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   Chapter 44 NO.44

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 7445

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Anna's P.o.v.

The first thing I noticed was the sweet smell of the fabric comforter. It was radiating the soft scent of his. I could tell where exactly I was. I leisurely ran my fingers around my neck. Maybe I slept in the same position for the entire night, it was hurting. I rolled around to switch my position and there he was. I budged a little. Then again, I controlled myself.

His black eyelashes were kissing his cheeks, hiding my favorite blues. He was sleeping next to me with no comforter on him. His one hand was cuddling under his head where was other was lying flat on the bed. He truly looked like an innocent child in his sleeping state. I couldn't help but stare at this calm and quiet Danish.

I crawled a little bit closer to him and pulled the comforter over him. Now we both were under the same comforter. It tickled my heart. He was sleeping so soundly that I didn't want to get off the bed and disturb him. So I just lied there, gazing at his mesmerizing face. Without realizing, my hand moved and caressed his cheek. It felt exciting. The fact that he was in his deep slumber and I could do anything with him made me excited. So, I just kept on fondling from his shut eyelids to his soft lips. It felt amusing how he had no idea what I was doing. So, I ended up giggling. I tried to suppress my little laugh with my two hands. But it was no help. Therefore, I snuggled my head into the comforter to stop myself from getting amused.

"Was it fun?"

It startled me. I slowly motioned my gaze up and ended up meeting those blues. He was freaking staring at me. Only the part of my eyes was out of the comforter. I retorted with the same eyes, with the same stare. In this brief moment, his hand slithered inside the comforter and then, around my waist. He was trying to pull me closer. It did scare my heart. But I didn't resist. I just get with the flow and got closer to him. His hand played on my waistline while his eyes were busy on mine. His stare was too intense. They were filled with too much passion that I ended up averting. I couldn't challenge those overwhelming gaze.

Just then, he leaped his hand from my waist to my head and helped it get closer to his wide chest. I snuggled into his chest that was filled with his captivating scent. With his hands around me, his embrace felt so warm and satisfying. It was so comfortable and soothing, I had to snuggle deeper into his embrace. I extended my hands around his broad back that were curled up in my chest up till then.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked.

His morning voice sounded quiet heavy and husky. I could feel the vibration on his chest as he questioned me. It felt ticklish against my cheek that was plastered on his chest. I nodded my head, replying "yes" to his question.

"Did you like it?" He asked again.

I had no idea what he was talking about. So, I lifted head to look at his face. His face seemed as if he was amused. I couldn't fathom his expression. I could remember no such thing that amused me.

"Hmm.., " I hummed to question his expression.

He moved his head and placed a small peck on my forehead. I could now feel his amused lips on my skin. His peck didn't solve the question, though.

"I am asking if you loved playing with my face, " he chuckled.

THE HELL! It was so embarrassing, I ended up covering my face. I pressed my hands on my entire face. He was poking on my hands, trying to remove them from my face. I didn't allow it, though. I persisted on hiding my red blushed cheeks.

"Hey sunshine, are you feeling shy?" He asked so cunningly playing with his words.

He was making me feel more embarrassed. Since there was no escape, I dug my face into his chest and wrapp

ed my fingers on his t-shirt. I had no idea what I was doing in his arms. The one thing I remembered about last night was, we were fighting like there was no end to it. The whole thing felt unrealistic as if I was having a beautiful dream. Just a little longer, I wanted this dream to last a little longer.

His fingers were continuously caressing around my back while his breath was playing on my skin. It was so weird. Everything was weird. More than that, the way I felt was weird. The more I held him, the deeper I wanted to carve into him. The more I smelt his scent, the more I wanted to breathe. He was my freaking superman, my savior. I know it sounds childish. But I say what I felt.

"Hey look at me, " I heard him say.

I refused his words and kept on digging into his chest. That was when he moved a little bit away and put forth his hands. His fingers got busy, slowly managing my ruffled hair. I could see his curious face while doing it. Then, he brushed my cheek with the same fingers, making me close my eyes. I could feel this touch that overwhelmed my heart.

"Can I kiss you?" He asked with such a pleasing voice that I couldn't deny. I couldn't say "yes" either. I just kept my eyes close and let his fingers brush my cheek. I just kept it shut until he understood my response. His fingers that were up till then on my cheek now slowly moved. It slightly caressed and pressed on my lips. I could tell the sweetness of his touch without tasting it.

As the clocked on the wall ticked, I could feel my heartbeat getting louder, faster and unstoppable. I could understand my shaking hands. After all, it was going to be our first mutual kiss.

I heard a small shifting sound and then, his breath was striking on my face. It felt too dangerous to open my eyes. So, I shut them close more tightly. Then there was it. His lips that pressed on mine, slowly and softly. It felt so sweet, I wondered what would be next? His lips remained unmoved for a few second and then, he slightly sucked my lips that were quivering. That was it. He lips were getting more comfortable on mine and I could feel them move against mine. It was so weird. I had never kissed him like this before. All I remembered was his violent self that was forced on me.

I wasn't satisfied yet. Then, he slightly moved his lips away from me and whispered, " Do you want me to continue, Anna?"

I opened my eyes, getting startled by his sudden question. Of course, I wanted his to carry on. But it was so damn embarrassing to admit with my own mouth. Rather than his question, my heart leaped on the distance between us. His face was so close to mine. I had never gazed his blues from so close.

"Do you? If not, I can stop, " he said, making my heart sad.

There was no way, I would admit such a shameful thing. But I didn't want to stop it either. So, I just stared at those blue gaze until I see them move a little bit further, making my chest hurt. When he suddenly pulled his face away, I almost shattered. It felt as if he was again slipping away from me. It was so agonizing that I felt like I would die out of shame than lose him. This pain was needed to feel so that I could face the real me.

Quickly, I grabbed his t-shirt and moved closer to him, so close that we could feel each other's heartbeat. His heartbeat was beating against mine and my heartbeat was beating against his. I pulled us even closer and pushed my lips against his. It was a sweet long kiss. I felt his tongue dancing inside me and the more I feel it, the more I wanted him in me. His hands played around my curve while his eyes were shut as mine.

I told you, his touch was dangerous. The more he touched, the more I want from him.

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