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   Chapter 43 NO.43

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Danish P.o.v.

It was a long tiring night. The party was still on and Jade was by my side. I had promised my father that I would give her a company for the night. It was so bothersome. I really wanted to get back soon to a mansion. Every second counted when I attended the party. Besides, there was Anna who was going crazy over something she saw.

Jade was the daughter of a tycoon with whom I met through my father. I knew he wanted me to marry her, as if I would let that happen. If I were to follow every single order of my father, I wouldn't be the boss of the mafia. My father still had this idea that I was his baby chick and I would follow his every guidance. And there she was, Jade. I had been telling her that I couldn't get engaged to her. She even agreed with my decision and then, she had to suddenly hug me in front of Anna. Somehow, I had got the glimpse on how her brain functioned. She was the living proof that I shouldn't believe the woman.

The party was lively as ever. It was hosted for Jade's birthday and she was getting the attention as she desired. Many men were purring around her. Since she was holding my arm all the time, I too had to go through the annoying attention. I know, I too used to attract a lot of people. But they wouldn't dare to come close to me. They had no guts to do so.

I was continuously eyeing my watch. I desperately wanted to be with Anna.

If only my father hadn't fucked up!

I scowled mentally to the person responsible for the situation. After eyeing the watch for the last, I forced my hands on the pocket. I could feel the presence of the small ring. This time, I wasn't going to mess up. I had never thought, a woman's finger could be so slender. Especially Anna, she had so thin slim finger.

She really needs to add some meat on her body or, my hip will in trouble.


Ahh..What am I thinking?

My lips stretched and I couldn't help but smile at my thoughts. I used to get amazed realizing how much I was smitten by Anna. Now that I knew how she felt, there was no way I would let her go. I really want to see her. My mind kept telling me the same thing during the whole party.

I need to get out of here, first. I thought.

"I need to get to the mansion, " I said, finally letting Jade's hands off me.

From the time, I had a fight with Anna, she started to get into my nerve. Everything was going so well just a day ago. I even let Jade in my house because I was having a good mood. I talked about Anna with her and even told her how much I loved her. But her greed took over her conscience and she ended up showing her true color.

"Just a half hour more, " she squealed, trying to act sweet.

She had no idea how she looked in my eyes. Any men could be fooled with the act but not me. Still, I was tolerating because she was the precious daughter of my father's precious friend. Everything has its limit, I guess. I had too. Poor girl, she didn't know about her limit, though.

I clasped her moving hand that was on my arm and placed it by her side. I couldn't stand her sweet act anymore. All this time, I had been playing with women, the least I could do was figure out what they want.

"Listen, Jade, I couldn't ignore you since your father is my dad's friend. Don't get the wrong idea. I already told you, I have a woman." I said with an nonchalant voice.

"Wow, you really think high of yourself, " she said, widening her big green eyes.

"I have to say, your confidence is breathtaking, " she added.

Her hands were again playing around my arms and her lips were busy flaunting her cheeky smile. Her eyes that were dripping with sparkling green, I didn't like them. They were beautiful. Still, I didn't like them. She was hiding her true color inside those green eyes. Fuck, I miss her brown eyes. I scoffed myself for dwelling around while Anna was at my place. I couldn't believe I was wasting time when I could be with her.

"Come one, you can try and date me. I saw the girl and you know, she is nothing like you mentioned."

She kept on going on with her nuisance talk while I was busy with Anna. However, her last flirty remark did manage to get into my ears. If only it wasn't a party and if only the party wasn't hosted for her, she wouldn't be able to spit out a word within a few seconds.

My teeth started to grind over each other out of fury. How could she say something like that about a person whom she had never met with? How dare she? My Anna was just like the one, I mentioned. She had no right to deny my words.

I was so fucking pissed off that my eyes were rolling out of irritation. In anger, I grabbed her hands that were now going through my chest. I couldn't believe, there exist a woman who could flirt with a man who already has a woman. There was nothing I could say to her bitchy behavior. But, I did need to maintain a distance from her.

"If you think you can make me love you, you are in the wrong boat. I am warning you, your boat will never float and I don't like bitching around, " I replied, planting great care on my each word.

My words may have sounded pretty hard to her. I could tell it by looking at her bitter expression.

