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   Chapter 46 NO.46

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Danish's P.O.V.

It was all about She and I. There was no such thing as in between. That day, I made her mine, every little part of her body and every little part of her heart. I had her in the most possible intimate way.

The best part was to hear her pleasing moan along with my every touch. The next morning, I could still remember the way I engraved myself in her and her first cry out of pain. Again, I would remember the way she would dig her nail on me out of pleasure. Every inch of my body could still feel the softness of her body. Sex is a pleasure. But when you are making love with your loved one, it's more than a pleasure. The feeling of marking her as mine gave an eternal satisfaction to my heart.

How happy can a person be? I wondered as I looked at her closed eyelids. She had such a dark eyelashes and pink petal-like lips. I glided my eyes on her face. Damn, the more I look, the prettier she gets. I sniggered, caressing my fingers on her face.

"Please, don't gape a hole on me, " she said, stretching her lips wide.

"I am more interested in getting into it than making it, " I chuckled.

Her closed eyes suddenly opened, and she gave me a look of what did you say? Her eyebrows twitched low for a while and then got back to the way it was. Her lips were still stretched as if she had got paused for the moment.

"You are a horny cow, " she said, shifting her back on me.

"Then, will you be my buffalo?."

I was trying to sound more romantic. I wanted to pair us. For me, romance was like Chinese.I couldn't get through it unless I had a translator. I had no idea how lame I sounded. I should have figured out when she was laughing so hard. But no. Instead, I got so proud of making her laugh.

"Forget about Buffalo, I can be a Bull for you, " she said mischievously.

My heart couldn't handle more than this. Her giggle sounded so adorable; I could barely restrain myself from cuddling. I didn't need to restrain though. So, I slid my arms above her chest and spooned around her body. As I got hold of her body, I pulled her closer so that my skin could feel the softness.

I dug my face into her hair as a realization hit my head. How much more I have come to love her? She was getting more and more precious with the passing days. She was like the night sky; you can't stop once you start staring. The more you look at, the more you want to know about it.

"You hair smells good, " I said, still nuzzling in it.

"I use the cheapest shampoo, though."

There she had to go, trying to ruin the mood. I bet she was the same as me. No sense of romance and intimacy.

I pulled away from her hair and pressed my lips on her nape, trying to make her feel more important. Maybe, it was my way of telling her, "It doesn't matter. You still smell good."

Her shoulders slightly slipped up as I placed the kiss. I could tell, she felt it and she loved it. It made me want to kiss her more and so I did. I slowly placed kiss from her nape to down her shoulders. Her body would react to my every kiss with slight movement, making me want to do it more.

"Hey, stop it. It tickles, " she said, finally turning toward me.

"Don't want to, " I said, placing a quick kiss on her lips.

She looked at me with her big brown eyes and then, snuggled in my arms. I felt the long breath she took against my chest. I had worn her out. I didn't felt guilty, though. She was exhausted of pleasure, and it was my utmost responsibility to please my queen.

"You know, I can understand why I hated to get close with people. I-I have so alone for such a long time; I was scared of being understood."

She motioned her fingers in a circle as she spoke something se

rious. She was finally opening a part of herself. It must have been such a painful thing to say. Her words sadden me.

"umm, are you still afraid?" I asked her, persuasively.

"Don't know."

She replied. Her movement of finger paused at the same time, and she had herself into a deep muse. I gazed down at her face for a moment. I came to dislike the way she left me to enter her tiny little world that sounded like full of misery. I moved my hand to ruffle her hair so that she would come back to me.

"I really-really want to know what you think. I won't force you, though. Take your time and tell me when you're ready."

She gave me an awkward smile as I finished my words. Her lips that were smiling didn't go well with her sad eyes. How could she try and lie to me? It really piqued me. After what we have been through all, she still wanted to hide her things from me.

"Don't give me that weird smile. yes or no?" I said, pinching her both cheeks. Her soft cheeks felt so good that I kept on tweaking them.

" st..op, " she growled, tried to growl.

I laughed at her, still not letting go of her cheeks. Her tiny hands were trying their best to get rid of mine. Too bad, even if I were not to work out, I would still win. She was so tiny after all. I smooched her as she struggled.

"How is your case going?"I asked her, looking straight at her eyes.

"Huh?" she paused and then, she added "It's okay."

"You've got nothing else to say to me? Like, why didn't you tell me about your family?" I got directly to the point. I didn't want to beat around the bush anymore. I had right to know since we had gotten this intimate.

As soon as I posed the question, her brown eyes glared at me until she shifted her side. Like, did she got caught by the ghost?

"Oi, I need my answer, " I said, poking at her.

She didn't turn around neither she responded. She looked angry. But why? I didn't remember a thing that could piss her. Or is it what they call mood swing? I doubted. Not the less, I was the impatient man. I couldn't stand the way she was acting when I did nothing wrong.

"Anna, look at me, " I demanded. She persisted.

I grabbed her arm to turn her around. Even when I got her around, she wouldn't look at me. It felt as if she was playing with me. I had no interest in such play, though. So, I just tried to solve the way I could. I rolled on the top of her and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at me.

"Can you please explain me?" I gritted my teeth.

"Get off me, asshole. Did you forget how you were going around with your fiancee?" She screamed.

I was dumbfounded over her words, trying to recall when did I? Anna, however, kept on going, though.

"You, how could I forget such a thing? Cheater! Get off me."She thrashed her hand on my chest. Continuously. Her fist had no power to hurt me. Her hands were getting red instead. I had to stop her before she would hurt herself. So, I just grabbed her hands tightly, binding her from moving.

"I remember no such a thing, " I said, still trying to figure out what I did?

"Of course, you don't.." She again started to babble.

Her hands had begun to run fast; her mouth had become sharp, and her temper had become nasty. I didn't want to make a worst out of her than this. So, I had to shut her off. I had to make her satisfied so that we both could get some peace.

"I don't know what you saw or think. Like I told you, I remember loving no one but you. You may not know; I loved you way before than you knew me."

She was still giving me, I don't believe you look. She had no idea how deep the words mean to me. The words I said were only the truth. Nothing but the truth.

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