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   Chapter 45 NO.45

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 9773

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||Contains some few sensual scene||

Anna's P.o.v.

It was a long sweet kiss. My head was pretty occupied by the figure that had kept my lips busy. Then, his hands that were caressing around my back suddenly slid down to the waist and then inside my loose t-shirt. My body arched on its own, trying to avoid his fingers that were snaking inside. Our lips had finally parted and we both were staring at each other's eyes.

I was trying to discern his intention and I had this confused look on my face. His face though was filled with the soft but lustful look. Since I had never seen him act this way before, it made me feel uncomfortable. All those thoughts of keeping him by side disappeared in a thin air. All I wanted to do now was get the hell out of there. If I wouldn't, I had no idea what would be the outcome.

"I've to go back, " I said as I sat up in the bed.

I gathered my ruffled hair into a messy bun and fixed my t-shirt that had gotten a little bit above my navel. All this time, I could feel his gaze that was following every action of mine. I couldn't gather any confidence to stand these eyes, though. I needed to get out of the place before I would create a problem.

I slithered on the bed and finally kept my feet on the floor. As I looked at my feet that were on the floor, I remembered the night before. I was definitely sleeping on the floor. I could tell, he must have picked me up to the bed since I had no memory of waking up and getting to the bed.

I chewed my lips as I started to feel guilty. He was doing so much for me even when I wasn't looking at him. Still, I was doubting at him. Tears started to foam, threatening to burst out at any time. I stayed still at the edge of the bed, trying to figure a way out of this guilt.

Where did I go wrong? How did I end up getting so repulsive?

I asked these questions to myself. There was no answer. It may be that I still wasn't ready to face myself. It wasn't him whom I had my doubts. I was doubting myself. I didn't know when would I give up on this fragile relation. Such end would hurt both of us, equally and infinitely. I was already creating an end to this relation. I was already trying to save myself. I got afraid, getting more intimate than this would only leave him shattered.

My eyes had a plain brooding stare while many conclusions were being drawn out in my mind. My thoughts were taking control over my body, making it as good as paralyzed. My hands that were on the bed, side by side of me, slowly approached my uneasy chest. They clawed the skin, trying to fix the suffocation I was going through. One day, my thoughts would eat me alive. I was sure of it.


I heard him say. I couldn't reply, though. My voice was caught up in my throat. It couldn't make its way up. I just stayed still, clawing my chest with my nails.

"Hey, did you change your mind?" He asked, crawling over the bed.

I could hear him move toward me. I couldn't get off the bed. It was the least I could do to feel less guilty. It was the only thing I could do for him. It was a matter of moment when he wrapped me in his arms. I could feel his racing heart through his chest that was plastered on my back. It was beating faster than mine. It somehow made me realize how amateur he was in this love thing.

His strong pair of arms hand clutched my hands that were resting on my chest and I could hear his irregular breaths. It helped me to release my mental pressure. Somehow, I felt relieved as I got into his arms. His touch was not only enticing but also was soothing. It was like a drug, you can't rest until you get.

"Did you change your mind?" He repeated the question again.

This time, I shook my head to his question, saying "No" to his question. Subsequently, he tightened his grip around me. He dug his head into my back and I could sense his lips that were leaving soft kisses on my skin. It felt ticklish, propelling me to laugh.

"You finally laughed, " He whispered from my back as he placed the same soft kisses on my nape.

It made me realize how long had it been since I last laughed. I couldn't believe he had noticed such a petty little thing. It made me blush. Somehow, it made me feel important.

His hands that clutching mine, finally loosened its grip. However, they had caught my fingers instead.

"I don't want you to leave yet, " He whispered again.

His voice sounded amazingly tender. I couldn't believe he was capable of making such a sweet voice. I rested my head on his chest as I hear him speak. His fingers were entangled with mine, more like playing.

"I got a little ring for my little Bamby, "He said.

At the same moment, he slid a ring on my finger which indeed was small. I raised my head as soon as I feel the ring on my finger. It fitted me perfectly. I looked at the ring which neither looked fancy nor looked too

glittery. It was a simple piece that looked beautiful on my hand.

