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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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Anna's p.o.v.

He was standing by the door as he saw me arrange my bag. There was nothing much to do. I just had to pack few clothes and grab my passport. Then, I was all set for my hometown.

"Do you have to go?" I heard him squeal.

"Stop pouting! I told you, I can't miss it."

I responded without giving him another chance to speak. I was so busy to hear his childish demand. The day I spent with him felt so tiring. He had me wear my bone off, always wanting to do what other couples do. Literally, when a couple would pass by our side, it would feel like a curse.

One time, that moron Jane filled his ears, saying, "Kissing in public helps to improve your relationship." Do you know what I had to go through? He would always force a kiss at the public place. He harassed me the entire time. It was so humiliating. We must have looked like a horny couple.

I shook my head to forget that stupid memory. I had so much to do than getting stuck in it.

I picked up my black blouse and started to fold them. I breathe through the process, trying to figure out the reason of awkwardness. Then, I realized it had been a moment, I hadn't heard another Do you have to? The room was filled with an absolute silence.

Of course, it would feel weird because after getting to know him, there was one thing I learned. He was super spoiled, always demanding this and that.

I looked at his face that seemed not less than of pup. I knew he was still trying to make me give up on the idea. I had to say I had become immune to this sort of his behaviors.The case was going to be judged on the coming Tuesday and no matter the reason, I wished to win it.

"I think I should go with you. We should make them realize, blood for blood, " he said, totally getting into his little talk.

"You can't. Remember what Mr. Paul said? You can't neglect your work anymore."

"He can take care of the matter, " he hissed.

"No means no."

He stomped his feet as he came to me. I couldn't believe what I just saw. Are you really the same person? I doubted. I crossed my hand and tried to give him the best glare I could. He really needed to learn when to give up. Everything can't be his way.

He creased his forehead and said in an irritated sound, "Fine. But you are staying there only for three days."

As if I would do what you say, I chuckled. Such an impatience man he was.

Danish's P.O.V.

"She will end up like your mother." My father's words still echoed in my ears.

It was the Tuesday night. The last day of my wearing patience. I tried to keep myself as busy as I could, trying to avoid missing her. It used to work before. Now that I could have her in my arms, I had become more uncontrollable.

My ears kept on asking for her whisper and my finger carved for her touch. My favorite was her weird laugh that would sound like whinnying of the horse. It was funny at the same time cute.

Of course, we would often talk on the phone. Not often, in fact, all the time. It wouldn't satisfy me, though. I wanted her right by my side, and if possible, I would never let her out of my sight. Truth be told, there would silence more than words when we talked on the phone. Nope, our communication level was zero, always wondering what to ask next.

Anyway, I was sitting at gathering room, my favorite spot at the mansion where I could breathe the toxic smell of beverage. Paul was by my side. Since I had been playing around too much and neglecting work, he couldn't leave my side. After all, that havoc I created in work was impossible to be fulfilled by a person.

I took a sip of wine and glanced at Paul's face. He seemed quite serious. I had no idea what was up to him. Since he was my buddy, I needed to know his problem. So, I asked, "Anything wrong bro?"

He met my eyes as he spun his wine on the glass. "Nothing, " he said. Just then, he was so emerged in his thoughts and now, he was saying nothing. I believed it was not nothing. So, I persisted.

"I like the sound of you not talking, but you better talk for now, " I smirked.

"Dude, you are an ignorant amazon. Don't you understand human language?" He choked.

I couldn't understand what he was saying. More than that, he was laughing at his own words. Something was suspicious, and I knew there was something that includes me. Otherwise, he wouldn't keep quiet.

"You better talk man. My hand is itching to pull the trigger, you know." I threatened him smugly.

"You want to blow my brain? And then? You gonna ask what the problem is to my brain cell? That won't work bro, " he choked another time.

"Man, .." I was ready to scold him.

"I think someone's following us, " he interrupted in between.


"Could be your father or Judy. I think its Judy, " He responded.

That was it. I needed to settle thing with her once and for all. That stupid woman didn't understand a thing. What is her problem? I mentally plotted a murder of her. I was letting her slide because she was just a woman. Her wickedness was enough sickening to take action against her.

Paul and I, we both exchanged a glance. He always knew exactly what I wanted. He nodded his head and brought his phone up. I remained by his side, moving back and forth in my armchair. I was trying to mai

ntain my composure so that I could solve this matter without any more elaboration.

"Did it got through?"

"Yeah, it's ringing, " he replied.

