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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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Paul's p.o.v.

I knew this would happen. There was no way that I could prevent Anna from getting those rumors. There were so many mediums that could make her aware of it. But of them all, I didn't know she would catch the rumor from the newspaper and the worst part was, it hadn't been a day since I promised Danish.

Anna was getting all fired up. She was planning to meet Danish and settle the matter. I was afraid, though. This turn of the event somehow was giving me an ominous feeling. If I were to recall his schedule, he had to attend a party that day. The scary part was that his partner would be Miss Jade, the girl with whom his name was being attached.

Anna was already good to go. She hadn't packed much stuff. She had some clothes on her hand carry bag and nothing else. It felt pretty odd for a girl to pack so less. Well, everything about her was strange, to begin with.

I wanted to warn Danish before we would head out. I really wanted to. It's just I couldn't get through him. He wasn't picking up at all. So I sent him a text and heaved a sigh. I had a tiny bit of hope that he would open the text and get prepared beforehand. After all, nothing could win against a jealous woman.

"You should have booked an early ticket, " she said.

I could see how impatience she was just by the was she spoke. Gosh, those two are going to create a huge trouble today. I thought as I helped her carry the handbag. I had booked the ticket for one pm and we would reach there at five or at six, just before the party would start. I hoped that we would make if beforehand so that Danish would get some clue and take Anna as his partner for the party.

"Mr.Paul, is something wrong?" she asked.

Her hands were on mine when she shook me out of my thoughts. Her touch was still enticing. But I didn't want to repeat the same mistake again. So, I tried to suppress those feelings as much as I could. I tried to convince myself that she was just a sister figure to me.

I slurped my coffee and looked at her silent sleeping face. She looked more innocent she was in sleep. She slept almost all the way to Houston. She still was a kid after all.

"Hurry up, Mr. Paul, " she was screaming at me.

She really looked enthusiastic though I didn't know, all of sudden where did the energy come from. I waved my hand to her, asking her to walk in first. I couldn't make up with her speed. I guess twenty-nine is pretty old.

Anna's p.o.v.

Finally, here we were. I was dying to meet him before. But now that I was in front of his door, my body started to get edgy. My heart was drubbing like a rolling drum and I could feel my pulse rocketing like never before. I was bragging about doing this and that in front of Paul. But now that I was actually at the situation, I couldn't even push my fingers on the door. Literally, I got so worked up. My mind couldn't arrange the things I wanted to say in a correct order. There were many things to say and many things to ask. Now I was here, there was only blank space on my mind.

Mr. Paul stopped at the living room, saying he was tired. I knew he was giving me some space. I definitely didn't want to lose the opportunity he gave me. So I pressed my palm on my chest and heaved a long sigh, trying to suppress my nervously fluttering heart. I wanted to give him a call before getting inside. I guess that was too much to ask for the edgy me. I had no clue how I was going to blurt out all those rubbish things that I had planned to.

Get it together, girl. You can do it. I encouraged myself internally. Then, I finally pushed the door slightly open. I still had a long way to go because I found myself peeking from a corner of the door. I couldn't even dare to push the door wide open. I rushed my eyes from the fireplace to the small personal bar and then to the piano. He wasn't in his own room but in the gathering room. I wondered what got into him. I doubted if anybody would visit the arrogant him.

"Really?" I could hear a voice, a girl's voice.

Eh? I found it weird. So, I tried poking my ears.

"Yeah, you could say that. Doesn't a girl love such thing?" said Danish.

He was definitely talking with someone. If I heard it right, it was a girl. It felt quite awkward to barge in or so I wanted to think. It was pretty much like I was trying to run away from facing him. I slowly pulled the door, trying not to let them get aware. I hadn't seen the girl's face yet and I didn't want to either. My hand was still on the doorknob and I was doing my best to remain positive. It was hundred percent sure that I was getting jealous when I heard him talk with another girl. If I could, I would lock him up into a place where only I could see him. I would lock him in such place where only I could feel him. That, however, would be considered being too greedy. Besides, I wasn't sure about his feelings yet.

"Anna, don't get inside?"

I heard Mr. Paul's loud voice from my back. He seemed as if he came up within a breath. I wondered what came to him. Then again, my mind focused on his words. Don't get inside? It made me even more curious. What was it inside that they didn't want me to see? The woman? It made me feel even more impatience. I was already on my limit and then, he came to make me more impatience.

"Ehh?" I looked at his breathless face and pushed the doorknob, acting unknown. Then, there it was. My life's worst nightmare or so I wanted to think. I had been through worst than this.

Danish, he was with a girl. Obviously, I knew about that. However, never in my dream, I thought I would catch him in a scene. There, they were completely occupied in each other arms. No matter how I looked, it seemed the same. A man and woman lost in each other's arms. That was quite a

sight, my eyes persist on staring at them. My body didn't move an inch neither did my mouth make a sound. I just gave them a plain weird or shocked stare.