She almost ended up crying. Her big eyes were pooling with tears. Her flirting smile was now shackled down. She was such a naive girl. Her parents must have raised her with great care to cry over a little rejection. I bet she would have done suicide if she was in my place. She would forget to breathe if she were to count the number of rejection I had to go through.

Finally, she lifted her long gown and moved a little bit further. Now, I had my personal space. Her every moment were proving that she was hurt. I feared she would fall with her clumsy step over that tall heels. Again, that was none of my concern. If she would fall, she would break her bone. Why would I care?

"At last, " I heaved a long sigh.

Now, I was good to go. Nobody was there to pester me. I could see a rift rising between my father and his friend. The future could wait, though. Right then, I needed to consider the current moment. I let my hands into my pocket and pressed my fingers against the small ring.

This time, I will make everything all right. I thought as I got into my Lamborghini. I started the engine and rested my head on the stirring. Finally, I was going to see Anna. I was dying to see her face. Nothing could make me happier than knowing that she was within my reach. I heaved a long sigh as I lifted my head and started to get the car out of parking spot. While getting out the park, I saw Jade's reflection on the mirror. It felt as if she was coming after my car.

"Ah, so fucking annoying, " I mumbled to myself and speed up. She still couldn't dab my words into her head. Anyway, I had no room for her childish game. I really needed to be at home.

_ _ _

"Where's Anna?" I asked the maid as soon as I entered the mansion.

"She is.., umm.. where you locked her, " my maid replied, hesitantly.

It was around twelve of mid-night. The cold rooms, quivering maids and quiet atmosphere in the mansion were same as before. However, I was dying out of anticipation for the first time. Though the mansion was same as before, it didn't felt lonely. It may be because my heart knew that Anna, the one it loved and longed for, was there. Aside from that, even after getting so hyped up, I could do nothing about my exhausted body.

"Did you give her food?" I asked the old maid again, tossing my coat at the sofa.

"Umm, she was banging the door all the time. I couldn't give.. her... food. I feared she would.. escaped, " she replied, getting exactly at the pin point of my nerve.

"You are fired, " I said.

I landed myself at the same sofa where I had tossed my coat. I could feel the maid standing at the corner of the room. I was too tired to get angry at her and too worn out to shout. I had enough for the day. Now that she got into my nerve, I took the easiest method. She was the house maid. The least she could do, was take care of the people at the house. If she couldn't feed Anna, what could she do?

As I sat on, I took out the keys out of my pocket and along with it, I got the small ring out. I grinned foolishly over the sight of the ring. I need to hurry. I thought as I threw the key aside and picked up my languish body from the sofa. I hurried to rush upstairs, imagining Anna's angry face. Her angry face amused me. I loved her in every expression of her.

When I was almost four steps, I heard the old maid's sniff and it felt so annoying. I had enough of women's crying. Turning around with irritated face, I shouted at her.

"If you want to cry, go somewhere else. If you are done with crying, bring the food up within fifteen minutes. Or I will really fire you."

With these words, I paced up. In no time, I stood in front of the door that I had locked before I left the mansion. It was left the same. I heard the maid say, "she was continuously banging the door". But it was so quiet in there. I doubted if she was still awake. May be she ran out of energy after struggling to escape. That must be it. I unconsciously ended up smiling again.

I slowly pressed the door knob, trying to make as less sound as possible. I didn't want to wake her up. I opened the door very carefully and took a step inside as lightly as I could. As soon as I entered, I could see her. She was lying at the floor, more like sleeping. Thank god, I had this thick furred carpet, or she would catch a cold.

I went further inside my bedroom which was the same but felt different. The room somehow felt warm and lively. I stood next to the sleeping Anna and peeked from up. She was sleeping soundly and she had this calm face that soothed my mind. She really was medicine to my every sore wound. But again, she was also the source of my agony. I couldn't believe she was the same little monster of this afternoon who almost broke my ribs.

I played the ring around my fingers as I started to think. I was supposed to take care of the unsolved matter. Now that she was sleeping, I had to wait more. I heaved a long sigh out of impatience and sat next to her. She had spooned herself like a bug. It was really a funny sight. I chuckled as I caressed her ruffed hair away from her face.

"You really are a trouble, a trouble I can never get away from."

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