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   Chapter 42 NO.42

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 11833

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Anna's P.o.v.

I moved my legs super quickly out the gathering room and reached the downstairs. I was almost in the living room. I could hear his every footstep that were following me and along with him, I could feel Mr.Paul's presence. They both were after me. I couldn't hear a word from Mr. Paul but Danish was shouting so loud that I fret the house would wear off. But I ignored it. There was no empty space left in my mind. It was already filled with many worries.

As soon as I reached the living room, I wiped my tears though there was no stopping to it. But I still did my best because I didn't want the world to know about our problems. I definitely didn't want to make a joke out of it. I was still getting multiple hiccups as I picked up my handbag. And there he came, storming at once at the room.

"You, I told you to stop it, " he said, rushing toward me.

I again said nothing and did nothing. I just glared at his enraged self and tighten my grip on my bag. At that time, I really wished I could slap him with the bag that was in my hand. Still, I remain quiet because I could see his maids peeking from the kitchen.

In no time, he crowded in front of me and tried to snatch the bag that was in my hand. I knew he would do that. He always did that when he wanted to stop me. This time, since I knew, I quickly hid it behind me. He still persists on snatching it from me. His tall self-was looming over me, plastering his chest on my face. He was mumbling at a low voice. I could feel the vibration of his voice in his chest. At the same time, he was trying to get my bag. He was struggling as if I would let him get it.

"Stop it, " I tried pushing him away.

He was way too strong to move even an inch. So instead of pushing him, I just brought forth my bag and hit it hard on his chest. I could feel his furious eyes on me. He didn't look as cleanly dressed as before. It may be because I had just ruined his appearance. Still, I again lifted my bag and tried to hit him. But this time, he grabbed my hand and stopped it. I looked at his red-angered face and met his gaze. His blue eyes were fixated on me and it helped to create a little bit fear. I tried pulling my hand but his grip was too strong.

"Let go, " I said. This time, my voice sounded smaller than before. The whole place was so quiet that it felt blood curdling. The maids, Paul and Danish; nobody said a word. It was silent to the point of scaring the crap out of me. I didn't say a word either. I just struggled to free my hand.

Skittishly, I rolled my eyes past him and looked at Mr.Paul's face. I thought of begging him for help. But I knew he wouldn't take my side.

I again glanced back to Danish's face and realized, he had been observing my moment. He looked more pissed than before and I could tell it by his tightening grip around my hand.

"What are you doing?" I yelled at him and tried to free my hand.

He didn't say a word. He just yanked me toward him and in no time, I was picked up in his shoulder. Was he kidding me? Now that I denied to hearing his words, he was using his force on me. I couldn't help but get angrier.

"The hell, you are doing. Are you pulling a circus in front of your maids?" I screamed at him and at the same time, I tried to get off him. But I couldn't. I still tussled to get off and when I knew I couldn't I started to jiggle my legs. My moving legs were hitting his chest and it was the least I could do to his arrogant self.

"I said put me down, moron. The maids are watching, " I screamed again.

"Maids, she is my wife. Treat her well, " he said, chuckling his words or was he faking?

Did he just laugh? The thought struck my mind. I was getting worked up to the point that I could see nothing else and he just laughed. I didn't know why, but I was getting pissed at everything he did. So, I just rapidly moved my legs so that it would hurt him. I could hear the maids' giggle from the kitchen's door and I felt so stupid. The whole situation was so embarrassing, I thought I would die out of shame.

"What are you still doing here? Didn't I just introduce you who she is? Now, scram!" Now, he was screaming at his maids.

Is he a psycho? The way he talked just then, made me doubt at his mental state.

He suddenly started to move his leg and we were again heading up. With every step he took, my stomach was tightening. My head was starting to get dizzy. It felt as if the whole body's blood was drained into my brain.

He didn't say a word to me, not at all. The only thing I could hear was my own struggling sound. His hands were tightly wrapped around me. No matter how I tried, I couldn't get myself down at all. I got on the floor only when he decided to slam me down.

We were at a room. It was his room, not the one of before. My head felt a little bit dizzy. I tried to balance my body as I sat on the floor. In no time, I got myself together and got to escape. There he was, standing in front of the door. He slowly closed the door behind him and I could see a small smirk nestling on his face. Now that he couldn't get what he want, is he trying to rape? The thought scared me. So, I ended up making as much distance as I could from him.

"I told you to listen to me. Look, what I had to do because you didn't hear my words, " he said, moving slowly toward me.

My eyes were observing every moment of him. They were following every silent step of his. As he walked forward, he loosened his tie and then, he tossed it aside. His appearance looked horrible than before. His hair was messed up and his shirt was roughly managed under his pants. No matter how he was dressed, he still gave the same aura. He still was the haughty, mighty and proud being. I moved quickly to the other side of the bed and he followed me to the same. I could see him now unbuttoning his shirt.