"Anna, when did you get here?" said Danish, who got alerted from the opened door.

"Excuse me, " said the girl, making her way out.

Her face seemed quite familiar. It perfectly matched with the girl I had seen in the newspaper. It was as if there was a blackout in my mind. I could see or feel nothing else than a betrayal. Betrayal wouldn't sound good because there wasn't any commitment in out relationship. Still, I hoped for this relationship and nothing pained more than the shattered hopes.

As the girl rushed out of the room, she stumbled at me. It helped me to jerk back my conscience. Her running away made my doubt crystal clear. They were obviously doing something.

Should I question him? I wondered, looking at his shocked face.

He looked as shocked as me. I guessed I was an uninvited guest in his house. After all, once he had thrown me out of not only the house but also out of the city. To question him felt fruitless. So, I just twirled around. I still hadn't blink a tear. It may be because I wasn't being able to grasp the happening yet. However, I did felt low in the breath as if a big heavy stone was placed on my chest.

"Listen Anna! You just misunderstood." He finally spoke a word of defendants.

It was more than enough. I had more than enough of his bullshit. I wanted him no more. So, I just unheard his words and paced my feet. Mr. Paul was still outside the room. I could see him making a bitter expression. That didn't help me to feel better, though. Rather it made me mad that he was trying to hide these bullshit of his friend.

"Listen to me, " said Danish, pulling my hand.

His hold was still rough. He never learned to handle the woman with care. Or was it only for me? I doubted. A simple girl marrying a rich bastard would never come true. I had forgotten Cinderella don't exist. I resisted his tight hold and tried to free myself. He wasn't the one to give up. We both resisted each other until I finally managed to collide on the table behind me.

He finally let go of me and stood a little bit further than me. I guessed he finally learned, he did nothing but harm to me. My body was still making up the ground with the support of the table. In this process, we both spoke nothing. But our eyes were brawling with each other. His eyes were commanding, forcing me the thing what he wanted me to believe. My eyes were doubting the disloyal him. Really, words had no place between us. That was until my hand ran through the ring.

I looked at a small box of the ring that was placed openly on the table. That sank my heart more miserably than the titanic did. Now only eyes weren't enough. I needed to scream, shout and let out those pain in form of fury. I needed to save my dying heart. So, I grab the box with the ring and thrash it at him. That was what I really wanted to do. Kick him, punch him and if possible stab him with a knife so that he would feel the same pain.

"Anna, what is wrong with you?" He screamed at my action.

That didn't scare me. Rather that helped me to find my voice. I finally found my voice to scream at him. I finally could cry and finally could curse him.

"Everything's wrong, " I screamed.

"From the very beginning, everything is wrong. Meeting you was wrong and falling for you was the worst. You fucker, you think you can hurt me just because I love you? Do you think I am that easy?" I added with even louder voice.

It made me out of breath. So, I ended up panting and I could speak no more for a while. I just looked at his blown up face with my furious eyes. Tears were springing continuously. But it couldn't make me weaker.

"Anna, why are you like this?" He said, forwarding his hands toward me.

I immediately slapped them after he touched me. His touch creeped me out. I was afraid of the way he made me feel hopeless with his every touch. I was afraid I would again get along with his manipulation. So I pushed him away before he would cast a spell on me.

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" He finally screamed. That scared me a little, though.

Still, I had to say what I wanted to say.

"You, you aren't good for me. You went around and made a fiancee when I was still with you, I should have known you were no good for me. When I met you again and I was again falling for you, I should have known you were no good. " I looked at his aggressive eyes, that were so ready to murder a person.

"You lied me before. I shouldn't have believed your sugary words, " I added, looking straight at those eyes.

"You-you fucker, you just messed with my mind. You messed with my heart and you are asking, what's wrong? Tell me what's wrong with me?" I screamed. I screamed like I had never done before.

I could speak no more. I was on the floor, sitting like a mad man. I was panting and was getting continuous hiccups. My voice was already cracked up. I could speak no more. To add up more, I had nothing to say.

He was still there and surprisingly so quiet. I could see his unmoving feet as I was on the floor. I was out of energy. Really, screaming and crying could tire like nothing else.

"Are you done?" He finally spoke.

I didn't give him a response. After all, I was really done with my words and I was done with him. So, I just ignored him and pulled myself up. I didn't bother to see his face. I was f**ked up. I could tell how I looked, swollen eyes, running nose and red cheeks. It didn't bother me, though. After all, I was done with him.

"You ignoring me right now?" He shouted at me.

There was nothing than that, I could care less. I just moved my legs, left to right.

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