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   Chapter 40 NO.40

His Angel By sunshine_vivi Characters: 5864

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Anna's p.o.v.

It's the day tenth since I got a call from Danish. Every day I had started to wake up and check my phone. The feelings he conveyed still felt so unreal. It felt like a beautiful dream. So, I had to make sure that it wasn't a dream by looking at the call list.

When I heard these three words of love, my heart felt so full of happiness that I was afraid it would burst. I smiled for days recalling his voice again and again. It felt as if I had found a well in a middle of the desert. The days were going so rough and I was almost out of energy to deal with every day's traumatic situation. His confession had helped to lighten up my heavy heart.

I guess happiness come with a limit tag, or is it called being greedy? After that day, I didn't receive any call from him. It had been ten days and now, I had started to doubt the number that I could see on my call list. In spite of all those insecurities, I had no guts to call back him. Guess, I was afraid he would wrong those words he once pronounced.

"Anna, we will be there soon, " I heard Paul say from the front seat of a cab.

Finally, we were going to face the culprit at the court. It took me two years to gather all those courage to face them. Since I was ready, I now wanted to make sure that I would provide justice to my deceased family. I wanted to make sure that I win the case and the next day, I would be able to see them getting punished.

For the last time, I looked at my call list with the fading hope and forced the phone into my pocket. Then, I looked at Paul's face which looked quite tensed. Well, it wasn't like I hadn't seen him getting tensed before. So, I just decided to keep quiet and let the matter slide. For my experience, it was the best thing I could do for the worked up people.

"We'are here, " the driver said.

He parked the cab at a side of the road and Paul helped me to with the door. He was a gentleman. I came to such conclusion after I spend some quality time with him. He was really caring and if he gets married, he would make a great family.

I paid the cab and was finally preparing to get inside. My lawyer was already waiting for me. I didn't want to make him wait much longer. So, I tried to rush inside. In the process, Paul gave me a slight pull and waved his hand with the phone. He was asking if he could make a call and giving him the permission I replied, "sure."

Paul's p.o.v.

"Man, what is wrong with you?" I cried at the person who was on the other side of the phone.

"I told you it is just a rumor, " he said, trying to convince me.

"But you were never this careless before, " I shouted at him.

It was obviously him, Danish. The recent newspapers were continuously publishing his affair with a daughter of a tycoon. As if one rumor of his fiancee wasn't enough, another affair was popping up in media. He was driving me crazy. Of course, this affair thing would hurt Ann

a. After all, I heard he finally confessed his feelings. I could see that little girl getting immersed on happiness. But again, her mood was starting to get down. I doubted if she heard those rumors. Aside from that, he was a businessman. His reputation would build half of his fortune. Was he even on his right mind?

We discussed the matter for quite long and came to a conclusion. I was to prevent Anna from those rumors. It was the most annoying task. I had done the task before and it was freaking stupid thing. One way or other, she would eventually learn about it. He really was a dumbass. Unknowingly, he would always end up playing with people's feeling.

Finally ending the call, I went to receive Anna. It was almost time for her come out of the court. I caught a cab and waited at the main door. Many people were rushing out of the court and I could tell, Anna's done with her thing.

"When will she come?" The driver asked me, getting little bit impatience.

"Oh, there she is, " I said, looking at the small figure that was coming toward us.

The case didn't go well. I could tell because her face was totally drowning in sadness. Still, I asked her, "How did it go?"

"It's due for next two weeks, " she replied.

Anna's p.o.v.

One way or other, nothing was going right. I thought finally things were under my control. But life always proved me wrong. The case didn't go well because we didn't have enough evidence. Like what? I saw them kill my family with my own eyes. Was I lying?

Then there it was the front page of the newspaper that blew the roof above me. For ten days, I continued my life with a thread of hope. I was a little bit relieved thinking at least there was Danish. He never proved me so wrong.

His photo with a beautiful chick almost cracked my heart. Again, when wasn't it cracked?

I ran my fingers through the photograph and it was the second time when I was doing it. Crazy thing was that I felt hurt more than the first time I saw him with another girl. I felt as if thousands of nails were being hammered at my chest. I guess this is how it feels when a person lit a hope in you and then, let you down.

"Listen, Anna, please don't tear up."

Paul was trying his best to convince me. He didn't know he was adding fuel to the fire. The more he tried to defend him, the more my heart would doubt.

"I am not crying. I won't cry at such stupid thing anymore, " I said, trying my best to conceal my pain.

I did want to cry. That wouldn't solve the problem, though. It would only make me feel weak. Other than him, I had so many problems to deal with. I didn't want to get stuck on this matter anymore. I wanted to settle this once and for all.

"Mr. Paul, we are going to Houston, " I said.

"Huh?" It was his reply.

"I want to meet him and sort these feelings. I want to either move on or be with him. I am done with this round about play, " I added.

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