Paul put the phone on the loudspeaker, and we both bore through the silence, trying not to explode. If you are curious about Paul, he looks calm only on the surface. Inside his brain, hundred of fireworks must have cracked. Forget about firework; he must be planting a grenade on it.

When the girl didn't pick up, he cussed, "Fuck that bitch." He again called the girl and this time; his face seemed quite red out of anger. Hell yeah! Mine was too. I bet we both looked like the maniacs with our gritting teeth. That wasn't the problem here, though. That bitch was hitting a nail on my brain by not picking up.

"Fuck that bitch, let's go and get her personally, " I scowled. I thrashed the glass that still had the wine. Paul was still in his seat while I was already up on my feet, so ready to go. My hands had already grabbed my coat and of course, my phone-my life source.(Trust me, I had never glued with my phone like this before.) I had an anger management issue. I have to admit it. At least, Paul would keep himself under control. I was dying to dig out the culprit.

"Man keep it low. Your ass looks on fire, " he smiled smugly.

Deep into him, he was going through the same feel like me. Still, he was acting quite normal. Couldn't tell the difference, if I didn't know him.

"Perfecto internino, dude. Now get your ass moving, " I smiled, clenching my teeth. He stood up with his amused face. His phone was still on call, ringing. A bonus point to make me angry. I intentionally stepped on the pieces of the broken glasses. It was to remind him to stop. The crunching sound of the glasses made him look down at my feet.

"You are creating extra work for the maids, " he mumbled.

I didn't take a word of his and kept my legs moving. Almost out of the door, my hand was on the doorknob when Paul bellowed.

"Wait dude; she picked up."

I turned around as soon as I heard his word. I looked at his face that seemed quite busy on talking. While I again rushed into the room, I wondered why was I dealing with her shit? Then, again Anna pressed into my mind. I didn't wish to make her misunderstand. I really didn't want to hurt her.

"What did that bitch say?" I asked as Paul hung up.

"She is saying, she plan to abduct Anna from the airport. Tomorrow." He growled.

"What?" I choked. Is she out of her mind? I didn't want to deal with this psycho woman.

Wednesday, 8:00 am. Airport.

We skimmed through the passing crowd. Anna's flight was supposed to be landing at 7:30 which meant she should be somewhere in the crowd. I had my fifteen men to find her out as soon as possible and to guard her.

All of the landed people walked out of the baggage department and one by one, everyone disappeared through the exit. Slowly, the people coming out decreased and then, turned into zero.

Anna never came out.

I panicked as I held my phone up and dialed her number. She wasn't picking the phone at all. I tried a couple of time and then, Judy hit my head. I needed to blow that bitch's head.

Instead of Anna, I called Judy. She picked up at once, making me more suspicious.

"Bitch, you better not start a game with me. I am on my way. Keep your guard up." I blurted and hung up. I gave her no chance. Even if she were to speak, I doubt I would believe.

"Paul, get the cars. We are about to shed some blood, " I screamed, losing my mine. Completely.

I was breathing fast out of frustration. I had promised Anna; I would protect her. Instead, I was the cause of her devastation. I bent down and rest my head on my hands, trying to arrange my thoughts. It was more like planning the next thing I was going to do.

Just then, my phone rang. The display showed my sunshine's name, Anna.

"WHAT THE., " I shouted, getting thrilled over what I saw. I swiped the screen as soon as I got the first ring and spoke, " Hello, where are you?"

"Umm, are you still angry?" A small voice came from the other side. It indeed was of Anna. I threw my body on the seat and heaved a sigh of relief. She almost had me a heart attack.

"Where are you?" I again asked with a pissed voice.

"I am still here. Sorry, I lied. Can I come later, like on next week?" She placed a request, sweetly. Like hell, I would fall for that. She almost nailed to kill me. Never knew, a woman could be this dangerous.

"Fuck, I am coming to pick you up, " I cussed at her and hung up. I didn't want any further conversation. If I were to continue, I knew I would create a new hassle. Right then, the thing I needed to do the most was to bring her by my side.

"We are going to Fredericksburg, " I said. This time, I was more composed. Paul looked at me and again, focused on his driving. He was literally dying out of amusement. I could sense him holding his laughter. I could understand him. Just then, I created a catastrophe like a psycho. I should have been more careful. I heard Paul commanding the men toward the Fredericksburg. I stayed quiet while he was on his work.

At the moment, the most truthful bitter though hit my head, I was bragging to protect my angel while residing in hell.

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