The tears that I had suppressed a moment ago, finally burst. I couldn't believe I was crying. I had never thought that there would come a day when I would cry out of happiness. I never dreamed that I could actually get this happy in life. As I teared up, I wrapped myself in his arms.

"You have become such a cry baby, "I heard him say, patting my head.

"With this, I am naming our relationship. So Anna, will you marry me?" He shuddered, "Maybe not now, but someday will you?"

His voice sounded a little bit off. It sounded as if he was nervous. It felt as if his words barely came up from his neck. I couldn't stop myself from pulling myself to look at his face. His face was red, so red that it looked like an apple. I smiled at such a cute sight.

"Stop smiling. Where's my answer?" He said, pulling me back into his arms.

Since he kept his words and proved his loyalty, it's your turn.

I thought as I glided my fingers in his chest. His chest was so fucking hard yet it felt so good to rest. I motioned my finger into a circle as I responded. The answer I gave was freaking embarrassing. I came out of my mouth because I was going with the flow. Otherwise, never in a hundred year, I could say such a thing as, "I want to feel you. I want you so much, I feel like I can die in your arms."

"You can't need to die. Do you hear me? You can never leave me behind, " He scowled, pulling me apart from his chest.

"I will make sure, you won't die, " he mentioned those few words painfully.

I could see fear accumulating in his eyes and I could feel his trembling hands that were clasping my arms. I had chosen the wrong words. Jane had once told me about his mother. She had mentioned about his fear. I heard he would easily get scared of losing people. I once doubted these words of Jane. But I could now see where her words were coming from.

I had no clue what could I do. But since he had helped me to relax, I wanted to do same for him.

I pushed those hands of his that were resisting, away from my arms and got closer to him. His eyes were fixed on me. Maybe they were trying to figure out my action. Too bad, it must have shocked him.

"Kiss me, " I whispered as I got closer than before. The only barrier between us was the clothes that were on us. I gently placed my lips on his as I watched his blue eyes diluted out of surprise. It didn't stop me, though. I settled myself on his lap as I wrapped my legs around him. His eyes still looked shocked, trying to figure out my action.

I again placed a soft kiss, trying to seduce him. I wanted him to take action since it would our first time getting this intimate. It was a few moment of the shock, though. After that, he pretty much grabbed the situation.

I could then feel his fingers slid inside my t-shirt and flip the hook of my br#. No matter how clumsy he looked at the love thing, he felt expert at lovemaking. His hands were moving faster than my mind could perceive. This time, I remained shocked as he did before.

He moved his gaze from my chest that was still covered with my t-shirt to my shocked face and winked. He face had this devilish smirk that I couldn't stand. He looked so freaking good with it. I just chewed my lower lips as I stared at those blue eyes of his.

His hands that were up till inside my t-shirt, slithered down through my skin and then stopped at my waist. His eyes were keeping my eyes busy, more like diverting my attention. I went as per his flow until he roughly shifted my body a little bit further in his lap. It felt weird. I could feel him getting boned underneath me and it made me feel so damn embarrassed, I ended up hiding my face with my hands.

"You can't get shy. This is the result of your seduction, "I heard him say. He yanked my hands that were on my face and then, placed it on my hips. His hands were clutching mine from above. It was now getting to the most embarrassing moment of my life. His hands were helping me to grind around his lap. It made me feel so weird. His face that was filled with lust didn't make me feel better either.

Everything was fucked up and when I said everything, it also included my mind and body. I couldn't believe I was getting sensual over such an embarrassing act. My body was getting filled with the same lust. As he grinded my hip around, a moan escaped from my mouth. I heard him chuckle and then, I feel him slid his hands again inside my t-shirt. In a moment, his hands started to place his hand on my breast so hard that I nearly lost my sight. My hands clawed on his t-shirt as I couldn't control how I felt. He was, however, enjoying every bit of it. He was chuckling at every action of mine. He still was devil after all.

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