Is he okay?" I blurted out as soon as I saw him. I had myself in front of him as soon as I saw him. I looked at his face that seemed displeased. My eyes didn't lie this time. He wore a bitter expression on his face. He nodded to my questions and quickly had himself inside the Danish's work room.

I sighed as I saw him getting in the room. I could clearly see his expression because of which, I couldn't follow him. I also couldn't leave him alone since he was the only person who knew about Danish. So, I just waited outside the door. He stayed inside for like five minutes which felt like hours. I was too eager to learn about Danish.

"Why isn't Danish picking up my calls?" I asked as soon as he got out of the room. That was when he had his eyes on mine and they clearly reflected guilt. "He is busy, " was his only reply.

I had no idea why Danish was getting so distant and why the hell was Mr. Paul acting so weirdly. But the truth couldn't be hidden. In fact, within few days, it came out with the big broad letter and on the front page of Newspaper.


The worst way to broke the recently glued heart.

Lie & lie!

Liar & liar!!

I couldn't be more wretched than this, getting played over and over again. What the hell was all that about? I asked myself though I had no answer to this question. The only thing I had then was a miserable heart that had gotten immune to pain. Even my eyes tear betrayed me and faded away. They helped me no more to wipe away my pain. They helped me no more to wash away my bleeding heart.

"Fuck you! You whore!" The last message, I left him on the voice mail after I saw the big block truth behind his action. I couldn't leave the place, though. How could I? We had already shared a bed. I couldn't leave him even if I wanted.

I wanted to learn the reason. He had to had a reason behind this all. That day, he demanded me to stay quietly on the house. I believed he had a reason and I had the right to know after all we had a named relation. He named it with his own lips.

"Life is a bitch, always finding a way to punch you right at the face." I scoffed as I sipped the coffee that Jane placed in front of me. She had herself at the mansion as soon as the news was spread around the media. As always, she came there. She sat next to me quietly, quietly. She sat there, hearing what I had to say. She didn't argue with me neither she placed an opinion. She just listened to me. She knew the best. I needed to pour these sorrows on someone. Danish wasn't there and god knew when he would honor to come back. If she wasn't there, I would crumbled on inside and nobody would know.

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