"Come here, " he said in the process. I just loo

ked at him and glued my feet at the same place. His expression felt little light this time. His gaze didn't felt as furious as it was before. He seemed as if he had calmed down.

"You aren't coming? Should I come there?" He asked, gritting his teeth.

"No, I will come, " I said.

I slowly moved my legs toward him. I knew I would regret it as soon as I would get next to him. That was why I was hardly taking a step at a time. My hands were cuddling on my chest and I was sweating from almost every part of my body. Now that I was here, I wondered how did I end up doing all those stuff? I wondered how did I rant at him and how did I hit him?

"You walk like the snail, " he said.

Instead of waiting to come to him, he walked toward me. His shirt was now half buttoned and his sleeves were folded up. He had pulled his completely off the pants. I couldn't help but notice what I had done to his well-looking appearance.

"Listen, girl, you should think twice when you speak. Sometimes, your eyes can deceive you. I have already told you how I felt, haven't I?"he said, pulling my hands off my chest.

"I have already told you how I felt, haven't I?"

"But it made me happy, " he chuckled.

Did he chuckle?

I looked at his face. I thought he would get angry at me. I thought he wanted to punish me. I definitely saw him boiling in enrage. Now he was smiling. I had no idea how his brain functioned. But still, a cheater is a cheater. He had cheated me once and he again played with my feelings. I couldn't forgive him so easily.

"It made me happy that you felt as insecure as I did, " he said those words so calmly.

I could argue with him no more. He is an air-headed moron. He will never understand they way I felt. I thought, averting my swollen eyes off him. My face was furrowing out of annoyance. Though I was scared, I was angry. It's a funny feeling. You are angry at the person but you are scared of him.

"Seems like I can never stop loving you, " he mumbled, pulling my hands up.

It was out of blue and the words stumbled on my heart. I quickly looked at his face because I didn't believe what he just said. My heart raced underneath my skin. I couldn't believe what I heard yet.

It was so hilarious. Just then I was so mad at him. But when he said he loved me, I totally let go of the grudge and ended up hoping I heard it right. I couldn't understand my feelings anymore.

"I love you, Anna." He repeated the words again and placed a kiss on my hand.

As his soft lips caressed over my skin, I felt like I would melt. This was why I wanted to avoid his touch. I was again getting along with his flow.

I gazed at his deep blue eyes and got mesmerized by it. They felt so honest, it made me want to trust him. I got lost in those pair of oceanic eyes until I felt something sliding around my finger. I lowered my gaze and saw a shiny thing around my finger. It was a ring. And it didn't fit my size at all. It was too large for my finger. Instead of getting happy over it like any woman would do, my head fired up. The ring pissed me off.

"Are you giving the ring you prepared for her?" I sneered at him.

I pulled my hand and slid the ring out of my finger. I ran my fingers from his elbow to the back of his palm. Our eyes were at each other. His eyes were conveying his earnesty, whereas mine were reflecting his betrayal. My hands were moving while our eyes were locked. I grabbed his hand up. This time, I placed the ring safely at his hand.

"I don't need your fake promise, " I chuckled.

I looked at his what-face. I almost fell into his trap. I almost believed him. I cursed myself for getting swindled again. I always acted this naive when he was around. This was why, I always ended up getting played.

"Do you know how hard am I trying?" He said, lowering his gaze.

His eyes were on the ring that was in his hand. I glanced at his hand and saw it tightened into a fist around the ring. His hand was trembling. It made me quickly look at his face. It startled me. He was making such a sad face, it ended up pinching my heart. He was almost on the verge of tears. That was the first time, I found him look so weak. He somehow felt so broken. I wondered how could he make me feel this way if his feelings weren't true to me.

"Do you have any idea how much I am suffering? All the time, you selfishly do whatever you want. You left me without letting me know. You doubt everything I say. You never see anything I do. You just care for your suffering. Do you think only you have a heart? You think, only you can love?" He added.

It felt weird. It felt as if I had just hit the rock bottom. His words somehow kept me think. It somehow made me realize, I indeed had done many selfish things to him. Maybe, I should have given his a chance to explain himself before when I left him. I was repeating the same mistake. I wasn't ready to listen what he had to say. I was taking thing as I wanted to.

I should let him explain, I thought.

"Then tell me. Explain the thing so that I can understand. Made me realize that what I see or think is wrong. Can you do that?" I asked, turning around so that I couldn't see him.

"You are still doubting me, " he mumbled.

Somehow, the way he mumbled his words sounded so painful. I could say nothing since I had no clue how to response.

I could feel him move his feet. As he walked, his shoulder slightly brushed past me. He was leaving the room. My gaze followed his back that seemed so sad. He was almost at the door when I ended up whispering his name.


Somehow, the thing was reversing. Now, he was the one getting upset and I was the one trying to make him understand. How did it even end up like that?

"I'll get a new sized ring for you, " he said and then slammed the door.

He wasn't the one to give up. He had me locked in his room. Could you believe that?

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